Author Light Bronze theme missing text
In some cases, the Light Bronze theme misses text.
The problem seems to happen only on <input> elements that can't be edited, like the user name entry in the profile, or the manga name on the chapter upload form.
The cause is that both the background and the text are white, so everything becomes unreadable, apparently.
The other editable <input> elements work fine.
@GipoScribantino does this only happen with the bronze theme?
Which browser are you using?
It seems to happen with the Light-Slate theme too (at least in the profile settings page, haven't checked the other places).
The dark versions of those themes correctly display the text, and so do the basic Light and Dark themes, and the Abyss theme.
I'm using Pale Moon, but I never once met a problem with the site aside those two themes having white text.
The Light Bronze and Light Slate themes have another "missing elements" bug: on the homepage, the social media buttons have no icons.
They are there, I can click on them, and they visibly occupy space, but the icon just isn't there.
The culprit seems to be this declaration:
:not(.navbar-toggler-icon) {
background-image: none !important;

Disabling it, the buttons have their icon.
It seems it takes precedence over the .social-media-btns > div:nth-child(3) > a {} declaration.
I am on firefox and I do not experience the '<input> elements that can't be edited' bug (username label and disabled text both perfectly visible in settings page). that might be a browser bug.

I would say the social media button bug is a separate issue which I can reproduce. Also affects abyss theme. The normal dark and light theme shows it fine.