Author Zettai ni Yatte wa Ikenai Isekai Shoukan
Avatar LoliALF 9 days ago
this need to be translated!!!
Avatar QuietSnowy 9 days ago
Great manga, The world must know this.
Avatar Cyzeed 9 days ago
Someone, anyone, anybody, please translate this series...
Avatar NEET 9 days ago
can't you make it with english translate? i wont blame it , but i think indonesian doesn't suit this manga , most likely manga it self is good but from reader perspectiv it just be boring to read an indonesian translate
with most respect to translator . . . 🤗
Avatar Ekdeep 8 days ago
great.. another beta, who can do shit
Avatar Chrisis 8 days ago
This doesnt need to be translated imo, its another one of those kiss to buff the heroine. Also, its not that the mc is beta, but it doesnt seem like he brings anything to the table
Avatar Kiriha 8 days ago
*cough* even shitty fastfood got their own fan y'know? Just let other people read what they want.

Also, goddammit Shiro stop playng FGO while walking!

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Avatar sedition 8 days ago
I hate when I almost die in a hit train.
Avatar monkey123 8 days ago
Ah lewd chick? Seems like Hentai Maid isekai edition.
Avatar Nick86 8 days ago
Ah, ok, follow. <3

ps: no meme or joking links in the description please, as a rule.

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Avatar ReZz 8 days ago
Death by fug
Avatar Fadamor 8 days ago
"Shoot your wad deep inside me, along with all your remaining life force so that I can level-up from your power. You? You'll die, but why should anyone care about a no-good virgin like you?"
Avatar Kiriha 8 days ago
So i have read all the available raw and can't say the MC is that beta. I seriously want to know what's the criteria for "beta" by current young'un standard.

p.s. Both language has misstranslated line and i believe MC's name should be Yagi, not Yaki.
Avatar xyzzy 8 days ago
Dungeon Nursery died for this.
Avatar Chet31 8 days ago
@xyzzy You had me scared and then I was sad. But why did DN die for this? Did this take its place in whatever magazine?
Avatar apothem 8 days ago
@Kiriha Usually it means a guy who one deems inferior (i.e. "if I were in that situation, I would have done X, but that guy did the inferior option Y); it's a dominance thing. So for example... the main character is a "beta" in the sense that

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Avatar AHMEDJXZ 8 days ago
Was going to comment about the translation and typing mistakes and all those stuff then I saw that page... ;w; hang in there you lonely Hero..
Avatar xyzzy 7 days ago

I meant that DN died but this sort of shit lives.
Avatar Wizardrone 7 days ago
last page
+18 only
Avatar Kiriha 7 days ago
@apothem I'd say he's more of coward than beta. Only desperate virgin and people who want to die anyway would accept one time sex at the price of their own life.

@xyzzy I don't read DN but this mango is pretty fun in itself. The heroine's wacky head kinda remind me of konosuba's heroine, watered down of course. Then again this mango is still 8 chapter in and it might get axed too when it reach the same chapter count as DN.