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  • Looking for this completed shoujo manga

    Okay, I know there's a lot of completed shoujo out there but this one was completed recently. It was about this girl whose parents died. She agreed to become her landlord's wife. There's some drama here and there but there's this chapter that shows the couple with a kid and it is just so cute. They live in this apartment complex thingo with a garden. And they were also in high school. This was fairly popular I guess but I absolutely cannot remember the title and I have been looking for it for days, searching through my lists and whatnot. If anyone could help me, that would be great. SOLVED. It was Konyakusei.

  • Last Letter Game


  • Reader beta feature: recommendations

    (quote) Yeah, expect some inconsistent behaviour while I'm trying to nail down how the reader works. (quote) My plan with the recommendations isn't solid yet, this is essentially just a proof of concept. The latest unread follows was the most convenient thing for me personally, but I was thinking of adding sections similar to what you can find on the front page, like the current top chapters. Recommending things like manga that's similar to the ones you seem to enjoy will depend on Holo implementing such algorithms. The recommendations screen doesn't necessarily have to be limited to just listing manga either, for example the follows and ratings buttons could be added there too. So yeah, I want know what people would like to see on this screen, both in its content and layout, so that I can bug Holo some more to implement the necessary API :^) (quote) The manga titles are already links to the original manga pages that you can click on.

  • Reader beta feature: recommendations

    (quote) Holo hasn't created any kind of an API for any of this data yet, so currently, the only thing that the beta recommendations do is: 1. Scrape the data from the first (and only the first) page of your follows; in other words, exactly what you see here, which is the latest 100 chapters from the manga you have set as Reading 2. Filter out everything that has already been marked as read (i.e. has the eye icon) 3. Group the chapters by manga 4. Display the manga and the oldest unread chapter (+ the amount of the remaining unread chapters)

  • Long strip frequently freezes my browser

    (quote) Highly doubt it. I've observed firefox memory consumption and it just suddenly shots up from 700mb to 2gb, then a few minutes later 4gb, then browser starts to freeze. PS: Buffering of long strip only starts when I reach the end of the pre loaded images. I hope it will start buffering after an image is out of viewport.

  • Last Letter Game


  • Site Feedback Reply Thread

    @ixlone (quote) But it's not really "current" due to the episodic nature of manga. You might as well just call it "last chapters of popular series plus some extra" instead. It's different from movies and music where top lists are constantly changing and trends used for discoverability. I don't need a bespoke list, but a way to discover manga without having to dig through series I already know about.

  • When moving to next chapter, page freezes

    Partly because of the restructuring in order to allow pages to be rendered as they're loaded, I had accidentally made it so that sometimes the long strip renderer fell into an infinite loop. Should hopefully be fixed with the next update, probably later today.

  • MangaDex Suggested Features: Megathread

    @GrooseKirby Sounds like that could fit under the proposed custom lists suggestion.

  • Option to search Manga by length (no of readable images)

    Compare Pixiv (e.g. with this series), which displays the number of images per chapter (but as far as I know doesn't let you filter on these numbers). Danbooru's pools lets you sort by the number of images in each pool. For comparison with a website with text-based data, compare also AO3's search, which lets you query by word count, e.g. "words:1000", "words>1000", "words<1000", "words:1000-5000". Maybe this could be useful for sorting/categorizing one's personal lists. This is something that only a (legal grey area) site like this can do, because more law-abiding sites like MAL or MU would not have easy access to the page counts. These metrics might be interesting to those curious about average page counts for weekly vs. bi-weekly vs. monthly etc. magazines. In theory, you could scrape these numbers by counting the pages with a script, but it would certainly be easier if the number were already precalculated and given. Though one would need to clarify: pages per scanlator group? pages per language? total pages? etc. See also: #18032: Show how many chapters a series has when searching

  • Citrus

    I stopped reading at chapter 20-something when they started dating. Just read the end, but I presume a lot of stupid stuff happened in between. Should I read it or nah?

  • Kanojo, Okarishimasu

    The rating dropping every chapter is just amazing.. i thought it had 7 or 8 rating when i started reading this .😆😆. The Mc is pathetic (too naive) ... but i wont stop reading this.. 😆

  • Itou-kun wa Koi wo Shiranai.

    ...destroy... fox😤

  • Ani no Yome to Kurashite Imasu.

    When your hand already recovers, would you please consider to translate Mugen Sowaka Tokyo Shojo Onmyojia @_anq?

  • Hoshi no Ponko to Toufuya Reiko

    Really, I loved this work. It's about how much art suits the story, the pacing of the story. Everything about contents of this manga without spoiling much. It's art suits kids manga at first, the beggining is of that kind of story where kids find an unusual pet and they bring it with them back without parents noticing. To be honest, I don't want to write anything else about it, I myself read it because of a single page in a random youtube video with Kinoko Teikoku's music in it. The best way to read this manga will be to just dive right in without knowing absolutely anything about it. This is a piece of work that I would definitely remember for a long time. And, @Swifft good review! This manga deserves much more attention and more positive attention, it's popularity and rating on sites like mal seemed abysmal.

  • Rakujitsu no Pathos

    @boag: Are they really that agonizing? I've read quite a bit of him and yes, they include a lot of sex with a lot of different people but generally end pretty nice and don't include super bad stuff and if it's a little worse there's usually an immediate upside. @Cyreader: I could actually imagine that pretty well. It's the kind of plot the author would pull off - but not without "compensation". If that's actually the case she and MC will fuck at lot in the end.

  • The Vengeful White Cat Lounging on the Dragon King's Lap

    @furopoi try Jinrui wa suitai shimashita, the anime was great.

  • Wei Ming Shen Dou

    excuse me whats going on? this is a pretty bad introduction so far..

  • July Found by Chance

    Thank you for picking this up! ☺

  • Citrus

    then Aoi Hana is better than this?

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