Author I Got Transported into Another World but Ended up Spreading Herpes to Everyone There
So, I may or may not have been inspired by this post to make a legit story out of...

Genres: isekai, dark fantasy, action, psychological, romance, harem, slice-of-life, seinen

Proofreader: @evze


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Leave comments, criticisms, and speculations down below!

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Sounds interesting. But unless the prologue is just a mix of scenes for the beginning of the story and the first chapters will explain more in detail, you should be more specific with certain things in it.

EDIT: Specifying things.
I agree with @Kenx needs more clarification. Also is dark fantasy genre like tragedy?
I'm surprised the title from the plot summary I posted was kept since it was meant to sound absurd with a shock factor.

It could probably use an introduction/description of the story itself before the prologue.

Dark fantasy can incorporate tragedy since they're set in a gloomy and dark world that may focus on things like horror, despair, hopelessness, and powerlessness.
The title makes you laugh a bit though and comedy doesn't fit in a serious story if you want a dark fantasy. I'm also surprised that there's a harem tag.
The prologue is just a very, very vague teaser for the story. I have most of the plot outlined, just need to write it and add on a lot more plot points to make things interesting.

And for the social number thing, I was inspired by China's social credit system so that's where the idea come from.

And the title is too hillarious so of course I kept it :p
I just realized that there is no way to notify people when the next chapter is out so I'll just do this.

Pm me if you want a @ the next time a new chapter comes out.
Where is the truck? You know you can't write Isekai without truck
Oh, is this forum turning into now? Neat.

Rather than embedding all of the chapters in the first post, I'd suggest posting the new chapters in the thread as they come out so that it's clear which chapter each comment is responding to. And perhaps use the first post as an index into all the other chapters. And each chapter contains a previous and forward link. Like in SpaceBattles.

QUALITY LIGHT NOVEL WRITING. I'd like to subscribe, thx.
@ununseti I like your idea, thx. Also, you're placed in my to-notify list.
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Our first fanfic original story? Hell yeah.

Makes me want to post a few things I've written.
There, have fun.
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I need more, this is some interesting stuff! Just a matter of time before it get's a comic adaption like Truck-kun, yeah?
As a suggestion maybe you could make individual chapter releases be their own thread, and link back to them on a main page, that way people can reply and comment on each individual release. (Or conversely we could just mention the chapter we're commenting on :P).

This has totally inspired me to start writing some original stuff in WN format myself, so keep at it!!
@Letheliah I think I'm just gonna put the next chapters in here and link the comment inside the first post like what ununseti suggested, that way there won't be twenty different posts on the Literatures page about Herpes Isekai.

And also thanks! Do you want a subscription? I'll @ you at the time the next chapter comes out.
I wish to subscribe to your newsletter Isekai novel mailing list @DANDAN_THE_DANDAN

I had thought the hundred label was for something very different, given the premise.
@SparkyLark Got it!
I’m enjoying the pacing of the story and would love to subscribe to it. Just a thought. If this becomes popular enough maybe we can develop a thread where we give ideas (idk writing prompts) that could become stories just like this one?
@Xzayer You're subscribed!
@Sky Oh, um. Well then...

I'm probably gonna make up some plot point to cover that.
Pretty much covered it in my original plot outline, herpes or HSV is an ancient disease and virtually every modern human on Earth have some innate immunity or resistance to it since it's been around for so long. This results in herpes having pretty mild symptoms or none at all in many individuals.

But would it be the case in another world where the microorganisms/diseases develop differently?

During "first-contact" of isolated tribes, a lot of them die off to minor diseases like influenza and measles (many diseases are from close exposure to other animals or the domestication) because they lack the same immunity that we do, not the mention the Native Americans.

This is why I went with "transported" instead of reincarnated. His body is literally a time-bomb to anyone that doesn't have immunity/resistance to the diseases he has. Also why I made him immune to the diseases in isekai world as part of the cheat, so he won't randomly die off the same way.