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Hello, today's announcement brings some good news and bad news.

MD@‎H Client Requirements Being Lowered

Mangadex@‎Home network has been up and running for a while now and we can happily say it is still reliably serving all our older content on the site. Recently the number of server spec client requests have died down so we will be lowering the requirements to host a client for people who want to help host... well, at home. With the recent demise of ChuuManga we've seen more strain on the network. At times the assignment rate is dropping below 100% which means some users are hitting the servers directly - something we'd ideally like not to happen.

One update to site to take note of is that you can soon™ enable loading of images via port :443 clients only. (Note: Only recommended if you are behind a firewall or some other restriction out side of your control that is stopping images loading from the network on clients using other ports.)
You will find the setting for this under your MD@‎H options.

Currently the network looks like this:

    201 clients online and serving files.
    22 clients online recently, but now offline.

    87 clients offline and probably not coming back up.
    28 clients that got accepted but user never turned it on.
The requirements for hosting a client are lowered to the following specs:

40mb/s (5MB/s) upload and download - this is the absolute minimum we are willing to accept. People have asked if we can do it lower and cited hentai@‎home having a lower speed requirement, the reason we need a higher speed is that our client works differently. With MD@‎H client you serve an entire chapter at once, not a single file in a gallery. Too low a speed and it leads to super long load times.
40GB of internal storage - testing has shown that USB drives can not handle the speed needed. So please don't use external drives.

You can sign up for a client here:

Be sure to include a speed test. Also note that the 40mb/s is the amount of bandwidth you want to dedicate to the client - ideally you should have a bit more available if you are going to be using internet at same time, though the client won't always be using the full amount of bandwidth hopefully! Static IP addresses are no longer required and IPs are registered at client start-up... that said, if your IP changes too much then client will be marked as compromised and receive no requests. Clients will probably require some form of port forwarding for the port you choose, or permissions for java before they can display images to users.

Clients are monitored for performance, poorly performing ones will be flagged and marked as paused and receive no requests. If your client receives no requests you can join our Discord and talk to us in the #md-at-home-talk channel.

Holo Officially Retiring

And now for the bad news, in the form of a few words from Holo:

Hey everyone, as some of you might have noticed, I have not been that active around here lately. IRL has got real busy for me in the past couple of months, and the time I can spend on here is constantly decreasing. I am also feeling a bit burnt out and tired of waking up in the middle of the night to put out a fire in the servers... I think I have taken MangaDex as far as I can, given my limited knowledge of web development. Therefore I have decided to step back and hand over the site to Ix and the devs. They're working on the next version (v5) of MangaDex, and that is coming along nicely.

We'd like to thank Holo for his contributions over the past 3 years and wish him well in the future, he will be missed dearly by all of us. Access to the servers and crypto wallets are now in the hands of the devs that oversee the server side of things so that they can continue to be paid for. The site will continue to operate with pretty much no difference.

Webserver Stressed, Upgrades Coming

As you might have noticed, the surge of traffic caused by a certain other site dying is putting a lot of strain on the webserver and the database. New servers are on the way, so please bear with the site during peak times. As always, you can keep up to date by joining our Discord Server or following our official Twitter account.

Six Title Restrictions

Lastly, we have received a legitimate take down notice for these series:

- Act-Age:
- Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba:
- My Hero Academia:
- One Piece:
- One-Punch Man:
- The Way of the Househusband:

While we further assess the situation, we'll restrict the titles and have the english chapters marked unavailable (excluding the external M+ links). Only the comments will still be accessible if you toggle on the option to list the unavailable chapters in your site settings. The title pages will also remain accessible for commenting, general information and tracking, but the option to upload chapters will be disabled will set chapters to unavailable by default. This will take effect on 27th August midnight UTC. Feel free to give us input on what you'd like to see us do.
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thank you for all your hard work!!
At least Holo didn't do a Grumpy.
Best of luck to him in his life.
Thank you for the hard work as always mod team. Rest well Holo, thank you for your service o7.
Has it really been 3 years already??
Best wishes to Holo, thank you for all your time and hard work!
>Holo retiring
Damn, I wish him luck. Makes me think about how much the fansub/manga community has changed since I joined it back in 2011.

40GB of internal storage - testing has shown that USB drives can not handle the speed needed. So please don't use external drives.

Does this mean I can't set up a Pi 4 with a MircoSD card? Or is this just specific to external HDDs?
rip gokushufudou 😔
Thank you all for all those updates and your hard work
Why were these 6 series hit only? (what about other Viz series?)
Holo is a gud boi and deserves a lot of head pats
but why act age? they already deleted it from their own site.
Good luck Holo and thanks a lot :):):)
Thanks for all the work to Holo and all MD staff. And RIP OPM.

However I have the same question as anon259, I use a Pi4 with an SSD card for H@H and it's never been giving trouble. Even if the MD client is bigger and more demanding, we're talking less than 10% usage of CPU and SD card power. I'm pretty sure that I can just install the client there besides H@H and be fine.

So is that rejected or not?
So, I assume those titles got take down requests because they have official English versions available right?

Otherwise it’ll be really bad if we are going to get take down request and no official English to read...
Goodbye Holo, i hope everything goes ok and i also hope to see you around from time to time.
Why were these 6 series hit only? (what about other Viz series?)

It was all that was requested in the email.
rIp one punch man.
yo Holo is what now?
darn, he was a good lad.
....he's still alive? well, what do you know?!

good luck with your IRL stuff. please don't die soon, now!

oh, is that the reason behind the sudden appearance of rednames?
and what with the takedown?