Author Liar Game
You don't read this for the storytelling, only to surprise yourself with the strategies or try to predict what will happen
The games and strategies are the focus here, not the plot and characters. Just like how you'd watch a sports game primarily for the play on the field.
There is a lot to nitpick on here, but overall it's a very entertaining read for someone who likes mind games, strategic play, deception, betrayal, reveal, sudden (but not random) turns of events. It's also quite a page turner when you're in a middle of an arc.
This manga just wants to do one thing - the games - and it does it so well I gave it 9/10 despite that characters are cardboard, plot is practically nonexistent, art is ugly, some things were rather naive, the last arc crashed and burned and the ending got me rotfl. But most of time the games themselves were so brilliantly clever, I wanted to appreciate it.

The female MC is irritating naive damsel in distress in the beginning so it might be a turnoff, but she gets better later, and a funny non-binary person appears too. And besides, it's not about the characters as I said before so just bear with her... I did and I do not regret it.
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I read about 20 chapters, so bear with me.

The art is subpar. Compared to Death Note for instance, it's night and day.
The main character is uninteresting. She is gullible, yes, but gullible doesnt mean retarded. And she went full retard several times. I know her and the con artist are supposed to be polar opposite, but it just doesnt work.
So far, the story's decent, but it's been poorly introduced. You can keep us in the dark all you want, but you need to give us something at some point, or we are losing interest. I'm 20 chapters in, and i've no clue what's going on. There's no sense of scale.

At least, where i stopped, the author gave us a peek in the con's past... but it's too cliché. I wont spoil, it's just cliché.

I dont understand the intentions of the author, and if in 20 chapters you cant even start to guess what's going on, then what's the point?

I'm hesitating between 4 and 6. I think it depends on what you're looking for in a manga. So, for me, it's a 4.
7/10. I would rate this manga (8) Very Good if it has not been axed. This manga is all about mind games, strategies and psychological assaults. If you are looking for plot, romance, thriller or whatever you're not going to find it here. It should be clear from the start the FL and Akiyama are going to win every single time. It's the how that is important. It's a combo of survival + game + psychological that I really enjoy. If you want more of the same combo I recommend Tomodachi Game.