Author Completed seinen suggestions
Hi all,

as the title states, I am looking for a completed seinen that you guys can recommend. Maybe something hard boiled or brutal.

Thank you :)
What I finished reading through the years:

The Voynich Hotel:


Sidonia no Kishi:
The other completed works of this author qualify even more, but I didn't finish them because of reasons.

Shinazu no Ryouken:
But I didn't complete it since I don't have access to Vertical releases.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr:

Baketeriya: I'm not sure of this one

Uratarou: At certain point the plot goes to the drain.


Godspeed: (more shounen than anything)

Shoujo Gensou Necrophilia:

Shiroi Majo:

Shiroi Majo - Utsukushiki Sniper:

Butterfly Storage:

All You Need Is Kill: The book is better, the Tom Cruise's movie is practically unrelated.

Not so recommended but well... I don't know:

Jigokuren - Death Life:

Tenjou Tenge: This mangaka draws gorgeously and creates a great setting, but it is better to not read his works, he goes crazy and mess everything. The only exception is Bakemonogatari because he only draws.

More "soft", if you wish:

Kami-sama ga Uso o Tsuku: Warning: It's not graphic but...

Ashita Dorobou: Just to add some nice romance

Mai-Otome Arashi:
Both are more shounen, but ecchi too. It's interesting the contrast with the anime. Not brutal or hard boiled at all.

Kami-sama Dolls:

Sugar Dark - Umerareta Yami to Shoujo:

Uwagaki: More romance, I liked it. From the author of Shinazu no Ryouken

I hope you like one of these.
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- Brynhildr in the Darkness: This one can be really freaking brutal at times. When I first started reading this manga, I had to put it down after 5 chapters because I was terrified for the protagonists' lives. I only managed to work up the courage to continue the manga about half a year later. Fortunately, it doesn't stay that bone-crushingly despairing, and the protagonists manage to make a few gains later on. I'd say overall, it's relatively optimistic in the grand scheme of things. Quite a number of disturbing scenes, though.
- Immortal Hounds: Interesting premise. Like the opposite of Ajin. I'm mainly really invested in Kenzaki and Rin's relationship, especially because unlike what everyone else in the story is led to believe, it's not a romantic one. Note that the scanlations for this one stopped at chapter 30 because it was licensed by Vertical. Chapters 41-48 were originally released under "Immortal Hounds", but were shifted with the release of chapter 49 to "Immortal Ridge" to serve as the sequel.
- Uwagaki: I liked this one too.

Additional recs:
- Shut Hell: Mongols and Genghis Khan and time travel body sharing shenanigans. Oof, I really loved this one. Melumi ;_;
- Nononono: A ski-jumping manga, with a rather disturbing backstory that we find out about a third of the way through the story. The MC is crossdressing as a guy and for various reasons, she can't let anyone find out. She's had a really tough life, and the only thing she really has going for her is being absurdly good at ski-jumping for her gender and age. Some rape attempts in here, so be warned.
- Liar Game: If you like psychological mind games, this manga is fun to read. The art style is kind of average, but if you get past that, it's really worth it.
- One Outs: By the same mangaka as Liar Game. Fun baseball mind games.
- Hoozuki no Shima: By the same mangaka as Erased. I found myself really rooting for the kids here.
- Skyhigh: If you're in the mood for something bite-sized, this manga (and its sequels) are a collection of episodic fairly self-contained stories about murdered souls who arrive at the Gate of Grudges and are given the choice between either going to heaven and being reborn, or staying on Earth to haunt and kill one person and then going to hell for eternal suffering.
- Tsumi to Batsu - A Falsified Romance: If you want something dark and deeply unhappy.
- Yuureitou: Disturbing horror mystery. That clock hands method of killing someone just squicks me out so much :/
Here is my take on it, nothing too brutal or dark but more psychological:
- Holy land by Mori Kouji.
Very good fighting manga, more realistic than any battle manga I have read but the main selling point is it's deep take on the psychology of the delinquent on the street, and the development of all the characters in the story, not just the main protagonist. Super recommend!

- Arigatou
Weird(rape, excessive violence, but the overall mood when reading is just weird) first chapter, actually the weird mood continue through out the whole story which, helps the readers dealing with the depressive events happening in the story. It's main theme is about being optimistic in hard times and hope.

- Ressentiment
Another story about VR girlfriend? Perhaps, but this one take a more realistic approach to the theme, dealing with the main character(30 y.o) psychology. Nice story if you want to hypothetically peek into what will happen if the VR technology proceed to far.

- Claymore
I know, the tag is shounen but just read it mate. I mean it. Good fight scene, super nice monster art, emotional and much truer take into how far your effort can take you without natural born superiority.

- Franken Fran
It's fun, makes you wanna puke and barf at times, simply disgust at others and intrigue you most of the time but overall, it's a very entertaining read. (It's a light-themed horror that is more about making you feel strange and disgust, not much scariness here).

Here are some more light - hearted seinen, hit or miss depending on your choice but all are very good manga:
- Himegoto - Uniforms at the Age of Nineteen
Nice romance manga. Think of it as Good Ending (GE) with a more likeable(imo) cast and better psychology. The story is about somehow twisted love between a crossdresser guy, a girl who cannot let go of the past and another girl who is broken inside. Same author as First love zombie(damn, Shounen sunday serialization really change him, then again, maybe not).

- High Score Girl
Super cool and cute story about a boy and girl who loves arcade games that live in the 90s. The retro arcade games of the past fit really well into this story of growth and slow realization of love between both of the main character.

- Gokusen
A bit far-fetched as this is a Josei but the fact that this manga is so damn hilarious and entertaining makes me wanna recommend it to you so bad. The story is about Kumiko - a fresh out of college teacher that come to teach at a delinquent school. Her secret is that she is also the heir of a big yakuza clan.

- Kuro
A very cute suspense story about a girl with her cat(?) that live in a town plagued by monster. Come for the cuteness, stay for the suspense, but don't take it too seriously.

And, that's it! Hope my list help you find some thing you'd like!
Thank you very much, everyone !
So many good suggestions in here. Thanks all