Author Does anyone actually have a childhood friend with an unrequited love relationship?

Or is this just something that happens in Japan? We need to find this out!
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When I was like, 7, there was a super cute girl who lived next to me and we were pretty good friends.

Course, I moved away so nothing came of it. I don't think this happens near as much as Japan wants it to happen.
Well i do have two childhood female friend , and we promised to get married when we are 7 once we are big enough , but they 'evolved' to be a tall busty gal chara and we annulled our childhood promise in despair , tbh they turns me off at that time i honestly thought that she will remain youthful loli forever ... but reality is harsh .
No, it's not that unreal. can confirm it happened to me too.
Too much normies on this thread.
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I've had the inmense honor of getting to know mind-boggingly beautiful girls, in and out, so much it's weird. So yeah, more than once. Not anymore, though.
I had a short-lived summer romance with a childhood friend after graduating high school when she and her family visited.
When I was around 4 there was a girl in the neighborhood who I was friends with. We said stuff like we were going to marry each other. I moved away when I was 5 so nothing ever happened. I moved a lot as my dad is in the military.

I currently have a unrequited crush on my best friend since middle school. Though I don't know if that counts as we only met once we were 12.
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Newp. Had two of those since age two, and despite them being quite attractive (going by "looks and personality" weighted mean), i've never been able to view them in romantic light, despite all of us staying relatively close to each other over the years.
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Oh yeah, of course. She still remembers the sleepover where we held hands until we fell asleep. When we woke up, I made pancakes with my mom and she wasn't very confident at cooking at all. Because of that, she thinks I'm a generally good cook. Fast forward to about a month ago and we're attempting poorly conveyed recipes over Youtube together.
We've established that it will probably never work out between us a few years ago. (That doesn't stop the light flirting when we're single though)
@bluethings I hope I'm not being too arrogant by deviating, but it surprises me how cute that sounds, man (or girl). As myself, it's been so much since I've been able to truly declare that I've enjoyed being with someone that much, it just messes a bit with my brain.
I've three childhood friends I'm close with. I'm physically attracted to two of them (well, they're quite sexy) but I would never consider them as a romantic option. Like, they're my friends, you know.
The third one is very cute too, but I've no physical attraction at all towards her: I've known her for the longest, and I see her as a sister.

Also, shall we talk about Japanese relationships between cousins? I know it's a cultural difference, but it's so weird. I've a cute cousin of my age, but I would never dream of thinking of her like that.
Well, they're a nation fixated on brother-sister, mom-son and father-daughter incests, so maybe cousins aren't too bad after all. ?
I have one myself, she is engaged. As the passive MC in my own life, I have not made a move on her. I plan to barge in on the wedding day and, like a knight in shining armor, save her from her vile boyfriend. I am sure he has attempted to rape her, and it wasn't consensual at all.

We actually use to date, in kindergarten. But our parents kept teasing us until I eventually broke up with her. This is where my life as a romcom MC began.
Like any good romcom MC, I have wholeheartedly protected my chastity. My BF stayed in love with me for ~6years. But every time she asked me out I rejected her bc I'm an idiot MC and the author of my life doesn't know how to create a good love story.
The last time my she asked me out was at the beginning of middle school. Despite dreaming that she would marry some other man the night before, I rejected her. The next year, she started dating other people.
Despite that, to show my dedication to the girl I loved, but was too chicken to date, I avoided all contact with any other potential love interest whatsoever. I have rejected all girls who have asked me out, telling them I have someone I like. Detached myself from any female friends who became too physical. And additionally made sure not to look at cheerleaders and the like bc that someone would be betraying the trust my unnot-yet-unrequited love had in me.
Up till HS, we hung out with each other on a near daily basis. But after that, we lost contact with each other (largely bc I got too emotional whenever I saw her with another guy, and thus distanced myself from her).
Jump forward to now. She is engaged, and about to marry. This is a great sign! Like any romcom MC the dream I had in middle school, was that I stopped the wedding right before they married, and if manga has taught me anything, its that NOW is the time for the MC to act! Give up on her? What do you know about her after not being in contact for ~6 years? Come to terms with it and move on? Screw that! I will patiently wait for the wedding day and barge in then like all MCs! Yes, this has been my plan all along!

No, I am serious.... totally not sad at all. No I wasn't invited to the wedding. No, she hasn't told me she is getting married, though we have seen each other several times since then.
Yes, I may have told her about that dream once before....... I'm sure she just forgot to invite me!

*totally not crying on the inside.
~Childhood friend type MC who lost his childhood friend
(ps. no, I do not know how to write normal posts. only 10 word or less ones, or walls of text)
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@firefish5000 trust me dude. She actually wants you, but is to tsundere to admit it. I think you should continue wth your plan of interrupting her wedding. Bring your own ring and orchestra and propose to her right there on the altar
Thx, I plan to!
Also bringing my own priest! (her boyfriend is the pasture's son. I have a haunting feeling that he won't feel like marrying us)
@firefish5000 In the worst case, you can become an NTR MC.
when I was a first year student in an elementary school, a new student came, she had green eyes, yellow hair and it seems I was charmed by her and her personality. while I don't really remember talking to her all I did was act as a dump indecisive and a failure of socializing kind of mc according to my memories and what my mother told me about those days, which I barely remember anything about them. her personality was of a quiet and maybe shy girl. **or at the very least that's what I remember of it** I used to stalk here, yeah you heard me right.. "stalk her" but during break time though, not to her home lmao, while I did stalk her I heard her friends **which are females** talking, laughing and bla bla bla they are just background characters so let's ignore them, tbh they were annoying...I still remember one day when they were laughing and one of them was saying: hey, did you see how ***** "my name" eats? he eats like this. and so they laughed... not sure what was funny though.. all I did was eat my food while my mouth was shut unlike some pigs who were laughing at me for eating like that when they eat with their mouths open and she exaggerated how I eat by filling her mouth till it's like it's gonna burst when I did no such a thing.. well, ever seen people chew food with their mouths open? that's it, that's how they eat... well, being the good girl that she is, she said nothing and didn't laugh **I think...well, let's not corrupt my image of her in my mind** though stalking was useful to get to know what do other people gossip about you....also to those sorry excuses of girls: sorry for knowing how to chew food without showing what's in my mouth, pigs. if I ever get reincarnated I will ask for a pig momy and daddy to teach me that.
anyway... and so as a coward mc who actually sucks at socializing with people **whether be of the same gender, the opposite or something different...not that I have met one** I just kept stalking her every lunch break. awesome, right? no need to compliment me, i know how great of a child I was. anyway, so I spent all my lunch breaks either stalking her or buying something to eat when I lost her, and when we, the boys played soccer I tried to show off in front of her...not that it was really a soccer, more of a score a goal and you become the goalkeeper and each one in class comes to score goals... I did great job though, no one has scored a goal in the first goal keeper, but when the great me came I scored a goal and became the 2nd goalkeeper, I felt great at that moment I was like "eat this suckers to my male classmates, since tbh I consider none of those dicks as a friend of mine. do a good deed to them and you regret ever being raised as a good child" but the thing is... the first one to shoot the ball while I am the goalkeeper scored a goal and so I lost my position as a goalkeeper when I just started "yeah, lame I know".
also in case you are asking why I call them dicks, at the first day in school the teacher arranged us in such a way as those who wear glasses sit at the front seats which I was one of them "all thanks to playing with my lil bro with a plastic arrow. you know that sucky sucky rubber thing they put on arrows so they stick to walls? i guess at that time I was trying to get my lil bro to stick it to the TV, but the thing is it stay for like 2/3 seconds stuck then fall. so I told him to stick it harder, so he kept sticking the TV screen with the arrow and pulling it back when it felt it's a bit loose. the thing is...I jumped right behind him and he pulled the arrow at that time, at that time my eye made a friend called "plastic arrow, Plarow for short" I don't remember what happened that day other than crying and screaming, so yeah thanks to that my eyesight of my right eye weakened and I had to wear glasses" anyyyyywayyyyy, one day I came late and one of the boys took my seat, I told him that's my seat and he said: it's mine, you came late. it's your fault. even the boy who was next to me was being all lovey-dovey with the one who took my seat and sided with him saying: yeah it's his seat, you go sit back. what did the teacher do? well, nothing since when did the teacher their even care? like for example when I wanted to go to the restroom so I politely raised my hand, though the teacher ignored it, so I lowered it and kept silent...then raised it again and kept going like 2/3 times maybe "seriously, sorry for being raised as a good child" till I finally broke the ice and just asked right away, fuck hand raising, and asked the teacher for permission to go to the restroom. the angelic kind teacher said: no, first finish writing what's on the board and show me, then you can go. so I did what she said even though I was slow at writing. I showed her that I wrote everything and asked for permission to go to restroom. and out of of big heart and kindness she said: no..... best teacher ever.... so I sat down in my seat. ahh I can't hold it back anymore.. no I must hold it... it would feel good if you just let it go.. if she doesn't let you go to restroom to pee then just do it right here, said my my great mind... and so water began to flow as my body shiver a bit and it really felt goooood... the boy in the next seat realized what I just did and he was like: what is that? ***** "my name" is peeing himself, hahaha. and so whole class started laughing....and teacher was like: why didn't you go to the restroom, did I tell you to?....... I was like: you did?... anyway I got a change of clothes and when lunch break came my male classmates were running everywhere telling people ***** "yep, my name" peed himself...

so, in the end, all I did was raise my stalking lvl as a child and had no interactions with her till the end, or so my memories say. now let's see what my mother says.

after some years, I see a video of a movie in which I saw a girl singing, that girl felt familiar, she had green eyes, yellow hair and....let's just skip this and get to the main point, I realized it's the girl I stalked in my childhood. I found an old photo of me and my classmates which she was in which confirmed it was her, so I told Mom and she was oh, that girl? I remember her. and now we arrived at my mom's version of my past.
she said that when that girl met my mom she asked her if she could take care of me, my mom replied to her saying: you can, he's all yours. but it seems I was distancing myself from her, ignoring her, not playing with her...etc and rather I hang out with another girl "let's just name them: Blondie for the one I stalked and Girl2 since I am not really sure who she is" mom said Blondie kept trying to get my attention but I kept ignoring her and spent my time with Girl2, when she asked me why I replied: because no one like Girl2 because she's not that beautiful and doesn't have friends to play with... "I was truly surprised when Mom was telling me all of that, just that thought I was such a good kid.. shame on my current selfish corrupted lazy self....but if I had to say I remember talking with a girl which had black girl which may be her since I don't really remember actually interacting with any other girl but then again...I don't even remember interacting with Blondie to begin with but mom says I did and that she tried to get my attention and win me over or something... but if Girl2 is truly that girl with black hear then probably the reason is because she was somewhat the only person I can consider a friend in that class, or so I believe and I don't really remember her doing any misdeed to me, though while i think or believe she was the closest person to me at 1st year in elementary school, I still remember being disgusted from offense I truly was, though I never showed it in front of her and kept it a secret to myself, I remember she had..ummm, maybe I birth mark at her upper side of her arm but I don't really think it was a birthmark but anyway I was somewhat interested in it and by no means I was disgusted of her because of that, actually it was because she..well, was the kind that picks her nose and put what's inside her nostril in her don't blame me...but tbh that action was somewhat spread and I am pretty sure I saw others in school doing so, maybe even from people in the same class..i am glad I am not eating anything while typing that" the end Blondie changed schools or something, Fin.

I had also another crush when I was in 3rd year elementary student in another school, but ehh not an interesting story, I was just the type of mc that annoys his crush and when he gets jealous he never admits it or shows his affection towards his crush. but unlike with the former one, Blondie, I was more of a friend with this one I guess, let's call her green eyes since her eyes was green "her hair was black though unlike Blondie". we were in the same bus and we were classmates. one day green eyes confessed her love in a piece of paper.... not me though to another classmate or so the rumor said.
2 girls "green eyes, and let's call the other shorty since she's short" confessing in a piece of paper saying: I love you. to one boy "let's call him ikemen, he looked normal to me though" and ikemen replied to shorty with a piece of paper saying: I love you too. "I really do wonder how is this rumor so detailed as to who confessed, who got confessed to, who he chose and the method used in confession as well as what exactly was written"
in the end of 3rd year I just got nothing than a friendship with an expire date, in the last day after the last exam green eyes asked me for my phone number so we can talk.... just what a great timing tbh, last day... seriously? I didn't even have a phone at that age nor had any number memorized so I can tell her so she calls me... but the last day I still remember my attempt teacher's boobs with my hands, I was like do you get ticklish if someone touches you? she said no. and so I went straight for her boobs.....but I was afraid so I barely touched it with just the tips of my fingers...fuck bras man...I couldn't feel the rumored soft jelly stuff underneath it... but gotta say I was scared af at that time since I did that while many people were around like my classmates, 3/4 more classes, some other teachers, school's chairwoman...I am glad nothing got tied up.

next year came and I became a 4rth year elementary student but I stayed in the same school I met green eyes in, and so did she...same to almost all of my classmates..anyway the school had a system in which: students from kindergarten to 3rd elementary stay together in one class and if one class and aren't divided into male and female classes, but starting from 4rth year elementary to 2nd year of highschool boy and girls are yeah rip.. and being separated from her in class wasn't enough... she also started using another bus...or maybe her parents drove her to school.. whatever, since then I never talked to her again starting from 4rth year of elementary to 3rd year of highschool "even though we were in the same school the whole time"

in 5th year of elementary french and German classes were co-ed so I was with here in that time since we both chose french "tbh I didn't choose french cause I wanted..2 teachers came one of them said something which even now idk TF is it and suddenly some of my classmates stood up and went to the teacher who stood by the door, at that time I didn't know whether to stand up and go to that teacher or just stay seated were I am and what will be will be....but yeah I just went by the **what will be will be** and just stayed seated then the teacher standing by the door took the students who came to him and left, after that the other teacher started introducing himself... later on I discovered that in doing so I chose french as a language to study rather than German...took me a while to figure that out...yeah, I know I am so smart that some of you people reading this probably wouldn't have discovered that even if you used up your entire lifetime thinking what just happened."

fk this...let's make it short because I spent too much time typing this shit and I am seriously in a need to visit the restroom... anyway since we had co-ed french class with the girls, I am not sure whether it would be out of attention seeking or what...I wrote in a piece paper the following:
Green eyes loves Ikemen
Shorty loves Ikemen
Ikemen loves shorty

not sure if there was something missing but that's what I remember as of now, after writing that down in the paper I cracked my brain thinking as to how to deliver this paper to green eyes without her knowing it was actually me who wrote that. and that's when I came up with the perfect foolproof plan. use my advantage since I am setting behind shorty and drop the paper and act as if the paper fell from her and say something fell from you and pick the paper and give it to her. man, brain sure is a great gift from God. and so I did that but since I am shy and not good at socializing I said in a quiet voice: what's that? something fell from you. which I doubt she even heard me saying so... actually I don't even remember her seeing me picking up the paper... then I threw the paper on her disk...of course when a paper is thrown to someone's else disk the person in question will open it right away...she read what's written, she and the girls next to her.... then they went right away to the teacher

This can't be. said Adden. "me"

Did my perfect foolproof plan fail? Adden "still me" questioned himself as he started to doubt himself.

What's This?! said the teacher with an angry voice.

Adden remained silent as he had no reply to the question directed to him.

What did you write?! Asked the teacher seeking any kind of response from Adden.

Adden's brain overflowed with worries as well as fear of what could and would happen resulting in a delay in processing the current situation he's in.

The Teacher threw the paper angerly and told the girls to go report this to the Students Affairs.

After little while. "I don't really remember how the rest of the class discovered what was written in the paper but whatever, let's continue"

Adden! Here take this paper. said Dick of Dicks as he handed a paper to Adden.

What's this for? Asked Adden as he took the paper while checking it out.

Write down in it what you wrote in the piece of paper that the Teacher threw. said Dick of Dicks while pointing at the pen next to Adden.

What for? Asked Adden seeking an answer as to what Dick of Dicks is after.

Just Write it down. said Dick of Dicks.

....Ok. Said Adden as he took the pen and started writing on the paper.

Here, I am done. Said Adden after he finished writing down everything.

Dick of Dicks took a look at the paper.

Write "*** loves **". Said Dick of Dicks.

What? Asked Adden as he didn't hear what did Dick of Dicks said exactly.

Write "*** loves **". Said Dick of Dicks once again.

And write "**** loves *****". Said Dick of Dicks as he's staring at the paper.

Here, I wrote everything down. Said Adden as he put down his pen and gave the paper to Dick of Dicks.

Suddenly a Teacher enters the classroom.

Here Teacher, this is what Adden wrote in the piece of paper that was thrown away. Said Dick of Dicks as he handed the paper to Teacher2.

You bitch, I didn't even know anything about the last two! Said Adden angerly in his mind.

Where's Adden? Teacher2 asked as she took a look at the students.

I am here. Said Adden as he went towards Teacher2 as he resolved his resolution and holding his anger and hatred towards Dick of Dicks.

well.....long short story it ended up with me having no lunch break next day....

while this seems to have strayed way too far from the main point i hope you enjoyed... considering someone has the actual time to read all of that...
For fortine sake man , that was a long story.... This time, did you end going to the toilet at the right time? Hope you've made it.
I don't have such an amazing story to tell just some crush on a girl from from kindergarter. Did the same elementary school till third year, after which I move out to a very faaar away place. Nothing happened between us even if we were the main "riajuu" of that class of newbs, only some teasing and a gift taken back. Yeah. There was that time when I found a heart shaped necklance during a field trip and I gifted it to her. That could be a golden catch to start something but on the retun journey, as the stupid kid I was, I asked it back. Shame on me.
Time passes and people changes. Now after several years, or better said decades, of not seeing each other we've started our own lives. And we just follow each other on istagram. The sad thing is that she is cute but her bf, and future husband, it's a gorilla. He's so damn ugly that I think she has some eyes problem or developped a huge inferiority complex. She had a huge accident some years ago, a near death experience.

This was one girl, as a little riajuu which then became a huge otaku as I moved out, I had another girl with much more 'carnal desires' for damn kids we were. Kissing and stuff for damn sake. And at 8!! What a sad life.
She was my neighbour and while with the first girl was more of a real love feelings, with this one was more of a horny situation. Kids discovering their lust.... Things didn't last much as I moved out and not much drama , too, but I have to say that this was for the best. She's so damn ugly now. Just after I've got moved out she starded whoring her self around the town... Nowadays she looks like some old granny being in her thirties.

Aaand this is it. Some other minor girls at that time too but as I moved everything vanished. I closed myself in the otaku life, but I still managed to get my current gf :) Happy with her and not so much drama as in mangas with mcs that can't overcome their first love.....
Can someone make a tldr for @Adden post, im sorry i had ptsd just from scrolling through the lengthy essay or short story. would love to know the contents.?
Oh I have a sad story involving a tomboy, but I have to find the image...