Author Ijousha no Ai
Avatar Turahk 11 days ago
So there are random police patrols in elementary schools but not in high schools? That's convenient.

At least Saki has an accomplice or she would reach Yuno levels of stupidity...but that titty monster on the cover doesn't bode well for future chapters.
Avatar Nickelton 10 days ago
These last few chapters have been taking place in the old elementary school location, not high school. Saki asked to meet up where "it" happened years ago.

Also, which accomplice? Are you referring to that one time she mentioned that as a bluff, using a phone as decoy?
Avatar TinyBoxxie 9 days ago
i expected this and knew it was gonna happen but i still didnt want to see it happen
Avatar Orange_Orange 9 days ago
This manga teaches us why restraining orders are a thing.

Seriously though, if the guy and the others involved in these can't break away from the girl physically at the end I'll be disappointed. Psychologically she has already scarred them severely.
Avatar Plophop 9 days ago
This is pretty much the smutty B-movie of manga. If you come in not expecting anything more than that, then you'll be entertained.
Avatar Khaos 2 days ago
Ijousha will be coming out tomorrow
Avatar Nightcore 2 days ago
Take your time, and thx for the translation. @Khaos
Avatar pick_me_up_at_the_apple_store 1 day ago
So, from the volume covers is it safe to assume that they are all different girls? Did the MC not learn anything?
Avatar zetsubouzanto 21 hrs ago
well he didn't broke at all , but oh well let's see how far mc can endure until he break , uh btw this need a smut tag

thx @Khaos scans for translating this
Avatar LynNyl 14 hrs ago
i have high hope with this one but yet another disappointment
in the first few chapters are exciting but then the story and conflict begin to feel really plain.
Avatar Nightcore 10 hrs ago
Let me see if i got this right...
Yandere-chan was in love with this random guy, he was in love with the blonde girl, Yandere-chan got rejected
I suppose that fragment is before the beginning of the manga, later Yandere-chan meets MC-kun and she falls in love but MC-kun is in love with blonde girl, Yandere-chan do her thing and here we are...
Correct or i missing something? (Sorry for my bad english :c)