Author Chapter 5.1 (Grade School Student Succubus)
Alright everyone, it took me a whole month but it's finally here! The Extra chapter 5.1!
Update 1.
    My original plan was to make extra chapters full on R18 and exclusive to supporters on Subscribestar.
    However, I still need to use MangaDex to build a base of supporters and communicate with all the free readers about when these extra chapters come out (otherwise it seems I took a full month doing absolutely nothing). And since MD doesn't allow for linking to other websites to read the series they have on their directories, I cannot simply put a 'X.1 chapter' with a promo art stating "come to my SubscribeStar", as that is a violation of the rules.

    In mind of these limitations, I have decided to change how the tier system works - supporters will have immediate access to the chapters as they come by, whereas free readers will have a 5 days delay. $5 tier supporters will have access to the uncensored version of the extra chapters. These extra chapters will be censored (invisible dicks and white vaginas) on MD to abide by the rules while avoiding getting buried into the Hentai category and risking losing possible viewership. $1 tier supporters will have immediate access to new chapters, except the extra ones.

    I will update my SubscribeStar and Fanbox pages to reflect these changes once I finish solving some issues that came up today.

Update 2.
    In regards to my plans for the future, aside from the pen tablet - XP-Pen released their Innovator tablet at the same price point as Huion Kamvas Pro 16, but they come with wall plugs for all sorts of countries in the package, making compatibility a non-issue, especially for when I move out of my country, so I am thinking about getting the Innovator instead -, I also plan on making my own studio, so I can work on my manga without any distractions. As things are right now, I have too many distractions that reduce my time available to draw.

    If I get enough supporters, however, I will be able to move to Japan. Over there, I will be able to rent a 2LDK where I can live alone and invest all my working time on the manga, will have access to more materials for reference and will even be able to hire capable assistants. I have already planned to move to the northern region of Japan (Touhoku), where the climate is more comfortable for me and the rent prices are far lower than Tokyo.

    But that will take a very long time to realize. For now, my priority is getting that tablet so i can draw faster and more accurately. Once I get my hands on it, I will make character sheets for every character made to ensure they stay in model throughout the rest of the story. I don't want to draw the sheets right now because my current setup won't allow for much different results than what I have done so far.

That is it for today, but I hope you all enjoy this extra chapter. I am always looking to improve my art and storytelling techniques, so look forward to a steady evolution as the series progresses. I hope.
Thank you all for reading Succubus Shougakusei! Have a nice day!
Why isn't this in the hentai section is the true question.
@Walter_vi_Britannia For the same reason Parallel Paradise, AkiSora and most of Itosugi Masahiro's works also aren't.
There are many mangas with full on sex scenes that are not in the hentai section, and I guess it's because they focus more on plot rather than the sex itself.
@YamiryuuZero Haha, I love how that's the deciding reason. As if people care more about the plot to disregard the hentai aspects of it.
But yea, people would be complaining more if they put it on the hentai section and released 5 chapters without anything and then one small extra with some smut.

But if they truly based this on plot, there are some really good lovestories I've read in hentais. Like, really. I subconsciously stopped fapping and was completely immersed into reading the story while holding my limp dick in my hand, even crying at times.
There really are some gems among hentais. But they still count as hentais because they're still mostly porn.
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These extra chapters will be censored (invisible dicks and white vaginas) on MD to abide by the rules while avoiding getting buried into the Hentai category and risking losing possible viewership.

Seems like that backfired.
@Walter_vi_Britannia Seems to be the case. How come Parallel Paradise can get away with orgies on screen and this one can't?
What is the criteria?
@AncientWatcher @TrapCard113 @Walter_vi_Britannia
Chapter 5.1 has been moved to a new directory (
From now on, all extra chapters will be posted on Succubus Shougakusei Extra, that way the main story avoids the H tag and I get more exposure while still delivering on the sex chapters!
I will update the chapter here shortly, and going forward all ".1" chapters listed here will be one-page updates informing that the extra chapters have been uploaded.

I believe this should solve everything. Hopefully.
My guess is that those other sex-heavy mangas have publishers and physical copies, they get a pass or at least looser regulations than doujins or pixiv comics.