Soundtrackmusic when gaming
Hounder 2 months ago
Since it is a given that there are more than just a few gamers out there, be it MMO's or shooters, what would be one (or more ) of you favorite soundtracks/music to play while playing?

For me, I am an rpger, old school (days of the old SSI-games), and one of my favorite soundtracks if the Conan the Destroyer movie soundtrack. Just perfect when I am in the mood to destroy things in D3, WoW, Rift, or anything else.
qwuzzy 2 months ago
well, for an MMORPG you can listen to basically anything. But for a thematic shooter you should really just listen to the game soundtrack.
Runesave 2 months ago
I like blasting stuff like Tobu and Alan Walker tracks personally

Some games like Gunbound have good enough BGMS that I don't use any music though
TAmNi_edbin 2 months ago
It would be funny if someone plays "Thinking out loud" as soundtrack while playing a game.
mythossanta 23 days ago
I usually listen to podcasts when playing something mindless and grindy. When I actually care about the game, I listen to the ost.

My favorites are We Hate Movies and System Mastery.