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  • Dorei Yuugi

    Finally we see a female fighter. Guess it's time for our mc to get one too.


    @DementedSurgeon That is it! Thank You!

  • Magic Mushroom

    That's the most hilarious manga description I've ever read

  • Sailor Ace

    some just has to find the chapter four translation and we've got everything done so far.

  • High Score Girl

    Another update!!! thanks for the upload😁

  • Hoshi no Kirby - Uso Tsuite Gomen (Doujinshi)

    Oh that's nice and sweet mmm...

  • Retired Heroes this looks nice

  • Shiga Hime

    So... Tokyo Ghoul once again? Counting chapters until it'll go Full Narutardo I guess :(

  • Shibito no Koe wo Kiku ga Yoi

    oh i get it, she's like the pot stirrer She will never die cuz she is author's avatar in that story you should know that in real situations the entire group will agree to throw her into hell the moment she sacrifices one of her group

  • Retired Heroes

    the raw site for this has some good series

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