Author Jidokhage Kkeureoango Jidokhage Kiseuhago
Avatar Fruitfish 4 mo ago
So I just started reading this two days ago and now I'm caught up. While it might not be the pinacle of storytelling, it's a pretty enjoyable read if you ask me.
Avatar Lililily 3 mo ago
so warm... so sweet.... so good...

And the art is 10/10
Avatar pioneer782 3 mo ago
Any rival drama in this?
Avatar keks503 3 mo ago
Wow, I seriously enjoy reading this story. It's kinda nice to see the two getting to know each other and become closer >w<
I look forward to future updates<33 Big thanks to Huffly Parfait Scans for translating this interesting story :DD
Avatar WhatABatch 3 mo ago
I am obsessed with this series. I love all of the characters so much. I just wish the updates were faster since the chapters are so short:(
Avatar servalylup 3 mo ago
Avatar 15quince15 2 mo ago
I read on another site that there’s ntr with the main couple. Is this true? Does anyone know?
Avatar Emilysara 2 mo ago
That father guy better not touch our main girl and vice versa, or there will be consequences!!
Avatar schbloobs 1 mo ago
can someone spoil this for me please? i hate ntr so i dont want to read more if it has ntr.
Avatar lotc 28 days ago
Avatar Disagree 26 days ago
Wow hope there's no ntr. @15quince15 do you happen to remember which site you read the ntr on?

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Avatar 15quince15 25 days ago
@disagree it was in a discussion forum and some dude said that
Avatar Disagree 25 days ago
@15quince15 thanks for replying. Im kinda even more disappointed now. Gonna wait for more translations until i pick it up again
Avatar tanteiii-kun 6 days ago
i look at the raw

the chapters i found are from vol 8-9 it start at chapter 49 (the same as chapter 40) till chapter 71

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Avatar Jiayi 4 days ago
I was really invested and I do want to give it a chance but ugh... Yeon Ho, has gone through a lot of issues and the whole thing with his gf and father literally rubs me the wrong way. I get it if they like each other, so you should just end it or be honest or I don’t know?

I think I’ll pick it up when the whole manhwa is over and I am sure it ends well.
Thanks @tanteiii-kun for the spoilers :)
Avatar sakurali446 4 days ago
read your comment and just don't want to continue anymore huhu
whyyyy I got so attached to them...
Avatar xojagiya 1 day ago
I just started reading this and so far, i'm loving it!! I actually need more manhwa's like this to add to my list. I'll be going on a trip and i need something to read. Any recommendations?? I would really appreciate it <3

Sarang~ n_____n