Author Tonari no Baka to Tsudzuku Uso
@levanah a succubus LOL
that's cuz the series has finished, we just haven't scanlated all of the chapters yet. there's 15 in total.
hope those chapters can be read soon............

please and thank you for your good workπŸ˜€
sounds really similar to Mysterious Girlfriend X

edit: Nevermind. This is great.
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This is disturbingly entertaining..
Do we have someone who's gonna translate this one?
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Looking at raw, there seems to be three volumes?

good day to you πŸ™ƒ

may i ask, when can we read the rest of the chapters πŸ˜“

it has been nine month already and there is no new chapter until today 😭

i really wish to know what will happen to this wonderful couple 😝, but only you and your team can make that wish comes true πŸ˜‰

not just for me, but all the readers of this wonderful reading material πŸ˜ͺ

so, i am asking, as a fan;

" would you kindly upload the remaining chapters until the manga is complete"

you, and your team are my only hope to ever read this manga, in English πŸ€—
which is the only language i can understand πŸ˜…

i thank you for taking your time reading this and have a good day