Author Bocchi-sensei! Teach me MangaDex! (Official Site help manga)
The official site help manga.
Bocchi-sensei! Teach me MangaDex!
I never quite understood how new users were supposed to find this. Seemed like something that would be under support or tutorials.
the problem's solved
so s..sry

..........some guest sent me a message/mailin manga dex.
is it possible to trace?
after 2 hrs it was sent i read it and now it is gone after 2+1/2 an hour.
i think smvn is playing with my accnt(feels sketcy)
so any help?
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How do I search discussions/help threads on the site?
IIRC, A builtin way to search the threads is planned, but not yet implemented.
For the time being, you can get almost everything older than a couple of days using google search.

Google Search Mangadex

Google Search Mangadex Threads

In short, Just click this and replace YourSearchTermHere with what you want to search
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