Author Doushite Watashi ga Bijutsuka ni!?
Avatar p106 8 days ago

Hi, I do the typesetting myself. The conventions I use are intended to preserve the original feel of the work. I try to center the text in bubbles, but since they're not perfectly elliptical and I'm doing this by eye, it might be slightly off, I'm not too bothered about that though. A lot of websites downscale the pages (and they're already downscaled compared to physical resolution of the book) so I'd rather not make fonts any smaller just to fit them in bubbles. I'm using the fonts similar to those used in the original manga. The "comic book-looking fonts" are not "more appropriate" because I'm translating a yonkoma, not a Western-style comic book. There are often roman letters used in the original text and they're written in a font similar to the one I'm using. As you noticed, honorifics are intentionally preceded by a hyphen for better line width balance (since they're often on a separate line) and to make this hyphen distinct from a line-wrap hyphen. Hope that explains some of the choices I made for this project.
Avatar daniel11111222 7 days ago
Thanks for your explanation. It is good to see typesetting choices being made with this level of thought even if I may disagree with some of the particular choices, and I will rethink my stance on fonts due to what you've said.
Avatar gouder 3 days ago
I really like it, but I don't really see why it's award-winning. But then again I don't read too many 4komas, so I can't really judge
Avatar BCS 3 days ago
I read many 4-komas and I still have no idea.
Avatar RustiK 1 day ago
As a fellow translator, thanks for translating the dialects xD