Author corrupt-a-wish
Your wish is granted,
you can't think at all in fact,
a vegetable now.

Inserting a wish,
you must tell me your real name.
or else you will die.
Granted, but I will lie which leads to you get obsessed with figuring out my real name. This obsessions leads to your slow demise as you can no longer feel happiness.

Me name jeff.

You have cheated. The genie cannot be threatened, bargained with or insulted. For that, you lose penis.

I wish the internet would no longer exist.
granted , and you was sent to the post-apocalyptic future , where all of thing burned including you

i wish all the people here read David Icke's work
Granted. Everyone reads it ironically.

I wish for the person below me to have a nice day
granted, the person below me will probably almost going to have a possibly objective nice day

i wish i can finish my meal
Granted, you finish your meal; then get sick and throw it up.

I wish I could have full access to the Vatican Secret Archives, so I can find all the skeletons all the juicy skeletons in it's closet.
Granted , but if only and only after a Vatican destroyed thus revealing the Secret Archives to the eye of public

i wish i can have cute legal loli wife
But she'll gonna die, bleeding, on your first night. All thanks to your big ****.

I wish someone would watch "A Serbian Film" and be reminded once again of real humanity.
Granted , but the person is reminded that real humanity is corrupted dirty thing and it must be purged...he becomes the next great evil rivaling that of hitler and bundy

I wish for a smaller dong for my legal loli wife.
granted, you got a tralala so small you often get mistaken as a grill

i wish for happiness around the globe
Granted, the word happiness is scorched scross the surface of the world from a solar flare.

I wish I had the ability to become god at will.
Granted, you can become Atlas. Although, once you do, you can't change back, lest you wanted the heavens to fall on us.

I wish I could talk to animals.
Granted, but the animals will ignore whatever you said even though you could talk to them

I wish I have more confident to do stuff
granted , now you have overconfident bordering arrogance in your ability to do stuffs

i wish linux freed from bloatware systemd and go back to the simpler sysvinit or runit
Granted, just roll back to the very first version of Linux core, this should do the trick. Also, if you have no fears, you could try Gentoo?

@alipz Nicely done, I am now reminded that my traumas didn't begin with manga. The crunchy noise of the son's bones while being cared for by the uncle next to his unconscious mother will forever remain in my memory.

I wish I didn't see A Serbian Film
Granted, Serbian films are now called Russian Films.

I wish it was easier to find good stories to read.
Granted, its called taking a fucking English class, loser.

I wish every wish up until this point was un-granted.
Granted, but it only gets granted by us going back in time to the day before it happened. That means you will have to experience each wish all over again powerless to stop it, you become nothing more than a puppet watching his owm puppeteer. Your ultimate lack of self control was always there, your brain just never realized. And, from now on, you must live your life knowing this. You cant change anything; you cant fix anything; you die and be reborn and die again and again. Enjoy your and everyone else's wishes.

I wish I wasnt half the man I used to be. I feel all alone.
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Granted, you are now fused with your siamese twin.

I wish I never learned of TVTropes.
Granted. Your past is dead. The timeline is altered so that you never existed until this wish. You cannot be half of nothing.

I wish for the economy to not collapse for a few more years