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  • The Politics Megathread

    Speaking as someone disconnected from this issue due to not living in the US of A, besides the unavoidable rants on the internet. Holy hell, most people I've found on the internet that talk about the american elections either try to be as objective and logical as possible (like that one guy from 12 Angry Men) or are convinced that they have the facts and anyone who doesn't at the very least agree with their opinion is contemptible. Also, may I direct your attention at how the demonym for USA inhabitants is the name of the entire continent?

  • additional search filters

    @Randomitty For the millionth time. NO. @Teasday Can we please get some sort of popup before making a new topic in suggestions thread "Before you post this, Are you thinking of asking for this topic? " Anything relating to the number of chapters. The answer is No.

  • additional search filters

    Please add search filters so taht we can sort by amount of chapters translated, ascending/descending like we have the sort by updated option. Cause I am sickof getting into a series that only has 2-3 chapters released :( Thank you

  • The Politics Megathread

    @BestBoy I would say that would be your own biases showing given several polls have said upwards of 70% Republicans (Rasmussen, Politico, etc.) believe that there was significant issues of voter fraud, with varying numbers for democrats and independents. The Rasmussen poll said that it was close to 30% of Democrats and 45% independents, but Politico said it was closer to 10%. May be sampling issues. Full disclosure that these polls are a few weeks old, and so these numbers may have changed, especially as time as lead to more evidence coming to light that there was fraud. Additionally the Rasmussen poll said over 60% believed that Trump should concede, but I am unaware if that number has changed, and it was relatively small with a random sample of 1,000 Americans at the 95% confidence interveinal. But this should demonstrate that it's not just a "small group loyal to Trump." Even then, it doesn't disprove the claim, nor does it invalidate the argument as that's the genetic fallacy. (Hell, I didn't even support Trump or vote for him, it's just there's overwhelming evidence to support Trump in this instance.)

  • Account deletion

    Requesting deletion of this account. Thank you in advance.

  • The Politics Megathread

    @Alraisen A small group loyal to Trump still believe there was vast election fraud. Most just laugh at them. edit: @Zephyrus I would have waited till after January 20th to reopen this thread.

  • I just need the funnies manga you know

    @sbzkag smart move

  • Music Tournament 3.5: Anime Endings! (Cut Versions)

    (quote) (image) The first result of this tourney that I'm salty about tbh.

  • Stupid Things That You Believe When You Were a Kid.

    @justforthelulz I would hope not! There's a lot of people on the internet who can't even cut vegetables properly, it shouldn't be widespread information for their sake. As for the person telling me about it, I believe the statement sounded dubious to me at first (naturally), but what they were saying was immediately verified because the effect was actually real. Anyway, it's just a sensation of danger. You've got to have something mildly dangerous to trigger. The fact that microwaves also give me that sensation because of those thoughts as a kid is hilarious to me.

  • Stupid Things That You Believe When You Were a Kid.

    @justforthelulz Same thing has happened to me before (and probably you too). A decent example is that when I lay down and hold my phone above my face, I can sense the possibility of dropping my phone and it smacking into my face, and that possibility makes my face tingle a bit. I'm basically Spider Man.

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