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  • Japan’s Ministry of Health Distributes Free Sailor Moon Condoms

    Japan's Ministry of Health, labour, and welfare is partnering with Naoko Takeuchi, the author behind Sailor Moon, to make Sailor Moon theme condoms to hand out to the public for free during STI Prevention Events that will be held this month. The first one was already held yesterday at the capital Fukuoka, and a second event is going to be held on the 15th at the capital of Hiroshima. You can see what the condom package looks like here: Earlier in the year I learn of animal theme condoms that were being use to spread awareness of endanger species, and now this. I wonder if the condoms themselves are pink in color, and.or feature either Sailor Moon, or the symbols of the series, like the crescent moon.

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  • A Pervert's Daily Life

    why no chapter in English?

  • The Black-Haired Princess

    personally I echo the viewpoints I really like the FL she's actually an all round character with a personality, and legitimately equal to the male lead hopefully it remains that way

  • Tsugumomo

    Why is this manga's rating so high?

  • Isekai de Cheat Skill wo te ni Shita ore wa, Genjitsu Sekai wo mo Musou Suru ~Level Up wa Jinsei wo Kaeta~

    This series is one of the greatest 'self insert wish fulfilments' that I have ever seen.

  • THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - The Hero on the Hospital Bed (Doujinshi)

    My heart

  • Dad Is a Hero, Mom Is a Spirit, I'm a Reincarnator

    lol You get called out for your stupidity and lack of forth planning. You keep laughing maniacally every time you get outsmarted in an attempt to distract. WTF is the king thinking? Probably nothing...

  • Yong Heng Zhi Zun

    Hahaha.. This series never die!! but to be honest, the art become more vivid or should i say that the quality is good. I know we got some fast paced story about 100 chapter. but to be honest in this area, im not against it. because many of Manhua out there is about to "Prolonge" the story with some bullshit feeler (slapping face here and there but has nothing to story) ,that makes most of manhua didn't progress well in their story.. also not to mention some cringe comedic joke in fighting scene. Peerless Martial Art Yong Hen Zhi Zun Apotheosis I guess those 3 running quit well.

  • I'm Destined For Greatness!

    @Xelent96 @kanku777 @Snowfennec Banchou isn't refering to me or me releasing the series as a snipe. He's refering to Jaimini sniping Leviatan Scans and Jaimini making a "secret sub group for JB [...] to snipe series" The first series this said sub group was intended to snipe was this after Leviatan picked it up (after telling Banchou they'd be releasing it since he didn't). Then Jaimini got exposed (there's two reddit threads about this on r/manga) and a couple of their staff threatened to snitch on the publisher against Leviatan. Because of this I started releasing here somewhat consistently (3 chapters so far) since I'm friends of one of the admins at Leviatan. After this Banchou got some time on his hands and decided to release a few.

  • This Time I Will Definitely Be Happy!

    ugh my heart... this story was just wonderful

  • The Vengeful White Cat Lounging on the Dragon King's Lap

    Thank you

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