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  • Why does having your comment getting labeled as "edited" after you edit them feel like a punishment for not proofreading before sending?

    @EOTFOFYL The reward is not feeling like shit after having to edit.

  • What is the most recent thing that is making you stressed?

    There was this game called Iron Saga I used to play since launch, some updates ago they completely cut off support for the android version my emulator was using with no previous warning and now I can't even bind my account. Couldnt recover it either because I wasnt even able to provide support my previous username ( It was randomly generated and never changed, had some weird kanjis and stuff, etc ) the most I could do was tell em' my current guild and all my units. I really loved the game too.

  • Content tag addition/discussion thread

    (quote) That's not what I was arguing against, I was talking about nudity in and of itself. You're not wrong that if it's used in combination with Ecchi (or notably in Ecchi's absence) the level of fanservice would be more easily discernible. Like I already said though, treating it as a freestanding tag is a problem, because every single Hentai and Smut manga would get the Nudity tag and that's not helpful. We could place some technical rule on it that it shouldn't be used for Hentai and Smut, but we would either have to hardcode an exception to prevent adding it, or rely on people just somehow knowing they shouldn't use it which is definitely not going to work.

  • What is the most recent thing that is making you stressed?

    Hmm let's see College wise - gotta make my project , study for the exam , and write a report in a week Job wise - gotta find a new job, current job ain't going no where, boss doesnt like me, I dont mesh with my co workers and it's irrelevant to the degree I'm studying for. Health wise - need to get shit organized, clean dishes, prep meals and do housecleaning and stop eating fastfood, dam gained 30 pounds in the past 6 months =/

  • Why does having your comment getting labeled as "edited" after you edit them feel like a punishment for not proofreading before sending?

    Avoiding edits, a challenge to not fuck up, but with no reward.

  • Last Letter Game

    Ash (image) (OOT) Is kinda screwed. And you're welcome @sterven

  • Welcome to the site! (MangaRock refugee thread)

    @kenx I would love to do that and I've had some preliminary ideas but there's way too much stuff to get done first.

  • Request for group takeover

    My ID: 143297 Group ID: 9713

  • New European servers covered by Path Network, Reader Update, and User Notes for Supporters

    @serpert We don't have any kind of policy at all cause we're too lazy to write one, lol. Not gonna pretend to be GDPR compliant because our site is basically entirely illegal in the first place, although all we do is log visitor analytics through google analytics and cloudflare. Their crypto investors are mainly because their initial company focus was in blockchain and crypto. Bitmain's a pretty decent investor at least. They're kind of moving away from the crypto side of things anyways, not really worth it. More of a security company now

  • Looking for recommendations

    @Dreaguh This is Yugami has no friends, I also recommend it Those are some of my recommendation (really original, investigate the problem of communication in fantasy settings) (nice, actually on hiatus) (isekai putin) Also, the search function is really useful: you drop a couple of categories, sort by votes or by subscriptions and open the first 10 or 20

  • Mofumofu no Kamisama Sagashi

    @Ironclad: My fear of naked children in manga is a well-nurtured trauma from being betrayed over and over and over again by series that I mistakenly had thought were in good taste at the outset. Usagi Drop is probably the betrayal that pushed me over the brink into a gibbering mess, but if so, it was only the final straw. So quit your leering, Old Man. (...I say as if I am not a curmudgeonly 20-something myself).

  • Sukinako ga Megane wo Wasureta

    @Missingtexture Dick move by the translators to not even check for that >:(

  • Realist Maou Niyoru Seiiki Naki Isekai Kaikaku

    Dude is just winging it, and it's WORKING! XD

  • Kusozako Choroin Nishiga Hachi

    This seems kind of dumb to me. The girl's annoying, and the fact that the guy is apparently messing with her head doesn't actually make that better. No doubt they deserve each other, but I don't feel like making that my problem.

  • Dosanko Gyaru Is Mega Cute

    cute and wholesome.

  • Renai Boukun

    Not technically dropped and Airy is still around but you shouldn't get your hopes up. If another translator wants to pick it up and needs anything, including raws, feel free to PM me. The other two translators I've worked with in the past are dead so can't ask them to finish it out. If it hasn't been finished by the time I learn Japanese I'll translate it myself. (image)

  • Do You Think Someone Like You Could Defeat the Demon Lord?

    Looks great. Can't wait to see where this goes!

  • Dosanko Gyaru Is Mega Cute

    It's a great start with the 3 chapters. Hope it will stay like this, and not become like Gal Gohan with a filler girl...or even worse, a harem .

  • Netojuu no Susume


  • Otomege Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai Desu

    My god I want to see those guys destroyed. This sort of satisfaction is what so many shonen manga could only dream they could achieve with their petty fights in comparison to this.

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