Author Either force-require translation groups and limit the number a user can have, or actually monitor uploaders for abusive uploads Rejected
We do need to keep the hostility down, people...
I'm trying to get into the Christmas spirit and all that but when I get called toxic and a hypocrite while being talked down to like i'm some chump
I can't help but snap.
If the shoe fits.

@ all
If repeat suggestion threads upset you, just stay out of them. Close the window and pretend you never saw them. Let someone else give a polite response with a subtle prod and let the thread gently settle to the bottom.

Getting used to swarming these threads like furious birds of prey leads to people sometimes getting reamed for not being a part of a discussion in one thread several months ago, in which an upcoming feature was actually discussed at length. Or a thread turning into a furious flamewar while the OP's other suggestions which have not been discussed fade into obscurity.
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You talking to me? I'll assume you are since the thread you linked only has me and some other dude in it if you weren't just give me a shout.

Anyways I don't get upset over repeating threads it's bound to happen after all there is still no forum search (hopefully we get it when MD jumps to XF).
What sets me off is being labeled and belittled for a simple statement. I wasn't mocking the guy at all when I told him I didn't have to change to page to find the
exact same suggestion I was only making an observation.