Author Chapter 1 (Kengan Omega)
I just realized that in page 13 that ohma is wearing a true religion sweater 👀
page 20 : they forgot to draw stripes on the shirt of the nameless , random referee . someone is so fired for this , lol .

page 31 : guang da = light - hit , or something .

page 32 : note that ryuki is wearing chinese shoes .

page 40 : i guess that girl is the only female bodyguard among hundreds of male , horny bodyguards . she should guard her own body 1st , lol .
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wow this ch and how much has changed since the end of the first series

im already getting really excited with whats to come
Oh yeah boy cosmo's back

and his hair looks awesome
it is really weird to see the pervert chinese nikaido ren is fully clothed and shows a very little amount of his skin , lol . previously , he dressed like this : .