Author I know it says manga but.. anyone have any manhwa recs?
I’ve been looking for some good manhwa recs. I’ve read wholesome series like the best smell, and Gangnam beauty as well as adventure like solo leveling. Anything that has a good plot and doesn’t delve into nsfw territory is welcome.
@Dopestspringday I got two, it's:
- This Girl is a Little Wild;
- Survive as the Hero's Wife.
What genre? I have a few more in the romance/otome game/villainess category...
Thanks to @Ruruskadoo's for introducing me to a number of these.

    For those not familiar, most manhwa and manhua are full color and should be read in longstrip view (depending on group, necks may be cut in paged mode).
    Most of the ones listed with official english translations additionally have hidden fan scanlations that go a few chapters ahead. (they also track most of these works along with most similar ones)
    Unless stated otherwise, everything has 8+⭐️ and a good amount of content to get you into it (determined by feel bc chapter cnt is useless when page counts vary between works).

Top Picks

My absolute favorites.

Miss not so sidekick
[ Isekai | ⭐️Comedy⭐️ ] A comedy with hints of romance. Not a rom-com though. Romance is the comedy for our MC who thinks she is in the spectator seat! (Make it to ch2 before judging)
Favorite Comedy - has official English translations


Queen with a Scalpel
[ Meta-isekai | Timeleap ] Doctor reincarnated into her previous world as her old childhood self.
has official English translations

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion
[ Isekai | ⭐️Romance⭐️ | Rom-com ] (the only story I have read where the MC practically becomes the villainess when she wasn't before)
Favorite Romance - has official English translations

Survive as the Hero's Wife
[ Villainess | Isekai | Romance ] Our lovely heroinevillainess has been married off to the prince by his nice step-mother-queen.
ABCsOfLife's rec +1

Meng Shi Zai Shang
[ Manhua | Shounen | Villainess | Action | Isekai | Timeleap | Rom-com ] Loli villainess tames male lead for personal gain.

Fear The Fluff!

Who Made Me a Princess
[ Isekai | Comedy ] Imagine waking up to find out you a baby! Not only that, but you have the same name as that girl who was killed for no reason by her father in that novel you just read....
has official English translations

The Monster Duchess and Contract Princess

Daughter of the Emperor
[ Isekai | Comedy ] Imagine waking up to find out you a baby, and everyone around you is talking about how insane your father is. Similar to Who Made Me a Princess
has official English translations

I Am a Child of This House
[ Isekai ] (She is a bit dumb for a reincarnator, but has been a decent story nonetheless)

Some more recs (mostly manga)....
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Done filtering out list. @Dopestspringday
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@firefish5000 wow, what a great list! Thank you for all the recs, I’ll be sure to check them out. Also, the formatting looks great but wdym about disappearing in 10-20 mins?
@firefish5000 Wow that must've took forever to type down.

@Dopestspringday Gu Daoist Master is good.
@DANDAN_THE_DANDAN no. I copy & pasted this from another thread. still contains manga as well. Editing it into my new rec format and creating a new rec cookie cutter for it atm. Going to update my profile recs in a minute
@Dopestspringday This still contains some manga. apologies for that. Ill @mention you again when I finish editing.
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