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  • You'll never believe what happens if...

    (quote) Not really, because i'm French . So i don't really need to do this to buy most of my favorite manga. (quote) In manga ? Probably too much. I spend something like 100/120 € each month for mangas since some years. (quote) Look at my profile, and you will know. I have enough place for the books, even if i work on my house right now to have more free room. Ah, and i never buy digital copies, i just don't see any interest. It's tiring to read mangas on a screen, nothing beat a real manga in paper.

  • Should we create an "otome" or "villainess" tag?

    @Kaarme Yeah but that's not really that great of an excuse. Almost all zombie stories are automatically horror with several exceptions; almost all time travel stories are sci-fi with several exceptions; almost all isekai are fantasy with several exceptions. You see my point?

  • Netflix Lists a Documentary Film about Anime for August 5th

    1 month and nobody has watched and posted about it? Ok. I will It's absolute garbage. Like most anime made by Netflix. Save yourself the time and find something else to watch.

  • 1 2 Translation in need of some cleaning, redrawing, and typesetting help!

    As it's stated we're are seeking readily available cleaners, redrawers, and typesetters to help us our release translated work. We deal with both Non-H and H works, but it's up to the typesetting team what they are comfortable with. Apply here:

  • Should we create an "otome" or "villainess" tag?

    @QSS (quote) Great many of the otome series belong to isekai. I guess not all would as there could be manga adaptations of real otome games. In other words, even if an otome tag was created, many of the series would also carry the isekai tag as well.

  • Anyone got/know where to find the raws to Inubaka?

    Sorry in advance if this ain't the right place for this thread. I read this manga as a kid. Remember it was really cute, and super remember VIZ dropped it on it's ass like 4 volumes out from the end. I've been hunting around and cannot for the life of me find it. I know it exists because I was able to find someone posting a now dead link from 2016 or so. I'd be interested in finishing it if my Japanese ability is strong enough lol. Alternatively, I'd even buy the damn thing if I knew how. It's offered on Japanese Amazon digitally, but idk how that all works with currency transfer and whatnot. If anyone has any experience with that. Otherwise I'm looking at trying to buy an entire physical set for over $100 off ebay, which I don't really have that kinda money and I only need the last 4 volumes anyway.

  • Way to filter types of manga?

    Is there a way to filter out mangas/manhwas/manhuas? Like if I don't want to read manhuas can I not have it show up?

  • Older then new tag in follows

    More or less, I have the follows on everything I took an interest in and am still building it up Some things like the group removing everything and creating a void is annoying, its also, at least for me, annoying to see a new chapter only to realize that the chapter is something I have already read. so for a flag, sub new, as in the current chapter is 50 but they released lets say a remake of 23, it would be tagged as sub new. In the case of a volume extra, unless the manga is being translated WAY later then current release, you wont get volume extras, but a chapter 50 current with a 23.5 would also be released as sub new, while it would be a new chapter, and it would still be sub new, given how many things end off on cliffhangers seeing a chapter i'm waiting for and that its new come out only for it to be an extra... Now, you bring up a potential naming difference, this is also something that I don't see happen all to often and would be an edge case, i'm not sure how many people there are like me, but i'm at 289 manga and increasing for my reading list that I keep up with, the actual number is probably nearing 1000 when I take into account off site manga and things not in it yet, and when I read a japanese name, I just shrug my shoulders and I have no idea what it is before I go into it, there are probably 50 manga I know off the top of my head that aren't english names, but the rest are honestly going in blind till I see art or characters most of the time, even with english names, some of them blend in with each other so much that its hard to tell. A sub new tag would at the very least for me stop getting my hopes up when I see a new chapter was released. I just think the heads up that something isn't where it's currently at would be nice, given a few groups are going back and retranslateing things that got pulled.

  • Nintendo, Sony, & Microsoft Forming Policy to Disclose Loot Box Odds

    The violent video game thing is deflection for politicians who are sponsored by Gun companies. That and there are significantly large portions of the American population who's life depends on guns for hunting food and wild life control so there's a double incentive to keep gun control low to please their constituents. They always change their scape goat, my dad has wonderful stories of them blaming gun violence on Violent video tapes, TV, Punk rock, porn and Drugs.

  • Should we create an "otome" or "villainess" tag?

    An otome tag would be great We have isekai, why not otome?

  • Ichigeki

    Really enjoying it! I'm reading it for the characters, plot, and history, but it's worth noting that the realism of swordsmanship is refreshingly better than most manga. Thanks for your hard work!

  • Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru!

    Too bad the LN is still on hold indefinitely.

  • Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru!


  • Rororro!

    Love it so far but yeah the font is barely readable. Also the ecchi is quite tame, no nips in views, partial ass visible, it won't go further than this.

  • Bocchi the Rock!

    came 8th in Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards hell yeahhhhhhhh

  • Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru!

    @Carlos I think this recent release confirms that xD

  • The Seal of the Mountains and seas

    If you can't translate it DON'T try it... this is probably even worse than Machine Translation...

  • Tonari no Baka to Tsudzuku Uso

    most disgusting couple award goes to this manga

  • Tanaka The Wizard

    @marconii2002 I think part two was canned, by the magazine. The LN was broken up into parts as well (I haven't completely read it though since the original translation got weird. ) If that was the case, then they would have to start over since the first Magazine would still own the rights to the original art work. I only a quick glance at this though.

  • Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru!

    have you picked up this serie again? Thanks for the chapter

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