Author "Hero/DemonLord" Mangas?
They are quite a popular trope that is used in a lot of isekais/fantasy mangas. They generally are the base trope, and then they include a twist like: "Im the hero, but cheatskills" "the demon lord was defeated and then.." or "i don´t care about destiny lets become a farmer or smthing".

Thing is. Is there any good manga thats more or less on that base trope, does not use weird gimmicks like the mentioned before, but it just follows trough and is actually completed? For example how like Boku no Hero academia is a generic shounen that sticks to cliches but its done so well that it becomes just good. Does any manga like that even exist, or are they all just referencing the cliche stories of old jrpgs?
The only ones I can think of are ones with twists :/

- "the demon lord actually has a benevolent plan to save the world with economics and stuff so the hero teams up with her"
- "the demon lord is actually a cute girl with no evil ambitions at all and the hero is really weak"
You can try, very good one