"Resignation Post"
Wolvenworks 11 days ago
funny thing there on top. i can't see anything in it either due to the "restricted or deleted" notice
cidmosquito 11 days ago
Some secrets are better kept hidden
Wolvenworks 11 days ago
@cidmosquite naruhodo....

well dun matter anymore, that announcement's already gone
Plykiya 11 days ago

If you two are really curious, it's in the contests board now.
Wolvenworks 11 days ago
@Plykiya !
wow internal drama made public. why was it posted on Contests tho lol
Plykiya 11 days ago
@Wolvenworks He's the primary person who ran the contests so he placed it there. Just wanted to let people know he's resigning and future contests are canceled unless someone else takes over.
Wolvenworks 11 days ago
@Plykiya i c. btw nice gif lol
Plykiya 11 days ago
thanks, I made it myself
I like yours too
cidmosquito 10 days ago
@Plykiya thanks for the clarification
Zephyrus 10 days ago
I somewhat regret posting that in the heat of the moment but not entirely. It was cathartic. Apologies to all who wanted to participate in future contests.
Alraisen 10 days ago
Heeere we go, Mangadex is fucking its own ass. So much for democracy.
Zephyrus 10 days ago
I'm not sure what you're unhappy about specifically, but MD has never been a democracy. Holo takes advice into consideration but makes his own decisions. That's how it's always been and always will be.

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Teasday 10 days ago
This is a constitutional monarchy
Alraisen 9 days ago
Unhappy that a method that gives voice to a group of people, which ideally should solve problems, instead creates them. But thank you for clarifying. I guess persons clash whatever you do, so I hope that the Mangadex team can all go on, cheers.
Nogoodnms 9 days ago
Didn't really know ya very well, but I'm sorry that drama shit pushed you away from the staff, Zephyrus. Hope you continue to help this place turn into a positive environment, at least.
Zephyrus 9 days ago
Thanks kindly! I don't expect the forums to receive a lot of love so I probably won't be around hereuch, but I'll still post on occasion.