Request to be added to the "Contributor" role
Holo 2 months ago
You can do so in this thread.

Please note that Power Uploaders already have the ability to edit, so there's no need to request.

If you request this role, please actually make edits ?

All Group Leaders have the ability to edit, as that role is now above the Contrib role, and powers are additive.

Last edited 2 months ago.

danke 2 months ago
I request to be as such a thing.
Awkward 2 months ago
ya know wat gimmie role pl0x
qwuzzy 2 months ago
NamelessGent 2 months ago
Chase 2 months ago
i'll take it
Deoxyribo9 2 months ago
amtt 2 months ago
fortytwo 2 months ago
vartain 2 months ago
If possible I would like to ask to be added to this illustrious group.
sabishiryu 2 months ago
Can i become one? i would like to keep updating the info of the manga i follow.
Dijon 2 months ago
Dijon here. Please make me a contributor so that I can edit the manga I upload, thank you!
Viennetta 2 months ago
yea lemme in
g_z 2 months ago
Requesting the role, please. There's a few /ak/ manga that still might need editing and a few oncoming new projects.
Raycu 2 months ago
I'd like to request this role please.
Lolis 2 months ago
I request this role.
VawX 2 months ago
Can I request to become Contributor mmm...~?
I uploaded some stuff and maybe more in the future mmm...
Infigar 2 months ago
I request this role.
Akeno 2 months ago
UDie2day 2 months ago
I-it's not like I want to help or anything b-baka!