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tasuku looks differ from anime
6 volumes huh, will take a while to translate lol
publication doesn't seem to be completed. as you can see here:

the sixth volume doesn't have the finished tag: 完結

maybe the light novel this was adapted from ended? or was there an announcement in a magazine or something?
Okay... I'll rename this: headbanging the manga.

this manga owe me a single table that I broke with my head out of it's comedy.
i dont know if i have enough willpower to read the manga because the anime left me screaming at my television on a regular basis
For some reason I feel like a had read farther than this at some point. Was this posted here before and removed? Or am I hallucinating?
@Blusasuke you watched the anime
I just read chapter 2 and it's so bad... but I will give it a chance and at least finish the first volume
Amano~san plays games for fun and gives up when the games no longer interest him
<a portrayal of a Casual Gamer> 😄

while Tendou~san plays game while putting all she has on the line, putting her heart and her soul into her games <a portrayal of very Serious Gamer> 🤓

when these two collides, be it in gaming styles, preferences for the type of games, or just conversing about games, these two elements is like fire and water 🤣,
for me, this is hilarious to watch, but painful to be a part of the conversation

friendly bantering is common between gamers these days, but it can derailed into a very serious fight when a gamers belief is challenged, sometimes friendships could be broken 😧

i do hope the lad and the lady will find an understanding soon because i am very worried about Tendou~san mental state at the moment 🤣

as a famous person once said "someone`s got to give in"......... and that usually means the lad.

be a gentlemen and agree with her for once............. just once, to keep her sanity intact 🤣

to <CClaw Translation>, thank you for the new chapter 😤
here`s to hoping to see next chapter, until the manga is complete

please and thank you
Shit manga's shit. How to improve it? Delete the beta cuck MC and this manga will be a lot better.