Author Isekai titles so dumb they could work

Come up with a fake isekai title that sounds so unreal that it works. If, unbeknownst to the poster, the title is actually real, whoever points it out gets a cookie.

I'll start: destroying the demon king's moonbase in a medival world for my employment
This is basically Light Novel Title Generator™

I Have The Ability to Sense Boobs so I Know Where the Demon Queen is Hiding

I got reincarnated in a world of flat chests so I decided to steal the heroine's harem.
My Time as a Demon Queen's Personal Undercover Sex-shop Deliveryman

@fagguette101 so guess if this..
destroying the demon king's moonbase in a medival world for my employment real or not?

Hmm.. not real, cause moonbase and medieval doesn't work well together (unless maybe it's like Goblin Slayer where he said Goblin came from the moon)...

Hey wait, is this actually Goblin Slayer???
The busty loli-goddess reincarnated me as the hero, but I am a shut-in, so I became the demon lord instead.
I seems to be the only male in this world but since I'm a yuri fan I'm gonna go kms.
I got summoned to another world but another summoner from earth summon me back before I obtain any cheat abilities, so now I am an average human in average world eventhough my great-grandpa was a self-proclaimed sage, trying my best living in an (imaginary) slow mofu mofu life using my vast medieval period knowledge from searching on bing which is now mostly outdated and pretty much useless in this modern era, when I realize my age I am already an actual fat wizzard (30y/o virgins) which still have chuunibyou disease, my fiancee ( a common black company slave ) broke our engagement before dying and reincarnated as a saint in another world and my family try to throw me into monastery via the HELLO WORK agency, but knowing whats going happen to me I'll try to change my fate as a mob in this world until finally I understand that I'm the villain on my own life.
I reincarnated as the Demon Lord, so now I’m pretending to be the hero.
@Nolonar I'm pretty sure that actually exists.

I know a series that is "I'm both the demon lord and hero" exists.
In another world, I’m a useless vampire!

They Summoned Me Into a Dystopia of a Fantasy

Ngl I'd read the synopsis if I saw a title like this.
I'm getting summoned into Grand Theft Auto with cheat and Mod.

Well, the real one isn't GTA but TES, but I'll stop right there with no comment added.
Skyrim belongs to the nords!

"I opened a door to a different world and got myself a girlfriend, but she's also now a real magical girl"
"In another world, I have the strongest skill but I don't realize it yet"

"I've been reborn as a tapeworm! Can I still defeat the demon lord?"

"They summoned 10,000 heroes and locked us in a room. I will prove that I'm the strongest!"

"This other world is made of fire and covered in spikes?!"

"I violated 14 girls before I realized that this world wasn't a dream"

"Founding an automotive industry in another world (so I can get hit by a truck and get back)"

"Is it wrong to imprison girls in the dungeon?"

"I've been summoned to a world I'm pretty sure I read about in another manga"

"In another world, I'm a mighty wizard, so I teleported back to Japan"

"My girlfriend was summoned to another world and that's why you've never met her"

"Being a reincarnated baby is boring. I want to explore the dungeon NOW!"

"The demon lord summoned me just so he could laugh at me" (4koma)

"How can I explore the dungeon when I am a fish?"

"Reading Isekai manga in another world"

"I flooded the dungeon with low-level water magic and reached level 999. Now I'm a wanted criminal."

I hereby release the ideas above to the public domain. I hope someone does something really stupid with them.
"I've been reincarnated into an RPG world, but because I'm bad at video games, my stat spread is horrendous, and I must now rely solely on my gear scores to get by. Can I still defeat the demon king and return home, even if I don't find any rare drops?"
"Having a really long title that no one will be able to say in casual conversation IN ANOTHER WORLD!"
"Exploring an unfamiliar world whilst having clinical depression"
"I accidentally killed the entire population of another world because they had no exposure to my diseases"
"I was your average high-schooler but now am the stereotypical anime protagonist"
"I'm a gay dude and now in a world only full of women who want my dick"
"I hate isekai and now am in one"
"In a fake isekai world known as earth ... fuck you reincarnation god"
"reincarnate as a magical enchanted pantsu"
"Reincarnate as a god who just sent heroes to other worlds"
"an isekai author in isekai world "
"Buddhist man reincarnates and immediately breaks down because he didn't want to. Hijinks ensue"
"transported in other world where isekai stories is the bible"