Author NEET dakedo Hello Work ni Ittara Isekai ni Tsuretekareta
good one, @JustNatsuki
pretty decent story
couod use some work, but there's a sense of realism surrounding the main character i appreciate
like, for example
what @JustNatsuki mentioned
and the fact that i have not really seen any development from him, just an adjustment and somewhat automated responses
This is why I can't stand this story sometimes, the dudes such a fucking beta, he's hunting and fighting wyverns then fought in a war and his nuts are no where to be seen.
@Somethindarker what do you mean? The last chapter was about him feeling anxious yet still jumping into the fight.

Yes he started as beta when he got isekaid around 2 months ago and is slowly gaining confidence in a realistic pace.
i liked the part when he punched her
that was top-tier art right there
Volume 3 cover came out

@Faryshta What I mean is the dude literally completed a hell bootcamp, fought Wyvern and was in a war. But somehow some chick is gonna spook him? Beta characters with no confidence after accomplishing feats annoy the shit outta me.
@Somethindarker she is not a random chick, Narnia was a front liner against the dragon which appeared in the first volume. She is 2 ranks higher than Masaru and she has been trainning her swordmanship since childhood.

Narnia can kill wyverns by herself too.
God, I can't for the life of me give a pass to the art on this one.
the story goes downhill fast. ironically the first chapters with the clinic are the most enjoyable despite the fact the story goes nowhere. now that the story is going somewhere it's just going downhill with the haremshit.
art is good tho :okhand:
why has this site been getting slower over the month, while other sites with ads are faster than they were?
@Avgvstvs idk, I heard it's getting ddos attacks here and there, not sure if true tho.
Slavery is the worst. If you only read isekai fantasy manga you could think that's a controversal statement.
Why manga keeps trying to show slavery, sexual slavery or the sexual submission of women in a good light?

Internet fandom in Japan keep arguing that it's just a fantasy, that they know the difference between reality and fiction. But that's a bad argument, how can that be proved in anyway? That same impossibility functions as a shield, if it can't be proven, it also can't be denied. But that also means any other counterargument is stronger and much more credible than it because they can be proven.
For example, it can be a fantasy, but is a it a healthy fantasy? Does it celebrates values we want to cultivate in society? Slavery does not do any of that, therefore the negatives outweights the positive. Comment your opinios about the positives of slavery if you think there's any. I suggest you keep them to yourself though.
@lightng I feel like this is a troll post so I'll bite, say my piece and be done with it.

I think the fact that the fandom in Japan aren't trying to enslave each other is proof enough that they know the difference between reality and fiction. It is fantasy, fantasy meant to be unrealistic. That's the point. A slave trade doesn't have to reflect the ones that exist in real life, weapons do not need to function as they would in real life, and so on and so forth.

It also does not and I repeat, DOES NOT, need to celebrate anything. Murder is wrong, I don't agree with it, yet I'll happily watch Guts mutilate some poor unfortunate souls like no tomorrow. The stories are set in a world where none of what you care about matters, you read it to immerse yourself into it and not the reverse. If you find something you dislike in a story then either soldier on or head off to a different story. Fantasy is not made to be someone's moral compass, if that were the case then Dark Fantasy and all it's various genres would create the most psychopathic murder junkies you'd ever seen.

If you need a story to tell you slavery is bad in order to understand that it's bad then you're already beyond the cusp of normal human logic. Even comedians like Bill Burr point out that spousal abusers don't need to be told "Hitting your wife is bad" because they're not going to see that and think "Oh man, what really? I thought it was perfectly normal to tenderize the face of your loved one! Ah no! I'm so sorry sweetie!"

They know what they're doing and they don't need a tv special, a video game or any other piece of media to tell them that. Similarly, if someone agrees with slavery, they're not going to disagree with it simply because a story tells them to. Racists still exist even when ninety-percent of the population vehemently disagrees with it.

Also don't ask people to comment on the positives of something and then tell them to keep it to themselves, that shows immaturity and a blatant bias.

P.S. Also an argument isn't there to provide proof. PROOF is there to provide proof, an argument is made so that one has the logical reasoning necessary to believe something. Proof is there to show that that something holds true. Telling someone who reads a bunch of mermaid fiction that they'll drown if they try to breathe underwater because they're not equipped with gills is an argument, dunking their head into a filled bathtub is proof.

You don't need one to have the other in order for the premise to hold true.

Likewise, you can't prove that I am even human and not an advanced, experimental artificial intelligence. However, you believe that fact without any proof behind it what so ever because it's just the most logical thing you can think of. Good day.
You guys and you modern close minded western ideas, news flash guys, the only reason why slavery is viewed as bad is because of the US and Europe exploiting the Africans.
Prior to them, slavery had been used throughout human civilization in many positive way (Romans, Mesoamerican, Egypt, pretty much any large civilization), the difference better Western slavery and what happened before was that old slavery was part of the social system, western slavery was just about exploiting people and treating them like animals.

Old times slavery allowed people to have a living space, learn new skills and reform their bad behaviour (in case of criminals) and ultimately allowed slaves to be reintegrated into society, you could work your way out of slavery.

Imagine, instead of having millions of idiots and scum in prisons getting worst, you put them to work, they have to work to earn their living, they don't work they don't get food!
And by working they learn new skills, so they can contribute to society instead of being lockup behind bars like an animal for years without contributing or learning anything.


I won't defend japan's fascination with slaves and sex slaves, but japan does seem to be able to differentiate between reality and fictions, something which many people in this site and comment sections seem to be unable to do so.
How do I know that?

Just lookup RapeLay controversy and be amazed by westerners (mostly americans) inability to differentiate reality from fiction, while japan just shakes they head at their stupidity and close mindedness, this controversy was the reason why japan stopped exporting a lot of their entertainment for almost 10 years, and also the reason as to why they enforced censorship laws a few years prior to the Olympics, they know foreigns will get buthurt about japanese fictional stories.
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I’d love to see a harem story where the harem just ever expands against the mc’s will to include everything from men, women, monsters and more. Eventually it’s just a religion and they’re unsure if the person they are in love with ever existed as the head had died long ago under the weight. Bliss.
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Thats basically a korean novel. their harems grow pretty large and they end up having enough kids that they actually play soccer games
@Avgvstvs there is just a huge surge in people interested in manga because of covid.

I was wondering if anyone else was going to say something about this, glad I wasn't the only one thinking weird to try and moralize fantasy.
The Japanese and their urge to increase their population.. cuz them are getting old.. so Harem is good.. so to have many babys is good..