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  • Interview #10: Friendship Scans

    Welcome to the second of a series of three interviews done by me. The first one I did last week was with Forbidden Garden. This one is with @unnoticedkouhai @Asphodels and a few others from the group Friendship Scans! Because I think we need more Friendship in our lives! :) Hello! Could you give the readers an introduction of your group and its members? (quote) How did you guys come up with the name Friendship Scans? Is here any specific meaning behind it? Was it named due to friendship between the founders or as a theme for the group or something else? (quote) The staff page on your website lists around 32 different staff members. Are all those currently active within the group? (quote) How is the group organized? How do you usually approach scanlating a chapter? Is it a more centrally organized or collaborative process? (quote) Friendship Scans first released back in 2012 and has since released over 1,300 chapters. In that time period many other scanlation groups have come and gone. What is it that has kept the group motivated and around for so long to continue scanlating? (quote) How has the group changed since it first started scanlating 7 years ago? (quote) It looks like you guys usually do shoujo and romance series but have also branched out into many other genres. Do you have any criteria you look for when picking up a new series? (quote) Is there any type of series you specifically avoid working on? (quote) Over the years you guys have translated Japanese, Korean, and Chinese series. Has your group had translators of all 3 languages over the years? Do you have one language you prefer to work on or do you just work on any that interest staff? (quote) Your group has scanlated chapters for over 100 different series over the years, if you had to pick a top 3 to recommend to readers what would they be? (quote) Is there anything related to your group not mentioned in this interview that you think might be interesting for the readers to know about? (quote) To conclude the interview, do you have any closing remarks for the readers? (quote) I hope you all enjoyed the interview! Feel free to ask the group members additional questions. Also don't forget to check out the previous interview with Forbidden Garden and look forward to another next week! :)

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  • Bouken-ka ni Narou! ~ Sukiruboudo de Dungeon Kouryaku ~

    needs more!

  • Solo Leveling

    Hey someomd else is continuing it. All's good.

  • Solo Leveling

    @Jacough so you have access to their finances? If you care so much about the mangaka getting paid then why are you on here reading illegal translations?

  • It's all your fault

    Don't do it bro. Never forget and never forgive.

  • Ingoshima

    Question to the readers and followers of Ingoshima... Volume 5 ends with Chapter 37 and the online chapters available in mangabox have different numbering as they have fewer pages, so for example the next 'online' Chapter after the printed 37 is.... 52! They do have a sub-numbering though, so Chapter 52 has part 1, Chapter 53 has part 2 of the same chapter title. Do you prefer us to continue the printed path and combine the online chapters in what we expect will be the printed chapters or "skip" from 37 to 52 and work in the 'online' chapter format (we can put fillers pointing readers to go to 52 after 37)?

  • Hagure Idol Jigokuhen

    @KingHades Dang. Well, thanks for at least translating to this point and putting it more on people's radar. Not sure how many will want to translate an AV idol battle manga tho, lol.

  • The Justice of Villainous Woman

    if it's not on mangadex, then i'm dropping it. especially since it's a hassle to even read it in the group's site.

  • Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki


  • Mousou Telepathy

    Does anyone know the reason this was on hold for so long?

  • Iketeru Futari

    omfg is back?

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