Author Demi's Putting Together a Team!

As you all know, scanlating as a group is a lot of work, but in the last few months I've come to realize that translating, redrawing, and typesetting all on your own eats up almost all your free time, especially when you don't know the next thing about drawing or Japanese! In order to free myself up for a.) more series and b.) more time for things that aren't scanlating, I'm planning on putting together a regular scanlation team under my current group, Semi-Hemi-Demi Scans. For the time being, I'm especially looking for translators and redrawers for the following series I'm currently working on:

Minagoroshi no Arthur: King Arthur & Knights of the Round
Liar Liar
Chandra Has (Note: This series will be released under Inept Bastards)

as well as a couple other possible future series. Experience is appreciated but not required as long as you can git 'er done.
Reach out to me here or on Discord (The Demiurge#2486) for more information!