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  • MangaDex Suggested Features: Megathread

    @MoonlightFairy It's the first thing listed on the first page.

  • Allow uploaders to set first page of a chapter to be either solo or not solo

    I myself read mainly in double page mode and yeah, this solution did occur to me while I was making the reader, of course. There are a lot of potential problems with it though, including (as you mentioned) skipped pages (intentional, unintentional and source material errors), inserted art pages, wide credits pages and god know what other inconsistencies. Even if the page setting was just for deciding whether the first page should start on the left or the right, it would heavily rely on the uploader giving a damn. To make this system actually work reliably the uploader would need to mark every single page as left/right/double/other(?) correctly, which is just too much to ask. The next-best option would be to crowdsource the system and rely on Contributors to set the pages, but that just opens a whole new can of worms. Oh, and then we have the problem of people potentially reading right-to-left series with the left-to-right direction for whatever reason. In short, as annoying as it is, shift+arrow is just so much easier.

  • Death Toll Scanlations recruiting across the board!

    Bump! Our original post still reflects our current needs and wants, so just scroll to the top of the page to see what they are.

  • MangaDex Suggested Features: Megathread

    @Plykiya thanks! i'm new here, sorry! 😅

  • Reports: Duplicates and Mergers duplicate of

  • Last Letter Game


  • Last Letter Game


  • Hentai?

    @ Idea_diarrhea Kisei Juui Suzune it's missing chapters 21 ~26 though

  • Request for group takeover

    User ID : 28613 Group ID : 6452 No website yet, but soon.

  • Power Uploader: Rank Explained

    @Samhill New entries don't need to be approved, the cover just needs to be under 1 mb. You can report the manga to get the final chapter number edited, anyone with a rank above member can edit details on the manga page.

  • Gal☆Cleaning!

    @fakeirish People bothered rating because something actually happened. The low ratings serve as a warning to stay away. For constant readers, it's hard to give a rating when literally nothing happens for the first 13 (or 8.9) chapters. For new readers, hearing about this controversy, they're bound to skim through the plot and wonder how it got to that point. Regardless if you're new or not, it's hard to get shounen-aimed romcom readers to give a positive rating to nearly 9 chapters of a one note gag gone on too long, followed by 3 (maybe 4) chapters of rape backstory for a character that arrived from nowhere.

  • Gal☆Cleaning!

    i applaud the TL for powering through this, imo they should drop this and move on to something else. I doubt many people are interested in reading this series anymore.

  • Gal☆Cleaning!

    My argument of " we read these types of manga because it's a derpy eechi wish fulfillment story, with no rape, netorae and shitty drama" can no longer be used. What the absolute fuck kind of train wreck is this. Again, just to re-iterate. Most people read these specifically to avoid what is happening right now in the story. Most readers that want surreal, realistic/dark stories do not read derpy ecchi harems for it. It is so retarded I am actually laughing right now at how absurd the manga is.

  • Gal☆Cleaning!

    Its was such a nice story at the beginning, what the hell happened? How did the editor give this plotline an ok? I can't even believe that its the same mangaka or he is doing that on purpose because "the old storyline" wasnt that interesting for the japanese userbase, so this is a big fuck you to all the readers idk

  • Nanase

    Good story, but a weak ending. I suspect that this was axed, and the mangaka said "screw it".

  • Gal☆Cleaning!

    @CoolOtamegame thx for the breakdown, tried to use the wayback machine to see it but wouldn't let me. I do find it interesting the moment something popped up people didn't like they immediately started rating it, even though previously they hadn't bothered.

  • Gal☆Cleaning!

    I dropped this a few weeks back but forgot until I saw the update on the front page. Those last 3 "chapters" took a huge swerve.

  • Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu.

    Me: guess I'll check out Vis. Vis: Unfortunately this content is not available in your location. Please visit the home page to learn more about Shonen Jump. WElp time to kill myself bois now that the only thing keeping my depression in check is out of my reach.

  • Gal☆Cleaning!

    LMAO LOOK AT THAT RATING DROP. God. This went from stupid fluffy bullshit to even stupider self-insert-hero-guy bullshit. Fuck this Ramunemura guy.

  • Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu.

    RIP komi-san you will be missed.

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