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  • Bounties on untranslated manga and dropped out(Including because official release)?

    This might be a different one from all the one that had been asked and I know this is a niche feature and extremely too early for MD. But, i want to hear your thoughts about Manga Bounties like in sadpanda/E-h if it also opened in MD. If you're wondering why, because there's quite a number of dropouts of manga and groups being not able to continue because various reasons. Thus, i compiled some questions as the topics that i think are relevant to start bounty hunting (quote) Please only answer the question inside this spoiler if you're a "Yeah" in question 6 as the following questions are an If case if it is/will implemented in MD 11. Tell me if this had been questioned before That's all, thank you for reading and have a fun. Note: i already said, that the spoilers are If case, so it's your own fault to rage to it

  • Counting Game!

    There are no rules. Its the thought that counts. 2020

  • Counting Game!

    How do you even play? 1968

  • Counting Game!

    2831111 Oh, wait. I wrote it wrong 2831111*

  • Wholesome, fluffy romance light novel recommendations

    I’m Only a Stepmother, but My Daughter Is Just So Cute!

  • Open Sourcing the MangaDex@Home Client, Symfony Devs Acquired, and User Research Survey Results

    Oops... Had no idea about this survey.

  • (Urgent) Which monitor should I choose for 5600 XT?

    Update: Amazon seller told me to file a return request on and I will get a prepaid label. Told him I'll leave a good review as gratitude. Guess I'll just have to shell out $16 for the BH monitor. Also, I have a slight problem with the monitor. For this Asus MX279, and I'm trying to change the settings to make it as identical to my laptop as possible. Both are IPS panel. I'm connecting them with an HDMI cable. I think I already did the best I could, but it's simply not as bright. Seems like it doesn't do white color very well, either. Feels more like... light gray to me? Seems like changing color temp from warm to user helped a little. But still not as bright. I know this monitor only has 250 nit, and my laptop has 300. Perhaps that's the reason why. It can't be helped, since it's an older model. Everything else looks good for the most part. It's kinda hard to show the details with these pictures, but it's more obvious when I look at them with my own eyes. Some wallpapers look pixelated or washed out in some places, so decreasing or increasing the saturation and/or contrast made some look better, some look worse. But they don't seem to help much with the white, though. Is this the best I can get from this monitor? What other settings or calibrations should I use? Someone told me to try to decrease the green in the RGB menu. Haven't tried that yet. I hope the lack of white won't hurt my eyesight.

  • Counting Game!


  • Counting Game!


  • Can't access my account

    I've tried to sign in several times and tried resetting the password but it keeps saying that I've entered the wrong email address which is not true because I only have one. The only place I'm logged in is on my mobile browser but I can't log in from my desktop. Please help!!!

  • Bring the Love

    This webtoon is absolute *Chef's kiss* on point & amazing on every aspect. Can't wait to catch upto the raws 😍

  • A Story About a Grandpa and Grandma Who Returned Back to Their Youth

    All organic less a go Bois

  • Love, Which Makes Us One

    Mmmmn slow and jumpy that’s true... this is more like set it aside and then binge it.

  • Bring the Love

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *scream intensifies* 😍😍😭😭❤️

  • Zombie 100 ~Zombie ni Naru Made ni Shitai 100 no Koto~

    Hey guys, we are dropping this manga as it has now been licensed by Viz. Please support it by buying the official release once it comes out next year. Thanks for all the support for the project up until now, and we hope to see you in another manga!

  • Dark Mortal

    Surprisingly goodd

  • It's Just Not My Night


  • Tomb Raider King

    Thx for mass upload. Can't sleep now

  • Dokyuu Hentai HxEros

    @Galder there's "H-energy release ver." on D-anime. Not sure how it compares to atx since I haven't watch any version.

  • Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

    overall it was a good manga. the male lead seems selfish and mean, but overall he is a good character and also reflects on his mistakes. the heroine is kind and naive which might be annoying sometimes so if you dislike these traits then yea you‘ll get MAD at some arcs. but still it reminded me more of a slice of life manga. also the friend group is nice lol. some arcs were really annoying and just unnecessary imo but the end was worth it, everything was answered and i‘m satisfied with end.. story 7/10⭐️ art is good though i didn‘t like how the side profiles & the ML looked (idk not as handsome as they all said) but maybe my standards are a lil high >_< and personals preference i guess? the girls are cute & the backgrounds are neat.. art 8/10 ⭐️ i recommend this to everyone who likes a happy cute ending lol (and not one which is cut) and can handle some dumb fights.. but well it‘s fine by me AH ALSO the interaction between the FL & ML are mainly funny and cute to watch,, so there are also uwu hehe moments!! since he tends to tease her which is so cute in relationships (to me xD)

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