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If ye wanna talk about definitions, a born victim, as you put it, is a radical-pacifist. One who truly chooses to die rather than kill or hurt.
A pacifist, though, can be said one who takes a peaceful approach when possible.

P.S: That being said, in anime-land, the meaning of words have very little bearing. So I think the topic was a lost cause to begin with.
P.P.S: And it just occurred to me that I replied to a 4 months old comment. Necroposting it is, then.
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Just reading the description makes me want to throw myself out of a window.
Necroposting FTW!

I'd completely forgotten about this manga; according to my reading,list, I didn't actually read any further than I had at the time of posting my previous comments.
I just reread through 8 to refresh my memory a bit.

Definitions are a tricky thing.
The standard dictionary definition is a variant on "a person who believes that war and violence are unjustifiable."
But... just what all gets classified as violence?

So, yeah, a lost cause from the get go.
saying the names out loud from this manga makes me feel like im speaking Parseltounge

i like it though, its unique? hahaha
I have no damn idea what’s going on in this story anymore, gotta start fresh at some point
Its kinda feel boring to read this series, the story just keeps adding more and more characters, the MC is barely even have screen time...
Always some bad situation on some country with extras in it.
I think the issue regarding the new characters is that the release is so damn slow it's painful. It appears the translation pretty much caught up to the raws and the manga started 5+ years ago.
Now imagine how long this could keep going before a satisfactory resolution.
I've read the 57 chapters in two sittings after having dropped it couple monds back, and the only reason I managed to finish it this time because the characters were somewhat interesting.

At this point every new character is just fluff, even the song girls were just there for their arc and now while the "sister" has a token spot as moss researcher the other one didn't really have screentime since the spanking. With only 1 chapter a month the author doesn't have enough time to flesh out the whole plot and every character. I think he is going for some super complex story with many powers and interests fighting for the "power of the evil god" as a tool, the MC is kept as the typical milktoast isekai character because if he developed serious character traits the story couldn't progress.

Imagine the MC had his own opinions and desires (aside from muh Sun and be friendly, nice and help people) then he could just do whatever he wishes, fight for a side he chooses and go on.

I think the author tried to write something about many different interests fighting for control while the MC is just a tool to help the readers get acquainted with the world and the "actors of the world".
Essentially turning him into nothing but a force of nature, a really bland one at that.
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You need to read this knowing the mc is so stupid that even his mother kicked him out.
There are many bad decisions and plot holes in the story too.

Despite all that it's a fun read.

Wow this has long been over in Japan and still not translated...

Honestly I think MC is alright, better then Betas.

The thing I dislike is the terrible balanced between the plot and characters. “Dark” things happen that aren’t mention in the Manga. At times it doesn’t feel like his ability is pulled to good use, nonetheless I really enjoyed the characters.

I haven’t read the LN since only WN/Manga been translated so one cannot judge properly yet.
When will this finally get pointed out?
When my employer made me a commander of a unit of army unintentionally....
why is there a harem tag? pls spoil me, so that i may remove myself from this series if there's other partners in the future.
@Swadloon the LN has been done for a while so mods can update the tags
@Swadloon There shouldnt be one. The mc surrounds himself with a personal military squadron and meets more than a few women in other roles, some of whom are piqued by him, but nothing comes of it. Its clear who waifu prime is from the start.
@Gyges @firefox1234
is it just me or the first half of this chapters its just a word salad with names of kingdons, countries, squads and whatnot? Feels like i have to go back and take this world history / geography lesson every time theres a chapter out
Yea I’m honestly really lost, haven’t read in a few months not sure what chapter to go back and pick up things from