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If ye wanna talk about definitions, a born victim, as you put it, is a radical-pacifist. One who truly chooses to die rather than kill or hurt.
A pacifist, though, can be said one who takes a peaceful approach when possible.

P.S: That being said, in anime-land, the meaning of words have very little bearing. So I think the topic was a lost cause to begin with.
P.P.S: And it just occurred to me that I replied to a 4 months old comment. Necroposting it is, then.

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Just reading the description makes me want to throw myself out of a window.
Necroposting FTW!

I'd completely forgotten about this manga; according to my reading,list, I didn't actually read any further than I had at the time of posting my previous comments.
I just reread through 8 to refresh my memory a bit.

Definitions are a tricky thing.
The standard dictionary definition is a variant on "a person who believes that war and violence are unjustifiable."
But... just what all gets classified as violence?

So, yeah, a lost cause from the get go.