Author Dropped Manga Wish List
Series title: Kuutei Dragons
Series link:
Chapter progress: 6/?
Date last released: 1 year ago
Reason group dropped: no idea.
Rae’s available: on LHScans they are yeah
Series Name: lucky dog 1 blast

Series Link on MangaDex:

Chapter Progress: not sure about the actual chapters but the group had almost finished vol. 4 out of nine volumes

Date of last release: 10/31/17

Reason group dropped: I think the group's dead

Raws available? Not very sure
Kiss and Cry
1/13.5 chapters
Last updated 11 months ago (as of May, 2019)
Reason: no idea. Suddenly went inactive.
@AgentKuga Kuutei Dragons is licensed, you can read the official somewhere else
@Pika oh thank you I didn’t know that thanks
The sequel series to Bambino
Retort Pouch!
4/52 (completed)
2016, at least.
No clue
Up to Ch 33
Series Name: Doctor Elise: the royal lady with a lamp
Series Link on MangaDex:
Chapter Progress (for example 20/600 chapters scanlated) 3/35
Date of last release: 7 months ago
Reason group dropped: group disappeared
Raws available? Yes
Series title: Ahiru no sora
Series link:
Chapter progress: 138 / +600
Date last released: 1 year ago
Reason group dropped: dead
Rae’s available: Yes

Just FYI the manga has anime adoption which will be aired on October.
Teen Mom/Young Mom/Teenage Mommy/少女媽咪
Not yet on Mangadex :(
On other sites, 32/??? (ongoing series in country of origin)
Oct 15, 2018
Not entirely sure, looks like the group as a whole officially went on an undetermined hiatus around the beginning of the year and has not been heard from since, but their last upload appears to be the 32nd chapter of this series in October of last year.
Thai (which is the original I think, or at least the author's facebook page posts in Thai.):

I would love for this to be picked up again T^T it's such a cute series, any shoujo/josei groups looking for a new series? If it were Japanese I could take a stab at it with my piss poor understanding of Japanese, but unfortunately I don't know a lick of any of the languages it's currently offered in.
I really wish Line Webtoon had a way of suggesting works to be picked up officially, but unfortunately it seems to be going in the direction of only picking up local series. Which kinda sucks because I've been around since Line's official English site's creation and was drawn into the site because I was looking for foreign series to begin with. There's many outlets to find indie English creators, not a lot of official sources for Korean and basically non Japanese works period here in the states. (but I digress.)
Series Name: Saikyou Shoku <Ryukishi> Kara Shokyu Shoku <Hakobiya> Ni Nattano Ni, Naze Ka Yushatachi Kara Tayoraretemasu
MangaDex page:
Chapter progress: 1/17.1
Last released chapter date: 11/05/2018
Reason for dropping: I guess they moved on to other series or forgot.
Link to RAWs?: RAW manga site
I really want to know the ending to this manga
Link 2 R a w s
33-110 needs translated😭
Oh and,
Nowhere Boy/지상 최악의 소년
There are literally only 3 chapters left in the whole series untranslated when it was dropped 6 years ago.
The raws are at, but it might be behind a paywall which I know is difficult with Korea. (I can't really tell bc I have no idea how to navigate naver haha). If any Korean translators would be able to get their hands on the raws and finish this series once and for all, it would scratch a huge itch for me lol.
name: Märchen - The Embodiment of Tales
progress: 107/129, 89/129 if we don't count the pulled chapters
last scanlator release: 2018-07-02, soon a year.
reason for drop: Have no idea, but they have not released a single chapter of this since July of last year.
raws?: Naver webtoon.
Name: Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
MangaDex Link:
Progress: 4/?
Last release: 1 year
Reason: Not sure if this is the actual reason but; anime aired and already has official English manga. This is just a guess I have no idea why it's been dropped
Raws: Yes, official English
1. Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikataganai Mazoku no Hahaoya
3. vol. 3 Ch.54 for eng scanlated
4. 3-24-2019
5. it's not dropped but it is been a while since it was updated. I know the person who scanlated it is busy with college but its the summer break for now.
6.yes, but since nobody scanlated it for a while, it's way far ahead. so you have to buy the manga for most of the chapters that are not translated
I don't know if anyone has mentioned these series but:

Skip Beat
Last chapter update: 270
Last update: ~6/8
Reason for drop: unknown

Akatsuki no Yona
Last chapter update: 270
Last update: ~6/2
Reason for drop: unknown

Kuroshitsuji (really just inconsistent updates & a lot of missing chapters)
Last chapter update: 139/110
Last update: ~A year ago
Reason for drop: same as above
Area 88
Last Chapter Released: 59
Last Updated: January 1995
Reason for being dropped: Viz probably didn't think it was a profitable series
Raws: Yes, the entire series has raws available

Kakugo no Susume / Apocalypse Zero
Last Chapter Released: 62
Last Updated: November 2010
Reason for being dropped: Unknown, might be because it's a little strange
Raws: Yes, the entire series (and it's spin-off/reboot thing) has raws available
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+1 for Area 88 and Kakugo no Susume.