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  • Interview #8: Hachimitsu Scans

    "Each of the characters . . . are confident and unapologetic, showing that if you like something, you shouldn't have to give it up because of societal norms or peer pressure." -Tooko Plykiya: Please introduce yourself and your group for those who may be unfamiliar with who you are. (quote) Plykiya: You've been releasing multiple chapters every single month from 2010 all the way through 2019, covering over 120 manga and 1600 chapters. Have you found it difficult to maintain this pace and how are you balancing scanlation with your life outside of it? (quote) Plykiya: You mainly work on series that deal with gender themes, either through crossdressing, genderswaps, gender identity, or gender role subversion. Which particular type of gender theme is your favorite to work on, and which series that you’ve worked on do you believe tackles that niche the best? (quote) Plykiya: Is there a certain aspect of gender identity or crossdressing that you believe authors are trying to tackle but constantly falling flat in their execution, and what would you like to see done differently about it? (quote) Plykiya: That's a pretty fair evaluation of it. Having scanlated gender themed manga for close to a decade, is there any particular year that you thought was the golden age for it? Do you believe we’re in a decline in quality at the moment or are there certain authors that people should be paying more attention to? (quote) Plykiya: Groups that focus on less mainstream genres generally have difficulty finding new series in that genre. You've covered many digitally/volume published series, but also plenty of twitter stories and many smaller ones that only get published in magazines. Becoming self-reliant is an important step for both groups and readers to expand their scope. What kind of methods or resources do you use to find the kind of works you like? (quote) Plykiya: Thank you so much for giving us some insight on your opinions and thought process. Your releases have definitely inspired a countless number of new fans for the genre. If you have anything you'd like to tell the readers that I haven't covered, you're free to do so now (quote) “I am what I am and I do what I do. We always wish to aspire that to which we are not and cannot be.”

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  • Filter demographics

    I'm a little surprised no one's mentioned this before, but I did search the megathread. Apologies if I missed it. I would like to be able to exclude demographics from my searches. This was easy to do when demographics were down with the genre tags, but I've just realised that with the (not so) new organisation system, that no longer seems to be possible. Maybe it's just that I'm being pickier than most (but hey, what is advanced search for if not to be picky), but while I don't want to read "just any" demographic, I also don't like having to limit it to just one. Personally I've always liked to include the female-targeted demographics in my searches while leaving out the male-targeted ones, but I can think of other scenarios where people might want two or three but not all. There's the reverse of my problem, for one thing; and I'm sure there's also plenty of people who want to stick only to seinen and jousei, if they find the other demographics too immature.

  • Mark series as read even when they're not followed :maybe:

    Unfortunately I don't know how to program and have nothing of value to add in that vein, but I just wanted to second (or third?) what people above me have said about tracking read chapters client-side. I really think it would solve most of the problem, and it failing to sync across multiple devices is a minor annoyance at best. Much better than individually marking off 20+ chapters of the ongoing series you just binged. Additionally, though it has also already been mentioned, I strongly support the idea of a "mark all as read" button. While it wouldn't really be needed were we to find a (practical) way to implement read markers on unfollowed manga, it's a highly attractive solution in the meantime. (Though perhaps, to avoid it clogging things up with unnecessary markers on languages the user doesn't read, it should be limited to the languages from the user's language filter.)

  • login with Handy didn't work anymore

    I mean smartphone. (in my land in old days was say to old versions of mobilphone "Handy")

  • New Forum Moderator, Small Status Update

    say hello to my little friend @Woulez! 😅

  • login with Handy didn't work anymore

    What is "Handy"?

  • Cora Scans needs help! (new group)


  • The Person Above You Thread!

    @CyanHide is calling the ghost busters for this

  • I made an mangadex redesign. Opinions ?

    This a pretty cool design I suppose, though the current design is still looks good (opinion may vary). I like the MD logo with the orange cat(?) on it, so as other user have mentioned, need more cat on it. Continuing on the cat.. It maybe just me but, though I guess an orange cat will not look good around the blue color. So I say, don't go with the blue color... Also, not sure why but it reminds me of something bad since it's blue.. Can't get my finger on what is it exactly though... Edit: Oh yeah.. It somewhat reminds me of..

  • Lit Manga

    Ay lad, gib meh muh pitchfo'k (image)

  • login with Handy didn't work anymore

    Hello MangaDex-Support, I've following problem, since aron 6-8h i can't login in with my Smartphone. I was suddenly "kicked out" if clicked on Follows, and since that i can't login anyone on Smartpohne. Anytime if I corectly login, I stayed als "Guest", and I have no acces to Follows or anything releated to account-bounded-things. What can I do? thx in advance Chaosmaster PS.: the FB-Link to mangadex didn't work anymore

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