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... so they're alive or not ???
[ My House is a Magic Power Spot is in arrears of 25 ch ... 💩 and unfortunately knowing my limits I will never be able to learn the jap]
Translation Progress:

Ore no Ie ga Maryoku Spot datta Ken
Translating Ch37-?: Currently on 41 (X3h0n)
Typesetting Ch37-?: Currently on 39 (teknoguy1212)
Tensei Kizoku no Isekai Boukenroku
Translating Ch12-14: Currently on 13 (X3h0n)
Typesetting Ch12-14: Currently on 12 (teknoguy1212)
Next Release: Tensei Kizoku no Isekai Boukenroku Chapters 12 & 13

Tbh, I don't know. Contact them yourself if you really run out of patient. 2-month is indeed slow, but I think it's just that much.
And btw, here is from MD's rules:

A group that is locked, has missing chapters, and has had no new releases on MangaDex or any websites affiliated with that group for a period of 6 months is eligible by the request of any user to become marked as inactive.

So they can be considered not inactive yet.
Series Name: Nagisa Shokudou
Series Link on MangaDex:
Chapter Progress: 7/47
Date of last release: Four years ago
Reason group dropped: Group disbanded
Raws available? Yes

It's a pretty cute 4-koma about a group of friends and their love for food and cooking.
Chapters are usually short and it's three volumes in total.
In case someone needs it I can clean a bit the raws and redraw when necessary.
It's not even licensed anymore, for some reason Dark Horse dropped it after volume 11 (and scans are up to volume 13).
An underrated gem in the spirit of Hallowe'en.

Series Name: Zomviguarna
Chapter Progress: 6/3+ volumes
Date of Last Release: 8-9 Months Ago
Reason Dropped: Translator/Group Defunct
Raws Available?: Yes,
Tags: romance, ecchi, zombies, monstergirls, comedy, drama, harem
A really good and compelling series involving the zombie apocalypse, a boy immune to the virus and his close friend/possible love interest who is a zombie who still has control of her actions because of spoiler reasons. Really loved the first six chapters and I wanted to read more but I haven't seen any updates which makes me sad. I'm a sucker for love stories involving monsters and for zombie stories, so a boy falling in love with a zombie kinda was right up my alley, considering how most of the others are either one-shots, monstergirl harems, or don't end well for the MC. Really hope this gets picked up again
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Series name: Macchi Shoujo
Progress: 12/38
Date of last release: more than a year ago
Raws: yes, just look under 火柴少女
Series Name: Hanappe Bazooka
Chapter Progress: Vol.1/Vol.10
Date of last release: 7 Years
Reason Dropped: probably no interest
Raws avaliable?: Yes
Series Name: Last Inning
Chapter Progress: 190/440
Date of last release: 2 Years actually more but I don't remember how long
Reason Dropped: Lack of interest, group died
Raws avaliable?: No Idea
Series Name: Toribako House
Chapter Progress: 6/?
Date of last release: over 3 years ago
Reason Dropped: group is inactive
Raws avaliable?: unknown
Series Name : Puzzle
Series Link :
Chapter Progress : 3/8
Date of last release : 1 year ago
Reason group dropped : Group inactive due to personal life reasons
Raws available : Yes, I have them
Adam in Puberty:
25/33 translated
Series completed about two years ago
Unknown reasons why it was dropped
Raws available for entire series here:
Last Inning
Vol 20/44 (complete)
Two years ago
Dropped from loss of interest
Raws available? Unknown
dumpster fire scans mentioned they just dropped
Saikyou Shoku <Ryukishi> Kara Shokyu Shoku <Hakobiya> Ni Nattano Ni, Naze Ka Yushatachi Kara Tayoraretemasu
1 / ??? chapters scanlated
Last updated - 1 year ago
Reason group dropped - Not sure
Raws; I found them up to 21.2 online, can't find chapters 17.3 - 19.1

May have been canceled or on hiatus, not sure

Picked up by MangaYaku En
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猫とごはんと装丁家 (Neko to gohan to sōtei-ka) by Watashiya Kaworu
Never translated; comfy slice-of-life (with BL subtext) about an author and his cat, housekeeper, and editor. Came out between Joou-sama no Eshi and her Incubus BL series.
One volume complete, available on BookWalker
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hataraku maou-sama

Is this manga dropped or is it still being translated
@Maveshen from the main page of Hataraku Maou.. apparently it got official english.
So I guess it is liscensed and since it got official english ofc not really need to scanlate/translate it in english.
Series Name : Misoshiru de Kanpai!
Series Link :
Chapter Progress : 34/?
Date of last release : 8 mo ago
Reason group dropped : Group inactive for 6 months, no idea
Raws available : no idea
Series Name : I Became the Class Representative
Series Link :
Chapter Progress : 13/ (a large number according to chat)?
Date of last release : 5 mo ago
Reason group dropped : no idea
Raws available : yes (on page link)
Series Name : Nise Kioku Soushitsu no Hachiyo-san
Series Link :
Chapter Progress : 6/ ?
Date of last release : 5 mo ago
Reason group dropped : no idea, group is still active on MD
Raws available : no idea