Author Chapter 9 (Watashi no Shounen)
Public Relations
the fucking author comments at the end
H-sawa is the best, shotacon is life
I died from those last pages too, what a hard life for an author getting request that he doesn't understand ?
This is hilarious!
This is kind of interesting. The feeling "I want [redacted] to be happy" is a perfectly fine feeling, but we have certain societal norms in place because sometimes you get people that take advantage of children. Even if she could become such a person, she won't be aware of that and, to her, it will just be trying to be helpful. An individual's idea of where the line is drawn can be different to another person's idea. An exploration of where that line ought to be can be an interesting journey.

-or it could be time to warn parents.
I want H-sawa to talk to my uncles, one is a police and one is a lawyer-

I mean, I get it! I also like looking at beautiful people regardless of gender and age! They're fun to draw, and look good in the clothes I design! And it's like looking at a field of flowers! BUT H-sawa is just scary! Why did that member became your favorite after looking at him when he was young? What's with the "make him look shota as fuck"? Please don't drool over younger people!!

On the other hand, it's hilarious how the author couldn't understand a shotacon when this manga revolves around it. Just shows sane people can also make fucked up stories.
Seeing the authors page about H-San, I cant stop laughing. I think the author will keep things pure but there will be apprehensive moments in pretty sure