Author Chapter 197 (Star Martial God Technique)
Is that a statue of white fangs ancestor in the left corner? x3
I will have to one day buy a stick of incense and let it burn to learn how long it takes, or I could just google, since these chinese series like to use it as a time measurement a lot.
In another novel, the translator noted it was about half an hour for the sticks his family used most often. But that there were various sizes.
This is the place where the legendary pokemon will be released nuff said
Seems like the four holy beasts, but the colors seem wrong.
Zhu Que / Suzaku / Phoenix
Quin Long / Seiryuu / Dragon
Bai Hu / Byakko / Tiger
Xuanwu / Genbu / Turtle
The Black one seems to be the Dragon instead of the Turtle. The Green/Azure one looks like the Tiger instead of the Dragon. and the White one is a Wolf instead of a Tiger. But the Phoenix seems to be the same red as always. So the Turtle was replaced with a wolf or are these different animals for a reason. Guess I'll find out soon.