Author Chapter 34 (Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami)
Monroe can be getting his money for parties and other frivolities by selling grain to Towair. It would also explain his lackadaisical attitude towards protecting his fief from the other nation/his trading partner.

As for Armelia, truth and fact are important but perception is more so when it comes to shaping other's opinions. Another way to look at it is, she is increasing the fief's wealth by a very large margin such is usually done by raising taxes and is a common precursor for preparing for war, she's increased recruiting and training of a military force to protect her people but it could quite easily be used to invade other fiefs or rebel, and her parents/grandparents have a great deal of social and political power and might have deceived the Dowager Queen about Iris' character which is unlikely but people tend to be unreasonable when it comes to defending their preconceptions that they want to be true.

Its a great series. Can't say that I was horribly surprised by the Alfred reveal. Am a bit surprised at how Edward has fallen so far. I do really enjoy the clash? between welfare/giving bread versus economics/giving jobs.
Another way to go is if iris aims to transform the duchy as a grand duchy, tecnically still part of the kingdom but with a non negligible grade of soberany and one of the things that sagittaria suspects (is that or the coup d'etat) and yes, it would be a bigger deal than a third faction; the worst part, she could do as a save card if things go dire because it doesn't lack of food production, admin management and international trade.
she looks soooo FINE on page 10 wowzers.


I don't think she is overreacting to things people say. The people who came to speak with Iris are WAY up on the social/power ladder so finding out she is under scrutiny should have SOME emotional effect IMHO. She is simply being intimidated by the situation, and these people are far from little-known randoms.

Keep in mind it has been years since she talked with royalty or higher-ups, she shouldn't still be used to it. In fact I'm sure people would complain if she suddenly WAS used to it after just one party.
Damn she look good.
Alfred you gotta see this. Yuri who?
On the lower half of page 19 the old dude with the cane has got a terrible case of yaoi-hands, those suckers are like twice the size of his head lol.
she looks like her mom

Definitely.. they're both Queens on their own regard.
Welp, if she actually starts going "nope, I just want my peaceful life, fuck that shit" when people start approaching her I will actually respect her lol.
Also, the author finally acknowledging that what she did was more than just regular ol' "managing" her fief, halellujah. Though apparently there is still nobody asking where the heck she grew a BA in Economics between getting expelled and coming home.