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@AlloyBron Thanks for the official translations. Will you be adding side story chapters like Dining Escapades and Summer Memories as well?
@megapaq They're listed under Related, and are done by Repulsion Scans.
@AlloyBron Thanks for the translation :). Can you translate visual novels as well ?
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@Maq47 I knew that, but I was just wondering if there will be 'official' translations of them as well. Thanks anyway. Cheers!
So I just recently playing the game and read this Manhua to learn more about the lore of the series and wow the story is pretty depressing, make me wish that the Captain(game player character)is an actual existing character in the story that can save the world and give everyone a happy ending.
@Zero_ZX11 Note that while the "postscript" campaign in their previous game set in the same continuity (Gun Girls Z) was very much postapocalyptic - that was actually the "previous era" often mentioned in HI3 - the upcoming equivalent for HI3, well, isn't. Which rather spoils the main game's storyline in that implicitly things don't go down the drain and at least a substantial segment of the named cast survives.
It COULD be yet another of those parallel timelines the series is fond of playing with, too...🤔
Why can't this series just start at Chapter 1
A few Captains have raised the issues of:

1. Official website being a mess.
The site in question:
AlloyBron is aware of this, and this is precisely the reason why her little helpers have set up the Mangadex site.
If the official site has problem, come to the mangadex site, or head to the Alloy Bron facebook~

2. CN and EN differences?
A number of bilingual Captains raised an issue about this.
This leads to 2 sub-questions:

a) Is AlloyBron official?
Go check the official site to find out. Basically, 1:1 copy of what you see on Mangadex.
In fact, despite Lord AlloyBron's efforts, official site admin has some architecture issues and could not be updated on a timely fashion.
Her only solution to release an English version within 24-hours of the CN release is to post on Mangadex. But that also means her little helpers work on Saturdays ><
But does that make the official site a fan-site of MangaDex? No. It's just that AlloyBron chose to post on Mangadex due to its accessibility.
In other words, AlloyBron is official.

b) Why the CN vs EN discrepancy?
The English version is designed to cater to the English-speaking audience.
Any "major" issues raised thus far were already reviewed by the official writing staff and were treated as minor issues that need no revamping.

In conclusion:
AlloyBron's Honkai 3 manga on Mangadex is as real as it gets.
And since the manga is free, as her little helpers, we're also obliged to tell you:
Play the game as well, please? The game is ALSO free.
There will be a 1 week delay for the next episode.

The Bronya has spoken: Will try to add in a previously untranslated chapter to make up for it.
So where is captain honkai impact?? So its same as kancol or azure lane without captain like manga or anime..
So rough..