Author CyberTopia
Chapter 1 - How things go here
''first of all madame:welcome to cybertopia the place where your life is only worth as much as false meat if you don't have a reputation.So for what purpose are you here madame oh and your name can you tell me what your name is.''

A man around 45-50 of age was talking nonstop as well as asking questions to the woman in front of him.there was a well hidden look of lust in his eyes as he gazed at the beauty.

She had long violet hair reaching al down to her hips.Deep yellow eyes, a tanned skin a healthy and straight of the art perfect sculptured face

She was around 1,90m tall.

With a perfect model body such as long legs a bit bigger than the average hip and breasts as big as an orange.She had a well fitted violet hoodie and tight fitted blue jeans on.There was a wolf head with gray fur and glowing yellow eyes which showed its fangs on the hoodie she also had violet sneakers on.

'Hes already trying to get info out of me.Well thats how things apparently go here.'

She had a look of disgust and annoyance on her face as she looked at the guide.He was on the chubbier side and had well cammed black hair with a ponytail reaching to his neck and had a black suit with glowing blue lines on . ''im Called Verah.'' said Verah in a in an annoyed tone.

The man looked at her with a smile and said:'' well than im called Ohr.If you need information or news of whats going on in CT im the first outside of the source which heard the news and infos. So what do you want to know?The first information will be free.''

''What do i need to know about CT if i want to start ...a buisness here.As well as the overall layout of CT.''said Verah with an attentive look on her face


Ohr Started to laugh before he answered her question.''excuse my outburst but it was the best request you could want as a newbie here.Alright let's start:as I said at first Human life is worth shit if you don´t have a reputation or a clan family organisation or the goverment behind you .You're worthless!Ok that warning should be clear enough lets start with the laws and rules here in CT.Man and women arent differentiatet gender doesnt matter here no one will look after you or go easy on you just because youre a women or a child or old evrybody is the same be it hetero or gay or anything else .Second everything besides going against the government is allowed be it abuse fighting murder torture or **** everything is allowed.And last,every newbie gets protection from the government for 1 year after that you're on your own.''

Ohr cleared his throat ant continued.''now to CT itself.CT is split into 4 ring district the first district and outer ring is called free zone .it where the guests of the influential people from outside CT reside for limited time for their buiseness such as investors dealers couriers big organistions and so on.

The second ring is called sklaven.

Its where the garbage lives the humans who coudnt join any big names or build a big enough reputation that they could survive in the 3 ring alone live its just the poor slums to summin' it up.

The third ring is called Gesicht.

Its where the people with enough reputation to survive alone or are part of any big name lives. of course these big-name members are just henchmen and not high ranking.

And lastly the 4 ring called Herz.

Its where government and big-name HQ are and also where you will live for 1 year miss Verah.

Thats all you need to know before we head to the anfänger hotel where all newbies there anything else you might want to know?''

Verah looked the chubby Ohr with a Smile and said:''perfect that is nearly all I wanted to know before we go.Can you tell me about the big organizations family's clans and so on our way to the hotel?''

Ohr smiled as he said ''of course that was my plan we need something to talk about on our way don't we.By the way miss Verah who is that man wearing a mask behind you is he an exo?''

Verah smiled gently as she looked at the masked man behind here and said:''yes he is an exo and my bodyguard.''

Ohr Smiled with wide enough the his eyes were only slits as he thought that he got a useful information before he opened the door to the car that stood there since the beginning of the conversation and said:''alright miss Verah please get on so that we can start the tour through CT.''

Verah expression turned calm as she gazed at the luxurious government car and got in with her bodyguard the exo and lastly Ohr got in and selected the Tour program on the monitor and the car started to drive on the autopilot as they headed for the Anfanger Hotel.

TrueCalm Explains:

hello and thanks for reading the first chapter of cybertopia german is my main language so please forgive my grammatics as im not too familiar with it in english form if you want to help me with the grmmar just contact me tips on what could be better or that is good point or how i could better my writing style in the comments as i will read them all oh and hear some clarifications on the german words i used

Ohr - Ear

Sklaven - Slaves

Gesicht - Face

Herz - Heart

Anfänger - Beginner or Amateur
Chapter 2- The Big Names and the Second 'Warning'
''you kept saying Big names in your explanations what does it means?'' Verah looked out the car window watching the city line pass by while asking Ohr what he meant by Big Names.

Ohr Expression turned serious and he started to explain ''Big names are those who have a big enough reputation to survive in CT such as Familys,clans, organizations,special individuals, gangs , groups,the government which is called Körper and religions.

Verah turned her head and doubtingly ask '' special individuals and religions?! ''

Ohr started to smile while he said '' don't be surprised.I said survive nothing else.That religion is also part of CT isn't that surprising if you think about the history of religions.All of them have at least one part in their history that was bloody or have a system that shows what value you as a person have.christian religion is the best example the bloddy history of the christians is well known such as the crusades or that the pope at that time was more like a warlord than the religios pillar for the people he should be.

Also, the Islam with their value system women are to say it simple worth way less than a man. for example when a male turns 18 he is free to decide on his own what he does who he marrys and so on, where as the women who turns 18 must ask her father to allow her to marry the man if he says no than she isn't allowed to marry the man or the women isn't allowed to work or earn money and so on in the Quran well older versions if they're are fake or not I dont´t know was described how to stone someone.

But thats, not why religions are so spread, to say it frankly the people need something they can believe in be it a god several gods or the samsara ,nirvana or even science as long as you can believe in it, it will have followers and sadly will be used as an excuse for most terrible things such as war slavery murder or racism.Of course believe doesn´t have to be a religion as i said before science is also a believe or the believe that the aryan people are superior to others which the nazis and adolf hitler believed in.

Ok enough of religions and believe now to the special people.

It means your names reputation is enough to make people fear you respect you or worship you enough that your save wherever you go.Of course that only applies to the general audience there will always be someone who wants your life your money your reputation or you're just an eyesore to someone elses plan be it a single person family clan or the government Körper.Special can also mean you benefit the general audience such as me the welcomer and the one who hears all that is going on and infos that will be heard by my ears that no one else will know.So what do you think miss Verah? ''

Verah looked at the man astonished for all the infos that she collected so far and asked ''didnt you say you only give me the first info for free whats with this storm of infos do i have to pay you for all these infos ?!

Ohr smiled so wide that his eyes where nearly closed just silds '' no you don't have to pay for them first thats still information thats corresponds to your first question and the 1-year protection of Körper allows you to ask me one question every month until the year is over.Naturally im aviable for further questions if you can pay for it but im part of a three man group called sinne we´re the information network of CT of course there are others who sell infos but we´re the number one and are hired by Körper to do the welcoming naturally we get paid handsomely for it. ''

Verah looked at Ohr a bit surprised ' seems like he isn't actually part of the government called Körper but an inividual of an outside group.That makes Körper even less approachebel what a bummer. 'thought Verah as a slight dissipointment showed in her eyes and she watched outside the window again ,they already passed through the first ring free zone and were now in the second ring sklaven the poor slums.

It was probably the best representation of the words poor slums as there people who were just bones and skin with lifeless eyes as they sat in the rusted broken houses the children there were drinking the mudwater like they havent any for days and there were people in fine clothing beating those fragile slum people for fun burning them as a show for the friends or toturing them just for there own pleasure.

'CT really is lawless even children look starved in the second ring sklaven they live in a literal hell.Do I end up like them when I fail to build up enough reputation? Verah watched this scene in shock,disgust and also fear as she asked the question which probably all these people asked ''why are they staying here in this living hell why don't they leave?''

''they cant!''sighed OHR and continued

''because they simply die if you join the CT community you arent allowed to leave youll get a chip implanted that wil roast your brain if you leave CT without an permission from Körper.All they can do is hope that some Big Name will take them under their protection or put them to work.Miss Verah the second ring Sklaven serves as a reminder for the Big names and a warning for the Newbies that this is how it ends if they fail. This is how you end up if you fail!''

TrueCalm Explains:

hey guys TC here this is second chapter that shows what happens if you fail in CT also here again the translation of the german words used

Körper – body here specific mean i intend the human body

Sinne – means Senses such as hearing sight and so on