Author Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute
"The day the blood moon radiates,
Upon this enchanting world,
Shall be the day I stop my wait,
And release the ancient words.

The wandering souls ought to be set free,
And the pandemonium of fear, which was always meant to be,
Shall be the one that takes the life,
Of all who had dared to cause disaster and strife."

Such were the words of a delusional man,
Who was caught up in his fantasies,
And never really had a plan.
Or at least, that's what the audience sees.

Because, you see, even though this man is a chuuni,
And had always been obssesed by money,
He would always stick to his ideals,
And be a power, that's concealed.

"I had always dreamed of being,
A shadow in the eminence,
The one that's always disappearing,
Filled with mystery, and magnificence"

This was his genuine dream,
As laughable as it might seem.
He'd consistently train,
And endure any pain.
As long as his passion becomes reality,
Even though it was, ironically, a fantasy.

He'd research every way,
To become the strongest, everyday.
He was brimming with confidence and passion,
And was never strayed by any distraction.

At least he was, until he came to know,
The power, of the TAEPODONG,
Which was so destructively strong,
That it can even make Joseph Joestar scream "OH NOOOOOO"

In the face of truly overwhelming power,
Cid, the protagonist, came to cower,
Cower at the sight of his dream, that was now broken,
Yet he never gave up, even if his progress was frozen.

It was then when he discovered,
The presence of magic, that he uncovered.

He continued to train until, thanks to magic (truck-kun),
He was transported to another world, how classic.
Now he'll strive to be the true Shadow,
That devours all, while sipping Bordeaux.
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new cover lookin smexxyyy
this manga is awesome but i feel magic emperor is way better and mc is wayyy more calculative and badass!! + it updates twice a week +it is coloured
I just saw the new cover and holy shit it looks amazing!!
Also, why are my faves always this problematic?
@Ashlinsama What manga are you talking about when you say "Magic Emperor"?
Is it just me or they looked like Phantom Thieves from Persona games?
old chapters got replaced or deleted.. good thing I was reading them as they came out!
New chapter when?
@Cashe try searching demon magic emperor!
Gamma is best grill.

fight me.
How often can we expect English translation chapters to be released?
Volume 5 cover looks sick!!!!!!
Anime Adaptation on Development
Anime Adaption is Happening
@DarknessAssassin @Dimaspurbaya7
Really? Care to put any source?
@nyaasar It's only a leak for now. We can only wait for the official announcement
@Ygglidashi it's about time for the Official Announcement will come out. it's written in Latest Volume Light Novel this week.
@nyaasar on @animateakita Twitter
Anime is greenlight. I hope this is not adapted by Silver Link or J.C. They are shit-tier studio
If this would ever get an anime adaptation,i hope they would make a good job for the action scenes..Just like one punch man, funny as fck for the most part but jaw dropping action scenes for the serious part. The contrast is what makes this story so fabulous! Especially with its cringy Chuunibyuo theme.