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  • Kusakabe-san

    she looks like an adult ver. of Fukiishi from Chi no Wadachi and its bothering me-

  • Let's Kiss Once Just For Fun

    what the hell did i just read that was so quick

  • Tomodachi Game

    tys for the chapter

  • I've Got Bigger Boobs Than Your Girlfriend

    my only question is, how does everyone knows that his girlfriend is a B-Cup ?

  • Tentai


  • Fragtime

    Very happy to see the new extra chapter. I cannot get enough of this manga

  • Beware of the Brothers!

    I got some really bad Spoilers from insta

  • Sweet Salty

    This just feels like korean sket dance so far

  • Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.

    @aatlass : Was that sarcasm? That looked like sarcasm. For the record, Dragonball is kinda dated now, but some aspects of it are still interesting given the time it was made in. Arguably the original is more entertaining than DBZ, since there was more emphasis on humour and less on prolonged shounen battles... Better than Urusei Yatsura and its complete lack of progression or change at least. As for Devilman... too weirdly religious and kinda arbitrary in places. The ending was awful. Devilman Lady was better and had more to it for the most part, but for some stupid reason it went full "intelligent design" towards the end and completely crashed the plot in the same kinda arbitrary way as the first one. The 1970s Devilman anime was so-bad-its-good cheese though, so I was able to enjoy that ironically. None of them are particularly like Berserk in any case, nor anywhere near as good. Devilman kinda reminds me more of Evangelion. I'd like to say I don't usually bother with old stuff... but I guess I've been through quite a few old things now.

  • Expressionless Kashiwada-san and Emotional Oota-kun

    @Swankeaboo Huh, pretty neat.

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