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  • Interview #11: Agent of Change (AOC) Translations

    Welcome to the next group interview. This one is with @Kitsunebi and other members of Agent of Change (AOC) Translations. Hello! Could you give the readers an introduction of your group and its members? (quote) How did you guys come up with the name Agent of Change (AOC) Translations? Is here any specific meaning behind it? (quote) It looks like you guys starting off with scanlating Watashi ni xx Shinasai! and finished the last several volumes of it. What was it that caused your group to start with that manga in particular? (quote) You recently picked up I Became the Mother of the Strongest Demon Lord's 10 Children in Another World. which quickly gained a lot of follows and comments. What's your view on the popularity of Isekai series in recent years? (quote) It looks as if you recently launched a new version of your site. What are you most proud of on your site and did you run into any challenges while making it? (quote) In your FAQ, it mentions you sometimes release multiple versions of the same chapter with the differences being around whether SFX and honorifics are translated or left alone. You then have an option on your reader to switch between these different versions. This is not something I have seen any other groups do and it seems like a lot more effort for you guys. What is your reasoning behind doing this? (quote) What do you usually look for when picking up a new series to scanlate? Are there any specific genres or themes you tend to focus more on? (quote) From when you originally formed back in 2014 until now what differences do you see in the scanlation scene? Has your view on manga and/or scanlation changed at all over the years? (quote) What is your favorite series scanlated by a group other then your own and why? (quote) If you could only pick one series that you've scanlated to recommend to the readers, what would it be and why? (quote) Is there anything related to your group not mentioned in this interview that you think might be interesting for the readers to know about? (quote) To conclude the interview, do you have any closing remarks for the readers? (quote) I hope you all enjoyed this interview. Feel free to ask the group any additional questions in this topic!

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  • Sauce request for ignored cursed girl manga

    Whoa he made her suck his toe thats sick. I gotta read this.

  • Sauce request for ignored cursed girl manga

    Hey guys im looking for this one manga. I think it goes like this. Mc transferred school. There is a cursed girl in class that everyone avoid. During recess, bully make cursed girl suck his toe. Mc saw and went to protect. He rekted bully with martial arts. That night he had dream of cursed girl, she clawed his arms. When he woke up, theres claw mark on his arm. Then chapter end. I think I saw based on dmm game in the first page. Probably non h coz read it on manga site.

  • KyoAni Gofundme

    (quote) The whole thing makes me wonder if the building up for code. Similar thing happen to a school in my country where the arson started on 1st floor ( ground floor for US), people cannot escape because the building was not up to code with emergency exits. From the news the people seems to unable to find exit they just go up from floor to floor by the way the bodies located. Regardless, what a tragedy. As for Sentai issue me not wanting to be involve with their gofundme because how fast they reacted to it. From what they said on their own gofundme they don't even know how, where and when to get the money to appropriate parties they setup this before figuring those out, even JP company like animate waited. Basically I'm not convinced, the money might go to Kyoani but after unrelated parties get their cuts.

  • Game Recommendation

    The Legends of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel series is great game that doesn't have a huge fan base that it deserve . Also with both 1 & 2 have remaster edition on PS 4 and the 3rd game coming out on in the fall . now is good time to try it out. What I about this game is story and music and battle system which get fun as you progress. Like for example if have your have impede quartz equip then you beat most of bosses without taking any damage. it honesty really broken but fun also if you loss you can retry but the game weaken the boss/ enemies. so you don't have worry about gaining. So yeah try The Legends of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel series

  • Urgent!!??!! Having the ability to hide your hentai uploads (who uploaded them)

    didn't realize name change is a thing. I will PM the guys in charge thx everyone :D

  • Urgent!!??!! Having the ability to hide your hentai uploads (who uploaded them)

    Get a name change??? edit: Didn't refresh and the person above said what I said^

  • Urgent!!??!! Having the ability to hide your hentai uploads (who uploaded them)

    @Assasinart Why don't you just ask for a name change . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Anonymizing who uploaded a chapter from the public is like asking to get abused by botters who could go and rip some other translator group's work and upload it anonymously. Then what? Oh mods are responsible to stop that from happening now!! How about the Mods say No because extra work bad.

  • Urgent!!??!! Having the ability to hide your hentai uploads (who uploaded them)

    The solution is quite simple don't associate your gamer-tag to your RL info that's pretty much rule 101 since several tend to be hacked due to their poor habits and for self presentation of your professional life. About consequences due to whatever hobbies you have as long as you keep it private shouldn't affect your daily work life, it's not that you can't share it but for professional reasons some hobbies are better to be kept private.

  • Urgent!!??!! Having the ability to hide your hentai uploads (who uploaded them)

    yeah, looking back on it i really should have. it honestly never occurred to me until earlier today when i was chatting with a client and realized. I will lose this client if he saw what i uploaded. There is a lot of people that just straight up don't understand the anime/manga/hentai scene. No amount of explanation would solve anything either

  • Urgent!!??!! Having the ability to hide your hentai uploads (who uploaded them)

    eh, I can see where the dude's coming from. Like, let me tell you as someone who was considering becoming a teacher once, teachers can't so much as fart in public without backlash. If teachers have ANYTHING adult connected to their identity it can get you in shit. I've heard of teachers being fired for being seen by students buying alcohol on their days off before. I've also heard of teachers being fired for having a picture on facebook up of them holding a wine glass, even if what was in the glass wasn't even wine. Hell, an old classmate of mine had difficulty finding work because her legal name was the same as a porn actress's stage name, and nobody would even bother to confirm that they were 2 separate people. Depending on the gig, yeah it certainly can land you in trouble. That being said, bruh, use separate online pseudonyms for sensitive content lol

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