Author Bulk Mark As Read/Unread
The little eyeball next to chapters for read and unread chapters is nice and useful.

Though I've run into a way it could be improved, though maybe I'm just a shitty user going against the will of the devs. In effect how I usually start a new series is to read it and either mark it as dropped if I don't want to read anymore and mark the last chapter I read as such incase I ever want to try again.
Though for series I end up following usually I'll read all available chapters, but only after the fact follow it which means all those chapters I just read are not marked as such and I need to click all the eyes to cover what was and wasn't read. With various groups coming and going and some chapters being there or not I feel its more important to mark them all especially if a series might have transitioned between groups.
Yet with that in mind there is seemingly no way to mark all chapters as read/unread incase I want to read a series I've already read again (like say reading GTO for the 38th time) or even bulk select segments to mark accordingly.

I'm not sure bulk selection would be a realistic ideal/feature, but perhaps a simple button to toggle all current chapters as read/unread would be a nice addition? Then again maybe I'm just not seeing/using the reader properly and such functionality exists, and instead of adding the feature instead need to be more clearly marked or shown?
Gonna be added in V5
They used to have it early on, but it was removed for some reason. I hope they do bring it back as well, so that if an old manga gets added, I can quickly update the read chapters versus the unread, if needed.
I made a userscript for this a while back, but with the lack of forum searching I don't really blame you for missing it. openuserjs/greasyfork
By the way, you can mark all of the title as read by changing the status to finished. Just a note.
Marking something as completed will also mark any future uploaded chapters as read as well. This would work as a method of bulk unmarking, but not marking. OP wants to follow active series, and completed is not designed for doing that.

It is a problem that users think using completed is just a way to mark all currently released chapters as read. It's not, it marks all current and future chapters as read, and disallows reading tracking progress as such.
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