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  • Request for group takeover

    Olá diamond fansub My user ID: 78971 diamondfansub and Group ID: 5865 diamond fansub My blog is: ___ Done - L

  • The Isekai Thread

    for me, I think it's a genre i'll continue reading for a while because of the way the authors write. It's easy to say that they are all the same because they have the same introduction (isekai/reincarnation/transportation/summoning) but i'm more about the MC stories, and how they navigate their new environment; There are boring ones, and interesting ones. One thing I am getting fatigued by however, are the stories where they use their past knowledge of technology or events and somehow it becomes "revolutionary" even though they were not the original creators. It makes them seem smarter and more intelligent then they really are. The reason it's starting to bother me is because I keep wondering, if I was in that world with them, would I consider them to be revolutionary? If I was in their situation, what would be my thoughts? Would I consider myself smart enough to be able to claim these advancements or reforms as my own? Then I thought about age... they're just kids, mostly teens put in an unusual situation, being told they were reincarnated by a deity in their world or summoned for whatever reason. Basically... were they really that special that out of the billions of people on earth, THEY were the CHOSEN one? lol Anyway, COMPLETELY off topic, I'm looking to translate a series if anyone would like to hit me up with a few ideas on what I should translate. It will be slow, I am still learning japanese so please, any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Forum Suggested Features: Megathread

    I would enjoy it like in a summum level if I could favourite chapters of manga. I have certain chapters of certain manga, that I consider to be above the rest, and just to show my appreciation, and also to have a kind of direct link to it, I'd like a tab or a list or something of "favourite chapters". It would be very interesting to be able to see it from other users, very, very interesting.

  • Relay manga

    Yeah, what's a relay manga. There doesn't be to be info about it on the Internet.

  • MangaDex Suggested Features: Megathread

    I'd like to request a setting you could toggle that would stop you from clicking through to the next chapter if there are missing chapters between the one you're currently reading and the next available chapter.

  • Request for group takeover

    User ID: 78949 Group ID: 5863 ty😀 ___ Done - L

  • Reports: Group Correction Site: Alt name: Rawr ___ Done - L

  • Last Letter Game


  • Last Letter Game


  • Reports: Group Correction

    Please delete following groups: as they have joined together as Dokusen Scans and have become obsolete. One of the very first entries I made, before I realized these were single users so the entries are incorrect. Chapters in question have been released under their group name Dokusen Scans. Ty! (check under groups scanlating: ___ Done - L

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