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  • Manga from Girls Generation Scanlations recruitment??

    I've Googled the images and it just comes up with the recruitment pages. Their tumblr doesn't mention it and I know GGS aren't working anymore. Can anyone tell me what this is from? Pretty please. (image) (image) (Seems like they're from the same manga, at least)

  • Calling All Scanlators: Join the MangaDex Crew Today!

    Are you still recruiting proofreaders? I have done proofreading a few times for manga groups a long time ago , and again more recently for college application essays. I have also done cleaning and typesetting a few times for groups as well, though between cleaning and typesetting, I prefer cleaning. Examples are in the spoiler below.

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  • Request for group takeover


  • Mega Contest: First Anniversary Edition

    @Zephyrus Sorry to hear about your ordeal and grandmother. I had a similar set of circumstances earlier this year around when Batoto shut down before mangadex was founded, minus the close proximity shooting (although there's no shortage of people being shot dead on weekly basis in my gang-crime-ridden city), and my own grandmother's passing was fairly recent a few months ago as well. So I totally get you...shit happens, and more often than we'd like, snowballing downhill like the butterfly effect. Has it really been nearly a whole year already? Time sure flew by fast.

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  • Hide/Collapse chapter updates

    Sounds like it’s more of a preference? An offshoot or sub preference might be, Do you want to be notified of old chapters being updated? Yes/no Do you want to be notified about duplicate chapter uploads? Yes/no (in the case of two groups doing one series)

  • Suggested feature : upvote/downvote or like/dislike function for comments

    Please? Is it possible? I see some really good comments I’d like to just react to without replying to...

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  • Last Letter Game


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