Author "Safe" mode in addition to hiding hentai
Avatar Deathglass 4 days ago
A lot of smut and ecchi titles are basically "close enough;" was wondering if we could have a "safe mode" option (would be safe for actual workplaces). Or maybe an option to hide certain genres (mangaupdates has this).
Avatar Plykiya 4 days ago
>Or maybe an option to hide certain genres (mangaupdates has this).

It's suggested and planned. It's our most requested feature by far (over 10 threads now). It's listed as "Blacklist unwanted genres" in the suggestions megathread.

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Avatar Scooterific 4 days ago
Jesus I would love that. There are certain genres that I will probably never read so just getting them outta my list would be a big plus
Avatar Deathglass 4 days ago
Ah, I see. Was kinda thinking along the lines of making the site "safer" (for work) for people who aren't logged in.
Avatar ununseti 2 days ago
See also: #7169: new filter for softcore

One idea is having more levels of granularity for age ratings, e.g. like AO3, which has General Audiences, Teen and Up Audiences, Mature, and Explicit.
Avatar MalikDrako 1 day ago
@Plykiya Is there a reason it is taking so long? Without knowing how MD works, it seems like it would be easy to do a partial solution that would satisfy most people.

If the genres were dumped in an attribute, I could do it easy enough on client side: search through the genres, if any match my blacklist, replace the cover image with one saying it contains a blacklisted tag. (I'm mainly thinking latest updates on the homepage)
Avatar Plykiya 1 day ago
@MalikDrako New devs only started 3 days ago (barely situated) and Holo has been tied up with family or sickness or vacation for the past two month (which is basically all of v3.)
Avatar Teasday 23 hrs ago
We're going to need to start with some fairly significant refactoring, so the addition of any new features that the users get to see is going to take a while. On the hand we'll then have a better foundation to build on, so new features should start getting more frequent after that.