Author Chapter 10 (I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home.)
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I like this mc, he has reason to not touch her and tells her unlike indecisive beta mc's from some other manga's
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i like where this is going
Oh no someone just mention boss and i am worried about how author will drive the plot. Please dont make another sex haressment. Its not like i want it but its going to boring... Maybe
I think that our mc did the right choice in the last Chapter.
This chapter was also pretty good. Sayu should get a job and get a taste of that adult life.
Never tried to get a part time job in Japan. How easy is it for a high school girl to get one?

Also have to wonder if meeting Sayu had an influence in the kouhai not calling the cops on the MC. After that heart to heart a couple of chapters ago, she might be the only one that understands their relationship the most.
Oh, I can finally reply now =03. Glad to have missed the s---storm from previous months, but boi was it entertaining to read. The comment section was its own story, lol. Took me longer to read them than the chapter­čśé

Anyhoo, really liking this series after just randomly picking it up this weekend. Great MC that sticks to his guns, and is not so weak as to buckle down just to make Sayu feel better. I'm also glad Sayu revealed her past to Yoshida, so that there aren't many more secrets left between each other and they can reach a new level of trust in their relationship. It must have taken a lot of courage to do that; anyone could generally think that she's... of less worth because of that, but Yoshida saw the raw potential of her persona and easily looked past that. Really good stuff on both ends. I can see his walls breaking down overtime and start beginning to fall in love, so will be definitely waiting to see how things blossom from here =03.
i think in japan, a high schooler needs atleast show their school ID to get part time jobs which maybe problematic question to Sayu's origin

He actually can put Sayu to transfer in nearby school if he want to and act as her guardian. i heard depends on the school, they wont pry too much on the reason a student transfering and let her get in. this way she would have legit school ID to show to get part time jobs
On their way to married life, I see.
I dislike promiscuity overall; especially when someone offering their own body to people so they can live at their place's for cash free. Made me sick to my stomach. Licentious behavior is not something I like. It's disgusting. However if people want to be like that, it's their own choice.

I will continue reading this but i'm not looking forward to it.

I will only date people that has shared values and views like me so promiscuity is out of the way for me. I'm a virgin, so of course I will only marry a virgin. But context matters a lot, so I say I most likely marry a virgin. I'm not a hypocrite in the slighest.

Totally agreeing with you, @Tsukasa_iLy
Hmm. Quiet chapter, but definitely not a meaningless one.
Also, because seeing it over and over is starting to annoy me:

1)Are paid in cash, not goods or services
2)Have sex with multiple partners a day
3) Limit their interactions with their clients to sex
4)Work of their own free will

1)Was "paid" in being given shelter, nothing else
2) Only had sex with whoever was putting her up at the moment
3) Lived with her respective patron, presumably did everything she does for Satou
4) Literally had no choice in the matter, as being left on the street would lead to her arrest (and presumably return to the family she ran away from for reasons we do not know yet.
Peace before the storm. Past guys or classmates, friend, families, bullies, rapist or whatever gonna show up soon and ensue cliche drama.
This chapter was pretty boring, just confirming that Sayu is endgame to us like we didn't know that already.
I was not prepared for this to be so good.
Stop guys..i go call the fbi