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  • Japan’s Ministry of Health Distributes Free Sailor Moon Condoms

    Japan's Ministry of Health, labour, and welfare is partnering with Naoko Takeuchi, the author behind Sailor Moon, to make Sailor Moon theme condoms to hand out to the public for free during STI Prevention Events that will be held this month. The first one was already held yesterday at the capital Fukuoka, and a second event is going to be held on the 15th at the capital of Hiroshima. You can see what the condom package looks like here: Earlier in the year I learn of animal theme condoms that were being use to spread awareness of endanger species, and now this. I wonder if the condoms themselves are pink in color, and.or feature either Sailor Moon, or the symbols of the series, like the crescent moon.

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  • false uploads still appearing in the latest updates page

    Those false uploads are a problem, one that doesn't have a simple solution. Mangadex could use a quarantine period for new users and groups and, maybe, a lockdown for groups that didn't upload for a while. It is one of the most transparent and somewhat fair solutions some forums implement. The lockdown is easy to implement, the quarantine however is more problematic since it would require manual verification at first, but then you could use something fancy like machine learning to filter down false uploads later in the process, especially since those uploaders use the same template. Anyway, this is my humble suggestion.

  • I saw lots of fake upload from many different users

    They were fakes huh? Didn't bother to read them cause I thought they were snipers. I wonder what did they upload.

  • Shadowban troll uploaders

    i think a lot of these repeat offenders have legitimate chapters uploaded in other languages or other manga. we need veteran uploaders to yoink those chapters so the moderation team can get rid of them for good. they may have been hacked or something, the groups that keep uploading adverts i mean.

  • I saw lots of fake upload from many different users

    What does it mean? Is someone use bot to make users and do some sh*t? They all have 1 in common: they have some uploads before Please someone explain it...

  • MangaDex Two Year Anniversary

    Taxes are only an issue if you obtain crypto and then convert it back into fiat, if the crypto has gained value. (only applicable in countries with capital gains tax) If you acquire crypto and send it off to someone else, you don't incur and tax liabilities.

  • allow ability for blocked users to not show up in followed manga list

    I agree with this, since they have started to upload under legit group names in some cases. Granted those groups are years old and more than likely disbanded. In fact maybe disbanded/abandoned groups should be locked by default and require mod/admin approval to take over the group page/upload with proof. And locked groups should not be able to have uploads under their name.

  • Last Letter Game


  • Trying to find an old lewd manga

    @KatoShuu PETA did an ad that literally showed 2 different couples fucking

  • Last Letter Game


  • Isekai titles so dumb they could work

    I was Isekai'd and made plants verse zombies 'cause Crazy Dave is gone.

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