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  • Interview #8: Hachimitsu Scans

    "Each of the characters . . . are confident and unapologetic, showing that if you like something, you shouldn't have to give it up because of societal norms or peer pressure." -Tooko Plykiya: Please introduce yourself and your group for those who may be unfamiliar with who you are. (quote) Plykiya: You've been releasing multiple chapters every single month from 2010 all the way through 2019, covering over 120 manga and 1600 chapters. Have you found it difficult to maintain this pace and how are you balancing scanlation with your life outside of it? (quote) Plykiya: You mainly work on series that deal with gender themes, either through crossdressing, genderswaps, gender identity, or gender role subversion. Which particular type of gender theme is your favorite to work on, and which series that you’ve worked on do you believe tackles that niche the best? (quote) Plykiya: Is there a certain aspect of gender identity or crossdressing that you believe authors are trying to tackle but constantly falling flat in their execution, and what would you like to see done differently about it? (quote) Plykiya: That's a pretty fair evaluation of it. Having scanlated gender themed manga for close to a decade, is there any particular year that you thought was the golden age for it? Do you believe we’re in a decline in quality at the moment or are there certain authors that people should be paying more attention to? (quote) Plykiya: Groups that focus on less mainstream genres generally have difficulty finding new series in that genre. You've covered many digitally/volume published series, but also plenty of twitter stories and many smaller ones that only get published in magazines. Becoming self-reliant is an important step for both groups and readers to expand their scope. What kind of methods or resources do you use to find the kind of works you like? (quote) Plykiya: Thank you so much for giving us some insight on your opinions and thought process. Your releases have definitely inspired a countless number of new fans for the genre. If you have anything you'd like to tell the readers that I haven't covered, you're free to do so now (quote) “I am what I am and I do what I do. We always wish to aspire that to which we are not and cannot be.”

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  • Make sentences game


  • If you are freely to choose a superpower, what kind of superpower will you choose?

    They'll obey you to the point of worshipping you, your cat army will be infuriated with any human that insults you to the point of hating all of humanity except you,rampaging across the world killing and destroying humanity .This may be a good thing however you will be hated by your own kind, thus unable to bear with this pain of being hated you suffering grows more each passing day ,your power granting you eternal pain and misery. I have the power to go to the past and change things .The events changed may effect the future however it won't be effected in a drastic way.

  • Oceans Translation is recruiting

    Bump Currently looking for #Jp Translator/proofreader #cleaner Contact me via email or discord #evstormx0078

  • Anyone recognise the name of this manga?

    I'm sure it's this one. Sore wa Totsuzen, Unmei no Aite ga : It matches your description very well.

  • Game Recommendation

    If you like LOL I can suggest you to play Apex legends. I like this game becasue it has cool storyline and characters design. Truly say I am big fan of video games and play a lot of them. But now I am into apex. I play it on one platform

  • Request for group takeover

    Hello, User ID: 20122 Group ID: 8272 Thanks in advance.

  • Forgotten Title

    This wholesome manga only has 1 chapter at the moment since it was just recently translated to English. < Main character is a teenage girl living with her mom. < Father is absent because he chickened out when the girl's mom got pregnant. < Girl works as a part timer to help out her mom. < The girl is a hard worker but has trouble expressing her true feelings. < As the girl was going home she stopped and decided to visit a neglected shrine and when she did she stumbled upon a guy covered in show and this guy happens to be the fallen god which happens to sleeping for a long time. < Chapter 1 happened during the winter..

  • If you are freely to choose a superpower, what kind of superpower will you choose?

    Unfortunately, if you ever use that power, you'll break the Internet. I have the power to make cats obey my every command.

  • Last Letter Game


  • Lets make a story!

    "But how can I tell a Lesser Ghost of the Trap from a regular ghost?" the boy asked.

  • Hatsukoi Zombie

    This is basically just because or white album 2.0 which i utterly hate so much. Kinda regret reading this, but hey you can't please everyone, so i hope some people are happy with the ending

  • Yankano!

    outfit designs seemed retarded for a delinquent theme but oh well since it had ecchi genre

  • Yankano!

    meh pretty bland tbh, glad it was short

  • Shiga Hime

    So is this coming back or not?

  • Nukenai Seiken-chan

    read the Description . . IS A TRAP THE FBI IS DOING IT . most....not . well, i fail going to jail soon :|

  • Honkai Impact 3rd

    Volume 0.21 Gemina Tales Chapter 1 is up. Join the Olenyeva Twins on an epic adventure. PS. Best with the long-strip function.

  • Fusoroi no Renri


  • Hyottoshite Gyaru wa Orera ni Yasashii no Dewa? Anthology Comic


  • Marginal Operation

    Series has been licensed by J-Novel Club recently for anyone interested.

  • Soul Land IV - The Ultimate Combat

    @ImDanGrow Each soul land story is set 10,000 years apart from each other (if I remember correctly. It may 1,000 years) But each soul land spoils the others. For example in soul land 2 you find out the ending of soul land 1 and what the main character did. Same goes for soul land 3 and 2. It may be easier to just read the novel. But if you don’t want to read the novel and don’t care too much about major plot spoilers and endings then read the rest. (Personally soul land 2 is my favorite).

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