Author The Legendary Mechanic
Can someone explain to me why the Chinese have such a hard on with the concept of "cultivation"? Every time I see it I think of farming potatoes.
I swear to god reading this manhwa is total waste of time, my imagination is better than this hot trash, the novel is better if you into reading though
@RooneyRoo Cultivation is something that's been involved in the cultural mythos for a long time, as far as I can tell. Like, with the basics of the theme existing back in the BC times levels of long. It only really gained popularity in the last hundred years or so, though, so I guess you could ask why Europeans love the concept of magic so much and it'd be about the same answer.
Trash power fantasy like usual chinese comic
It's a Qidian novel, so if it was popular enough, most likely webnovel. There is a NU link under the description, so it should lead the way.

After reading all the 9 chapters available, my first impression of this manhua are as follows:

- The art is good, but I noticed some inconsistencies, especially in the expressions of the characters and in bionic parts;
- The MC is credible, smart, and calculating, something relatively rare these days;
- The length of the chapters is longer than the average (in comparison to manhua standards);
- The plot to be located in a space scenario can be both a pro and a con, depending on your taste, but I see this as a welcome change from the fantasy games paradigm.

- The inconsistency in the art can sometimes be annoying. I feel like they spend more time drawing butts than faces, but who can blame the artist for that?
- The excess of fanservice can bother people who would argue that these panels could be better used to further develop the story.

There is nothing extraordinary about this story and this is not necessarily a bad thing, because whatever it sets out to do, it does well. The plot of being stuck in a game is not new, nor unusual, however, the world building and the characters – so far – make this adventure believe and enjoyable.
The pacing of the story may seem a little slow at times, but for me it is very close to the ideal, and even tho we are exposed to an excessive amount of fanservice, these panels don't seem to detract from the central point, so I don't see them as having a negative impact on development.
Throughout the reading, I realized that many novel readers complained about the adaptation, and as much as this is a normal thing, after all, no adaptation will be the same as the original story (that's why it is called adaptation), in this work the complaints were too excessive, so if you are a novel reader, be aware.
Overall, I had a very positive first impression of this manhua. If the length of the chapters doesn't shrink over time (something you often see with manhuas), and the quality of the story remains the same, or gets better, it is definitely a work to keep an eye on.
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yesterday asura release this manga become a quite interesting one suddenly reaper scan butt in and do the same shit ...can't you guys do your own manga then robbing others work ...
anyway I dont care but atleast if your butting in then you should provide more chapter then just copying others work and take credits for it ...
reaper scan has their own mangas too focus on that then trying to be a copycat...!!!!
overall I like this manga and I like asura style more its enjoyable then reaper shit copy once 🤨
Idk why they made his hair white when at that time he still had black, after some events his hair changes to white if im not wrong.
If you're going to read this I would skip the prologue chapter, it's just a spoiler of chapters 1 - 6 without adding anything.
So is this like he got sent to the game world like Sao in that there are players and npc or he got isekai'ed into the game world
anyone know what chapter of the LN is chapter 10?
This has potential, I'm also willing to bet on the art improving as does with most manhua in their later chapters, and this is a pretty popular novel on qidan.
I’m going to stock pile this series, and I adore how faithful it has been so far- so I won’t spoil myself on discrepancies I can barely remember (it’s been a long time since I’ve read this title)
Their designs is just how about I image them too
@Adaxt965 it should be around chapter 11-12. If you want to read the novel, i strongly advise you to start from the beginning. Its so much better.
"Mother, I am now following the webtoon trend"

No.. No!!! noooo!!!!

*fans service, inconsistencies, removing critical lore elements*