Author Can we just dedicate a forum page to talk about how incredibly well-written this manga is?
Seems pretty funny so far.
Whilst being completly chuffed i am even mentioned in @DANDAN_THE_DANDAN 's memorables i will now leave a signature mentioning you on every comment i make on this site (and perhaps others). And yes, i am not of a dissenting position regarding the thread.

ps: your name sucks, i originally read your name as d&d an the d&d an.

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Noice. The art style reminded me of Molester man.

Satan wants you to stop sending him babies and virgins. He wants you to sacrifice some bodacious ladies who know what they want and how to get it.
I don't know a damn thing about the op topic, but my vote is on lucky boi. Max out your luck and even an attack that only deals 1HP damage will go critical and make your limbs explode. (at least, it does in Warhammer)