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  • Takagi-san announcement?

    I'll not steal the article... Read it below at the source. Is the teasing about to end? New anime season maybe? Opinions?

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  • Inverte Scans is recruiting new members

    Bump, Looking for people to help out, Refer to the first and second post

  • Show off your collections!!

    My collection? Well... my anime watchlist is probably on the 300+ now...

  • Last Letter Game


  • [SPOILERS] MangaDex's best girls for 5-Toubon no Hanayome

    I think the poll's ending in 24 hours or less so if you want to waste 30 seconds of your life you better do it now! @Thoraxe41 I mean... you're not wrong... @sins But... smugderes...

  • Proposal for a more accurate rating averages

    This isn't really related but, in my opinion, no rating system is perfect because said system depends entirely on humans - an imperfect being. Say a manga would be rated highly by demographic A, but that manga is placed in demographic B. That manga wouldn't be rated as highly because it is in the wrong demographic. We can't really show this manga to all demographics because in reality people wouldn't spend their time on it if they think it wouldn't be worth it. If only demographic A knew that this manga is ripe for them and that demographic B knew to stay away, the manga would have a supreme rating. So in reality, the highest rated stuffs are not truly the best but rather how many of the right demographic they are able to reach and how many of the wrong demographic they can keep away from rating. In a way, this in itself is a paradox: the more people they reach, the more likely to reach the wrong people who would give it a bad rating, but the more likely it os to reach the right people who would give it a high rating as well.

  • Proposal for a more accurate rating averages

    Damn that original link was a long winded way to say "add a few mediocre reviews to balance it out" Best way to explain it imo would be to scroll down to the page just before comments. There you can see he just added 5x 3 star reviews to both of original book examples. Why not just copy it over, add more blank voters for more aggressive downgrading, just change the vote value to 6 seeing as manga rarely go below that. It would also bump up manga that receive low reviews as firsts

  • Interview Sign Ups

    sign me up because i am different

  • Option in settings to hide title bar when browser is in full screen

    Allows for larger pages when page is fitted by height

  • Proposal for a more accurate rating averages

    Mangaupdates does exactly this. They primarily use the Bayesian rating, but they also include the 'true' Average rating. But what I love the most is that they include a histogram of the ratings, so you can see how many people rated 10, 9, 8, etc. It would be awesome if you could also implement this! (image)

  • [SPOILERS] MangaDex's best girls for 5-Toubon no Hanayome

    No suprise when Nino ranks up. The fans only like dere dere girls, maidens in love, but forgeting nice girls like Yotsuba. So it would be fair when they lose at the end.

  • Baikoku Kikan

    >From the author of Youjo Senki oh this gon be good

  • Solo Leveling

    Thanks for the early Christmas present guys.

  • Solo Leveling

    6 chapters in a night, Thank you so much :)

  • Soul Land - Legend of The Gods' Realm

    😆OMG! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT'S HAPPENING! What has happened to this series 😅

  • Overlord

    Sebas, Brain and the others are way more likeable than the Nazarick crew.

  • Sukinako ga Megane wo Wasureta

    IT would be hard to forget your glasses with this much myopia

  • Vampire Juujikai

    Wow I binged all of this in one night, great story!

  • Solo Leveling

    I love insta updates

  • High Position


  • My Girlfriend is a Villain

    What chapter will he get his girlfriend tho

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