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Here's a writing prompt: a post-economy world meets a world ruled by economy.

I actually came up with two stories from this prompt, one sci-fi and the other sci-fi/fantasy. You can place your own writing prompts here.
What do you mean by post-economy? Because every world follows the rules of economics whether they like to or not, as the rules of economics doesn't just apply to business. If you mean a post-scarcity world, then I think I could get what you mean a bit clearer @DANDAN_THE_DANDAN
@Tamerlane I mean literally post-economy.

In my sci-fi story, it's a large boat full of people who are unable to afford land and since they're all poor, they're used to living in a place without money and thus makes use of the current technology to survive while focusing on things they like to do which leads to a feedback loop of people doing what they want and people looking at those people and in turn doing what they want. Then eventually the whole boat became a sort of second Renaissance where so many creative projects are sourced from there that companies begin to try and manipulate the boat to earn a profit from their works. The conflict continues from there. There's a bit of fantasy thrown in here but not as much as the next.

My sci-fi/fantasy involves a post-apocalyptic scenario after an asteroid impact which brings in an effect previously unknown to science and has always been proving difficult to study due to how it seems to constantly alter all the time. Humans have become separated long enough to form subspecies. I plan to make a series out of this by showing the conflict with the humans underground, on the surface, and living up in satellites orbitting the earth to avoid the asteroid's unstudiable effects. The ones on land form their own currency, the ones in satellites carries on currency from before the asteroid, the ones underground have successfully established a no-currency environment so all their scientists can focus on their survival. The conflicts are character-driven about the character interactions of this altered, multi-layered society with interactions outside of the human race (cause the lore is way too deep to cover in a few paragraphs).
Communism vs Capitalism vs Capitalism in Space

One lacks greed-driven innovation, one gets pounded by non-discriminatory asteroids and the last one have terrible musculoskeletal health
This sounds a lot like that time traveler movie (forgot the name) Won't spoil how it ends.
Simplified currency and money is simply a widely accepted method of trading. You can have an economy without 'money,' so economics is impossible to avoid– unless you have a society where every single person would never do any sort of trading with anybody else, for whatever reason (everybody is completely self-sufficient).
You could still work with the prompt but the idea would change (as above), and you can still continue with the ideas you have but it would just be categorised as something different.

As for prompts... Earth as it stands becomes 'suddenly' tidally locked due to a mysterious satellite warping into orbit and slowing the planet's spin...
Even the most basic economic principle of "supply and demand" would operate in the barter system, which would also be economics. It would be better to frame it as "a tribal economy meets and organized and hypereffecient one"
Hmmm is this a dumping ground for ideas about sci-fi, economy, speculative science, alt-history, and progress stuff? Cause I'm so into those! (Not that I'm actually good at economy though).

Regarding your story, there's a good resource, ever heard of the text-based MMO game ? It's pretty much like an interactive novel, set in post-apocalyptic future (in space). I've played it for a while and although the story line is heavily cliched, the premise and world building is very interesting, and best of all you don't even need to actually "play" the game to read the world building, just check the archive here, and as bonus there's personal "player made blogs" where players chronicles their adventures there for the public to see They're a good resource for your 2nd story, that share many similar traits.

Anyway as for my own prompts, I'm no writer, but It'll be interesting for my ideas just buried in my brain to get out to the world:
I shared the title in this post before but, from my little knowledge of Isekai genre, there appears to be no such isekai yet, it's my current favorite idea.

Title: My garage is a portal to an Isekai without any sentient inhabitants, It's a free real estate! Did I mention I also found oil and other natural resources? [1]
Demographic: Mostly Shounen, maybe a little bit of Seinen
Genre: Action [2], Comedy, Drama, Isekai, Philosophical, Psychological, Sci-Fi [2]
Theme: Military [2], Office Workers [2], School Life [2], Survival [2]

Story idea:
Setting: Takes place in modern time, year doesn't matter as long as the technology is at our level(e.g. Nukes, Internet, the ISS, iPhone) AND the current worsening of climate change, I haven't decided which country this takes place with, my country of preferences be either: Japan, USA, or Indonesia [3]. Not sure yet if even the "real world" should be our Earth I'll leave it to the discretion of those that want to adapt this. Hence you may create fictional countries or entirely fictional world, as long as some traits of the 3 countries are there, or mixed. The "empty Isekai" (which is the temp name for now), should truly be uninhibited by sentient species, there may be native animals and plants, though try to skip the troublesome part like diseases or other ecological disasters [4] by handwaving or something.

Main Character: So the MC will be male and shounen-like, I don't have an age yet but preferred to keep him in range of 14-28, Can't begin naming before figuring out where this take places, but I'll help if pick a symbolic name once you decide the culture. Family? Haven't decide yet, but he'll be single virgin at the start. Since his age is still tentative, incomes at the start are unknown for now, but he would have ample enough resource to kick start the business of exploiting the empty Isekai.

Some of his characteristics: I think it's normal to explain his flaws first just like most manga, he dislike money, dislike hard labor, is selfish (on short term), bad at communicating, impatient, and indecisive (on short term). He likes Science, Philosophy, Psychology, and 2D stuff like Cartoons, Comics, Anime, Manga, Games, etc. But he don't live in 2D since he actually longs at the vast universe of the 3D world. He recognizes the threat of climate change that will ruin his dream of exploring the vast universe, he also dislike paying for 2D stuffs and basically pirated them, but at the same time is also sympathetic to the creators of 2D who also require earnings to make a living. He longed at creating a utopia where everyone including creators and consumers to be fully provided with needs so they may enjoy do what they do, as a secondary dream. In contrast with his bad communication skills, he is good at listening, deep thinking, not being dense, great memory and understanding the nature of problems and how it came to be. This story may have a Grey on Gray morality though, so MC may do questionable deeds, that's for the "greater good" of his vision, but considering Death Note is considered Shounen, I think that's fine.

Plot: I think I overwrote the other sections leaving this one quite predictable eh? So MC finds portal to empty Isekai in his property, the portal doesn't have to be garage, but something large enough for a car to get in and out [5] and then he decides to exploit this empty Isekai that's rich with natural resources. Keep it a secret from several evil organizations and stuff, starting a business to dominate the market with exploits from the empty Isekai, use money so he can exploit the empty Isekai better, have a goal to create a utopia, save the Earth from climate change, and start extensive space exploration. You know that kind of stuff, you could almost tell that I got many of the ideas from Dr. Stone.

[1] The title is subject to change, but you can get the general idea from this one.
[2] Not sure if they're even needed to be tagged here, but at least some elements of them will appear here and there.
[3] Japan, because his character, how he came to be, some of his lighter goals makes more sense to be there, and maybe a bit more economic advantage for his rapid developments in the exploiting of empty Isekai to make sense. The USA because good geography and greater market competition leaves open to more story about the market, also more potential actions and stuff. Indonesia because it's where I live, and I have greater knowledge and could give more flexible ideas.
[4] This may be expanded in the later story where either or both worlds are impacted with such disasters due to the other.
[5] There may be a possibility where we can upgrade the portal, like allowing larger size or more portal points as the story progress.

Of course I also have more ideas, such as someone reincarnating into the Classical Age Mediterranean (like shortly before Punic Wars), and their attempts at modernizing the societies, and yet more alternate WW2 history stuff, though those are in the vault for now.

So what do you think?
Sorry for the disorganized writing, I wrote it in unorganized order and take several breaks.
Simplified currency and money is simply a widely accepted method of trading

Huh, haven't thought of this. Guess the sci-fi one is economical after all since the characters can decide to refuse to share resources.

I'd still like to think the sci-fi fantasy one is post-economy though. Here's a fraction of the lore:

What do you think? It's still post-economy isn't it?
No incentive for everyone not to just be a neet unless its for buying entertainment and shelter

Need incentives for engies, scis and cooks to work as those roles.

How does a rando get more votes than the previous bloke unless they are corrupt, new guy has mob backing, or the previous is terrible at their job. Modern politicians get great rep and monies remuneration.
Also if the overseer changes rapidly that can affect funding for vital infrastructure leaving half built bridges, buildings and distribution programs.
How does the overseer deem new guy as fit? He can just keep new guy as a puppet and never actually step down. On the other hand if its the new guy who deems themselves as competent but they actually aren't, well that's not much different from real life societies.
But to be honest the most likely scenario is that their are only a few people who want the job and even fewer that people that will get any major votes so maybe 3-4 people in the running. The role will just swap between them as one screws up and the neutrals sway the other way for a bit.
@Teddy Ngl, some of these flaws are just future conflict material lol. Nothing escapes corruption and I plan to make that a story itself. There are truly benevolent overseers, some influence scientists to work on the stuffs they want, others inadvertently cause their colony to die.

Engineers and scientists are held up as the most treasured roles in the colony. Plus, the right circumstances just happened and religion is wiped out of all the colonies. There's also a bit of "parental influence" that makes children really respect scientists so you can say that science replaced religion. There's also the historical lore bit where this goes in a tangent -->

Engineers, on the other hand, are basically the fixers of the colony. They're absolutely essential and the colony will force more people into this role depending on how much damage the colony is taking on a daily basis.

Most people would actually nominate the current overseer and so a lot of overseers get replaced only after they die. It'll be almost impossible for one rando to get enough nominations to replace the current overseer, but it does happen once which is the start of a conflict in one of my stories. There's a problem with the new overseer's undertraining since the previous dead so when an overseer gets old they would usually choose their own successor and try to convince the colony to nominate that person as next in line.

Everyone has food and the colony can be expanded underground so there's always shelter for new people. Resource-wise, they're always sufficient. Here's another lore dump -->

Also if the overseer changes rapidly that can affect funding for vital infrastructure leaving half built bridges, buildings and distribution programs.

The infrastructure that's vital stays unchanged, no one's dumb enough to change that. Everything else is malleable but at the end of the day it all depends if the scientists get coerced because they still do the research that they want.

How does the overseer deem new guy as fit? He can just keep new guy as a puppet and never actually step down.

Haven't happened yet, all the colonies are only 6 generations old. Which roughly translates to 2-5 overseer generations depending on the colony. The overseer may influence the colony, but they can also be influenced by the colony itself and other colonies. Also the previous overseer needs some good brainwashing for the new overseer to not catch on and kick the previous out of the office.
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Not gonna lie but I actually read the whole dump.
One thing is that viruses and bacteria are vital to ecosystem, but its fine if a bunch died from asteroids as they too ought to adapt if Darwin was right.

Another is having a new type of "cancer"
Cancer is mutations of the body due to incorrect coding or of protein synthesis which can be abrupt, failing quality control or due to damage to the genetic code via external influences such as chemicals, heavy metals or radiation. This mistake can create a variety of weird cells most commonly in the form of Tumors that influence healthy cells to sustain them. Is everyone already infected with the "cancer" and just dormant?

Virus on the other hand can spread between humans as the virus converts human cells to create more viruses til the cell dies and releases more virus. In your story virus would probably be the sinister sentient disease. But ofcourse call it any new fictional name but take care when using established words and definitions.

Its also kinda weird to me how the "cancer" changes to specific generations. Most diseases mutate on their own due to how replicating its own genetic code millions of time causes error and slight variation which some variations survive better in different conditions. If the kids internal environment is so different to their parents that the "cancer" undergo rapid change. Which is fine since the babies are all experiments. But Following that what if a Gen C and Gen D have a child or a Gen B and a Gen D has a child. Will those children still benefit from the same cure as a child of strictly Gen C parents.

But holding to the story If it was me, id probably unethically get a few pubescent kids to make a few testtubes babies and then find the cure for the next generation inadvance. So Gen C young mothers have Gen D kids. Clone a bunch of gen D kids (not Sci fiction: see dolly) Impregnate Gen D kids to find the cure for not yet born Gen E babies.

Sand alchemy seems fun. But a little doubt on mind powers being fed upon in order to preserve materials. A stop gap might be that scientists have uncondensed the sand into a material that doesn't get infect by the sand instead but its not really malleable so they can only build walls or something to keep away the sand from the colony. That way the sand could still be toxic to humans and animals and corrode their minds though. Animals can also have adapted to the sand to be mindless beasts. The humans above are kinda screwed though unless they too have these converters to unsandiable material.
@Teddy Ooh glad you enjoyed reading my dumps.

Don't worry about the sand since I've already balanced the human-aspect of the ecosystem. The surface humans face the most evolution compared to the other two. They grow extensions of flesh from their appendages and backs which they call tentacles which function to channel the sand's effect out as well as manipulate the sand the same way scientist colonists do but with their tentacles instead. They craft weapons and homes using sand. Wanderers also have their vehicles to be sand-only since wheels would degrade so they just put a bunch of metal sheet inside of a channel at the underneath of a cockpit and rely on the sand expanding as it uncondense while the metal sheets degrade to use as propulsion forward so the fuel is essentially just sheets of metal. The humans on the satellite are also interested in studying sand once they can establish contact and trade with the colonists since they think it has something to do with the concioussness as well as the same as whatever thing is allowing people with psychic powers to have their ability (yeah they exist but I thought they didn't fit in the previous sections so I didn't mention them).

About the crossbreeding between generations, yeah you guessed one of my plot points correctly. Also human clones are absolutely banned because the scientists who double as ethicists absolutely condemns anything slightly moral ambiguous, the Massacre is the only event where ethics no longer mattered, nothing else.

And my thoughts about how the cancer is so different between generations is cause I thought they the generations themselves are so different that the cancer must be different as well.

About other sentient diseases, you, again, guessed another of my plot point lol. The colonists found out that all diseases stopped existing after the asteroid by comparing it with their large database of what they call "old knowledge". They know about viruses and bacteria but they're unable to see any under their microscopes so they thought that all of them were wiped out because of the sand but they were wrong. There's a strain of virus that have a small soul, each molecule building upon each other in order to form their own sentience. This is the zombie virus that they didn't know exist. It's also, like, a super important aspect to the series that ties in the multiple timecuts across the past and present as well as something the scientists want to study for immortality. A lot of my characters are actually zombies gone wrong that allows the body to retain the old soul along with the new zombie one. There will also be a showdown between the cancers and the zombie virus as a "sentience that doesn't belong", it's an antagonistic pair meant to be.

About the mindless beasts thing, yeah that's sort of right. The only way to survive in an environment with a lot of sand is to be sentient and have a mechanism to fix your concioussness constantly or to lose concioussness and have very few basic instincts that are so easy to repair that breaking doesn't matter and thus sleep doesn't as well.
Pretty good, lets hope the execution works as well as the ideas
Ah yes, of course! You can read my writing in a hundred years after I finish them!!
@Macircare were you talking about my sci-fi/fantasy story? Not sure what you're trying to say since The Community is more akin to a hybrid of Facebook and Google scholar rather than Bitcoin
I'd like to see read a story centered around greed. A common thought I have is wanting to be able to do everything and be great at everything I do, but while not wanting to stand out. Something selfish.
@dibble reverse your common thought and have some a good perspective, so you can keep moving foward. by mean reverse common thought it doesnt mean you have to do what you have in your mind, it's just a different world from what you usually does. Overall changing your perspective will have more impact what to come in the future. Bein a selfish ? Of course you can do that, at some point being a selfish person is good same as Lying for a good deeds.
Jealous people who are good at writing. I wish I was better at it too
What made the guy above banned lol