Author February 2019 Judging Thread
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It's time to judge February's contest entries! Choose the one that gets your heart racing. =)

The poll will officially close at midnight of the 28th.

@aquariumtourmaline entry 1:
@aquariumtourmaline entry 2:
@aquariumtourmaline entry 3:

Congratulations to @Mireannea for winning this month's contest! Thanks to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing you in our next contest, which will be in April. The winner will be contacted shortly to confirm their prizes.

We are taking a month-long break from contests because we hosting an AMA on 3/2/19! Head on over here to check out the details.
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Treefroog = very nice cover *XD*
Love it makise kurisu 😍
Nadeko's voice made me dokidoki aw
i vote for Mireannea because the artwork is cute as fuck 😍
Haha GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class. That brings me back bout half a year when I watched the whole thing.