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  • Why Shouldn't a Detestable Demon Lord Fall in Love?!

    Thanks for your hard work. Will try looking for the novel later.

  • Yotsuya Kaidan!

    Just a terrible ending, read if you want to be disappointed, you still won’t be as disappointed as this author should be in themselves

  • Type-Moon - T-MOON COMPLEX Congratulations! 10th Anniversary (Doujinshi)

    "Battle of the Bulge" Fucking word... I knew this wasn't meant to be taken seriously, but my god, man. Though, it's scary how well it actually fit their personalities.

  • The Story of a Waitress and Her Customer

    I had big hopes for this one but it fails. If you compare it with other fluff-mangas, this one replaced happiness with embarrassment. It is not like I have something against people being embarrassed but it should be outweighed by happiness in my opinion. This manga fails to communicate the happiness this couple is experiencing. You just see some small fragments of it. Even when looking at the cover, you notice the main characters do not look happy.

  • Bite Marks

    this is the good stuff

  • Ao no Orchestra

    ...I dunno... there's too much slice of life (and not as good as Your Lie) and not enough sports involve for my liking.....

  • Natsume Arata no Kekkon

    I'll just bookmark it first maybe there will be a new update

  • Mimic Girl

    10/10 I will give more if I could

  • The Devil Duke's Little Bride

    @Pokari Yeah, the second one is legit. It's the one found in the official Chinese translation. the first description is from the French version. The Korean one has no description lol.

  • 37 Year Old Kindaichi Case Files

    Quick Poll: Kindaichi's lady coworker, Hayama, is ... A. Clearly one of Puppeteer from Hell's codenamed murder minions B. Gonna die as a victim in the final case.

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