Author Chapter 98.5 (Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san)
Dense Nishikata is dense.
Color me impressed.
You're a lucky man, Nishikata.
@Farrah That’s otou-san to you, Chi.
Nishikata's density cannot be measured with current technology.
Rough translation work here and there. Here are some improvements:

panel 1: Takagi: "Hmm, really?"
panel 3: Nishikata: "Actually, I didn't get a single one..."
panel 4: "Were any of them romantic?" (honmei)

panel 2: Takagi: "You know, the kind that aren't obligatory" Nishikata: "N-no, I understood that..."
panel 3: Nishikata: "Th...there's no way they were, right...? Though I don't know..."

panel 2: "It's your first one, huh?"
panel 4: "That means this is... there's no way...
No... Then she must have figured out that I didn't get a single one today...!?"
@caitsith: Thanks, I'll update it. I only started learning japanese about 13 months ago and didn't put much time into it. These translations are kinda a way for me to learn as I go, the rigid structure of some learning applications are a bit annoying especially when it comes to wanting to learn some grammar stuff early on.

But yeah, I'm bad at this.
Page 3 got me really confused because many of the dictionary meanings jisho gave me weren't making sense

And on page 4, I had trouble seperating words from the particles. Actually now that you've translated it that way it makes much more sense now. I'm not really used to handwritten japanese either so those dakuten looking like little tsu really did confuse me too.
@ZdrytchX Translating comics from twitter is my hobby for the same reason, too! I'm sure you'll get the hang of it before long. 🙂