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Avatar Hounder 5 mo ago
Since it is a given that there are more than just a few gamers out there, be it MMO's or shooters, what would be one (or more ) of you favorite soundtracks/music to play while playing?

For me, I am an rpger, old school (days of the old SSI-games), and one of my favorite soundtracks if the Conan the Destroyer movie soundtrack. Just perfect when I am in the mood to destroy things in D3, WoW, Rift, or anything else.
Avatar qwuzzy 5 mo ago
well, for an MMORPG you can listen to basically anything. But for a thematic shooter you should really just listen to the game soundtrack.
Avatar Runesave 5 mo ago
I like blasting stuff like Tobu and Alan Walker tracks personally

Some games like Gunbound have good enough BGMS that I don't use any music though
Avatar TAmNi_edbin 5 mo ago
It would be funny if someone plays "Thinking out loud" as soundtrack while playing a game.
Avatar mythossanta 4 mo ago
I usually listen to podcasts when playing something mindless and grindy. When I actually care about the game, I listen to the ost.

My favorites are We Hate Movies and System Mastery.
Avatar Wolvenworks 2 mo ago
various OSTs, ranging from TWEWY's JPOP, the dubstep gun music from Saints Row 4, to orchestral music like Tales of Legendia OST, to hard metal ones like the music from Guilty Gear and Dynasty Warriors. my range of music is preety flexible, as long they sound good, and not like something that sounds like a macbook being blended. you want any suggestions just ask and mention me