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  • Spoiler thing button

    Clock the Spoiler button in the post above to see a good picture showing you how to do it. OR... Click on the little eye with a line through it to get the spoiler tags: <></> with the word spoiler in the center of each tag. Then put your text in the middle of the tags: >your spoiler text< Hope this helps!

  • Tell us, what's bothering you ?

    I hit the part of my leg that is right above the knee against the edge of a piece of furniture, it hurts SO MUCH!! Good thing I didn't had to go out today.

  • Gaming rants/news (Mega Thread?)

    @PantsMan 1) I'm lazy for VNs, after doing one route, I often don't have the motivation to do it again. (For Katawa Shoujo, it took me like 4-6 months to try starting another route) 2) The dude I'm watching (YORO) seems familiar with the lore, so it is better for me to understand what is going on.

  • Gaming rants/news (Mega Thread?)

    @Richman Why on Earth would you watch someone else's VN playthrough instead of playing it yourself? You can pretty much autopilot them regardless, and Tsukihime's easy to find.

  • Spoiler thing button


  • BL tag

    @Wolflet There was a large discussion about GL/BL tags a year ago, which will be reworked in the next version of MangaDex, colloquially known as v5, Coming SoonTM. (quote)

  • BL tag

    maybe add a BL tag and not just yaoi

  • Spoiler thing button

    How I can make the spoiler thing to appear a button?

  • Account deletion

    Requesting deletion of account

  • Request for group takeover 2.0

    My Group: FullTiltTranslations Group ID:# 16180 My Profile: User ID: #2227547 Proof: Check Last page of essay that is apart of "The Spaceman's Base" chapter of he Runaway Tanker. It's Signed Ano Kata, same as my profile name

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