Author Quality vs Quantity
Usually I prefer quantity. But if I care enough for the series, then I will read all the translations available (so in that sense, quality matters).
Ultimately, if it's a series I liked alot, I'd rather each group do their own thing and don't stop. I feel like you're more likely to get an accurate translation by comparing both groups anyways.
I do care about quality, but when the series takes 1-3 months just to release a fucking chapter, it’s not worth it, 3 a week is fine or 2-3 a day is fine, it’s not impossible to comprehend with average quality, doesn’t need to be the highest of quality but taking over a month to release a chapter and never catching up to the raws is not fine for me, quantity all the way, better poor quality than no quality!

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Well, it should be obvious. I dont care how fast you are at releasing chapters if the translations are so bad that i dont get whats going on LOL. I mean, if "fast" means:
- no proofreading if whats translated makes sense.
- sloppy editing with misplaced text on bubbles.
- no cleaning/redrawing which makes the work looks "cheap".
Then i dont understand (well, i do cause there are all kind of people in this world...) how anyone could want "quantity over quality". But if you can assure me that you can do fast works without any of those things i mentioned, then im A-ok with fast scanlations.
Do these pople even read the so called *horrible quality* before they vote?

I mean this comment from Tearsax is kinda retarded imo
How about mediocre quality with decent release time?
Both extremes make no sense.
Trash quality with ultrafast releases is incomprehensible, but releasing weekly manga once a month (unless it's HxH but you know...) loses with official volume releases.
I want to clarify some stuff. Arcky never stole this project from Tritania. In the first place arcky was the project leader of YHZZ when he used to be in Trash Scans. Also solution has been decided upon the group leaders. Before you guys start talking crap about someone else please research before you start drama 😎
Quantity as long as its readable.

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Quality. I understand that it slows things down a bit, but when the medium you're dealing with hugely relies on visuals to communicate its story, scrapping half or more of the entire art piece just to put out fast ruins the point.