Author Chapter 8 (Past Life Regressor)
Thanks for the chapter~
It felt shorter, but I think it was just because it was some good action. Oh raws are up to 17, and were updated in this month, so I think we have some good, strange time regression comic.
@Majchster they release every Saturday (they didn't release a chapter last Saturday though)
I like how slow this story is going and we can see how he impove little by little.
Most of the time, story similar to this be like

MC: OhmAn I gat reincarnated time to train myself while still a child so I can save some bitch and bitches and basically became fcking god.
*Time Skip*
MC:Yeah... I kinda OP now.

story like that always make me want to puke on how fcking terrible it is and everything they do later on doesn't feel rewarding at all since there is no challenge at all.
I really hope this series doesn't go to that route.
"Man against Adversity"

*Checks the The Official Saiyan Handbook

When you are beaten to near death your power increases immensely.
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I like how the mc become stronger step by step, so we can see all the progress he make to become stronger and rich.
Does this not have a LN? Seems like it would be a good read.

I was waiting for some kind of Team FourStar joke.
Man's face, GOT CUT OPENNNNNN from a punch ~