Author ISO Two Forgotten Manga series.....I KNOW YOU KNOW these!!

#1 - Is Shoujo romance & action, it's heroine is a typical school girl but she's involved in some sort of heart/diamond staling alien caper with the 3 good looking alien agents in kigurumi (a cow, an eagle and a I forget??) who have to be kissed to switch over into their human disguises. It was very popular, I'm sure someone remembers!

#2 - is Semi- yaoi, with a storyline that goes: this 20 something y/o only child's FATHER gets remarried to a WOMAN with 2-3 high school -/+ sons. They come all together as a combined family and bam! The parents die in a auto accident and so the eldest son decides to keep everyone together and act like the parent. I believe it is set around a coffee shop (?)

Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance
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@tofuchan I have absolutely no idea.
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The first one sounds like Kigurumi Guardians.
The second one sounds familiar to me so I'll look through my follows and see if I find it.
Welcome to MangaHotline! The person you have called does not seem to know which manga you're talking about. But this weeb is curious about number 2!
Wish I could help but shojo and yaoi are one of my weak points.
Nope no yaoi for me.

Read a fair few shoujo but this doesn't ring a bell
The second one, Super Lovers maybe?
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Guess It's a mistake.

In any case, I can't remember everything I've read, it's a bloody huge list...
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Thank You!!

Yes, #1 IS indeed Kigurumi Guardians- I am a little embarrassed that the name was so basic and that I could have probably searched that myself. Still, if you're looking for a lite read it's not too too sugary. Nor does it have the typical story line.

@Dancho Nope, it's not Super Lovers (and for such a title, you'd think there would be a Super Loving-fest but it's hardly THAT) I stay for the art... cuz nothing much else happens.

#2 Gosh, I wish I could remember the name or anything more I could share. I guess I will do a "guardian, parent, brother or oni-chan" search under yaoi. I may get lucky.
just did a quick search and #2 sounds like Bokura no Negai? Never actually read it and I'm basing off of the description+skimmed through 1st chapter

This might not be the second one you're looking for since it's not set in a coffee shop but it's similar if you want to give it a read!
So close! In fact it's a similar story line. It's just a lot less dark and WAY better artwork!

There is the 20ish adult dark haired only child's (who's straight or undecided, sexually) father marries the mother of 3 siblings (three beautiful brothers) and then the newlywed couple dies leaving the four step bros together. He (eldest) wants to keep them all together as a family - so he cooks etc. and runs some sort of food or coffee shop He's been thinking of attending a matchmaking gig to find a girlfriend/wife/mother figure for the younger two brothers (5th year elementary and 3rd year high schoolers) The eldest blonde brother (college) falls for the youngest brother's hot best friend. The middle brother falls for the new step-brother (and works for a flower shop owned by a gay couple who advise the middle bro on how to proceed into a love relationship.) The youngest is just comedy relief I guess, nothing happens to him except he knows who loves whom and s okay with it all.. It was definitely on kissmanga. So I am still searching there.

BINGO - we have a winner.

It is indeed Bokura no Negai


Sorry for the looooong description. I wrote before I saw Raunix's response..

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