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Avatar vigorousjammer 5 mo ago
Hey everyone! What's your favorite anime you've been watching this season? ?

So far I've really been enjoying Megalo Box, Lupin III: Part V, and Captain Tsubasa.

Cutie Honey Universe, Persona 5: the Animation, and the new Gegege no Kitaro series have also all been good.
Avatar qwuzzy 5 mo ago
Golden Kamuy
Avatar TurboOxide 5 mo ago
It's a great season so far, i've been watching golden kamuy, hinamatsuri, megalo box and captain tsubasa and i will probably watch the shounen sequel after i start watching the first seasons of both Food wars and My hero academy.
All the shows im watching are good its hard to decide on which is my favourite i just have to wait till the season ends to decide.

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Avatar gwings01 5 mo ago
Steins;Gate 0, of course~ Glad to see Hiyajo Maho got animated. :3
Avatar Venti 5 mo ago
My top ones this season are Megalo Box, Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Die Neue These, and Hinamatsuri.
Still in the phase of picking up different shows, but I'm certain to stick with these 3 at the very least.
Avatar EnragedOWL 5 mo ago
Megalo Box is off to a great start, the quality of it is around 480p which was apparently done on purpose from the studio, which is funny since the BD’s will release in 1080. The soundtrack and OP are pretty good too. This will be my first boxing anime too! So I can’t wait for the next episode.

Steins;Gate 0, basically Okabe suffering... AGAIN, poor guy, he can’t catch a break. It was refreshing seeing all the characters again after like.. 6-7 years since the first season aired, it really put a dumb smile on my face.

Persona 5, OOF, very well paced episode, mainly because they rushed through the first 2-iss hours of the game, which is good! There’s enough left to cram im Ryuji’s and Ann’s awakenings in episode 2. The OP is very good also, thank you based Shoji Meguro. Can’t wait for best girl Makoto to show up! :^)

Hinamatsuri is looking to be good too! Enjoyed that first episode, might end up starting the manga as well.

And BNHA Season 3 of course, sucks that the first episode was bascially a recap one, but it was still okay.

Food Wars season 3..? Or 4..? Whichever, lol. Off to a good start with foodgasms from Erina, and those are always a treat!

Comic Girls is cute and served as sort of replacement for Slow Start which was another cute show from the winter season.

And there’s more I have yet to watch, I’ll probbaly edit this post with more sometime in the future!

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Avatar Furakutaru 5 mo ago
Golden Kamuy
Avatar henkingu 5 mo ago
darifura and uma musume
Avatar rodeconoc 5 mo ago
steins;gates 0 and hinamatsuri
Avatar shad12ow 5 mo ago
Persona 5 is quite good. Hope it will keep that pace.
Avatar Firestar 5 mo ago
This season had a lot of shows I was really hyped for.
Gotta say Steins;gate 0, Hinamatsuri, and Golden Kamuy.
Avatar ThyMrMan 5 mo ago
Feel like this is gonna be one of my favorite seasons in awhile. Just so many great shows.
Avatar ejala 5 mo ago
Thrilled that Nobunaga no Shinobi is back. Other than that, Bonobono is still going strong, and more Goma-chan and Chii is always welcome, though I have a fairly daunting backlog of the last seasons of those. And I've barely scrapped the surface of Saiki no PSI-nan 2. Maybe I'll find time for catching up...still need to finish the second half of Cowboy Bebop, after all.
Avatar dzl 5 mo ago
Megalo Box looks very promising.
Persona 5 Anime is probably as good as game.
Captain Tsubasa refreshing my memories from childhood.
Souten no Ken Re:Genesis looks also nice except CGI that looks very close to Berserk level of CGI at times. Opening is great.
Lupin III: Part 5 is as good as any Lupin.
Mahou Shojo Ore is funny while laughing at tropes from simillar show.
High School DxD Hero - i prefer older artstyle, while this one is closer to recent novels also looks very generic.
Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season - not much to say, it would be anime of the season.
Avatar Erha 5 mo ago
This season is looking really awesome so far. Steins;gate 0, Megalo Box, Hinamatsuri, BNHA, and Food Wars all look promising.
Also Saiki Kusuo no PSI-nan 2 is still great and i'm looking forward to more.
Avatar DestinyFucker 5 mo ago
Have seen the op for wotaku, excited ?
Avatar ixlone 5 mo ago
Overlord was so good it's the best of this season and it's not even airing.

Season 3 banzai.
Avatar Swadloon 5 mo ago

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Avatar LightningCharm 5 mo ago
Hinamatsuri is out? I need to get on that the manga. P5 is also looking good.
Avatar overlord 5 mo ago
Tokyo Ghoul: Re- it's nice to see kaneki animated again but it's crazy how much detail they're leaving out from the manga
Saiki Kusuo no PSI-nan 2- i just finished s1 today, i didn't even realize it had a s2 but its prob gonna be my favorite, thanks @erha