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Guys, how do you think that's possible to find love in online dating? As for me, I'm not sure about this, but maybe this is just my luck, I've never met a girl for a serious relationship in a such place, although I've used them quite often before. I even talked with foreigners in Tinder. It was girls from Italy and Russia, but it was also nothing more than talk. But recently I met a girl on an online dating on this site She was very sweet and nice, as I thought. After talking a couple of weeks, she agreed to meet. But she turned out to strange and a little bit crazy. I concluded that either, maybe problem in me and I'm doing something wrong or this is simply not the place where you need to look for a serious relationship. Now I prefer only traditional dating.
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that's interesting. I like communicate with different girls online. Esp I like hot webcam gitls. Btw I found cool thumbzilla video recently. So arousing. The best part is that all videos are free and available online.
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where are you OP ?
You'd only be lonelier. You can't see the other person unless it's by video call. You can only speak via keyboard, phone call or voice chat. There'd be too many elements missing from your relationship. It'd be like playing an MMORPG without the paid subscription. Find someone irl or learn to be happy by yourself.

Unless by online dating you mean finding someone in your state/area on the internet and meeting irl soon after. In that case I think it's okay, but you're more likely to find entitled women (aka thots/Karens) that way.
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@Nick_Asano oh reality can be hurt sometimes...
Did it before, only brought me heartache and heartbreaks.

Now I decided not to date. Saves me time and pain from being hated by someone else because I'm a fat, ugly, narcissistic, bad-tempered female walrus... I'd rather just have one person hate me: Myself.
If you feel that way, please try to fix it or learn to live with it. If your weight or appearance is giving you that much grief, it would do you best to try and improve those elements of yourself. This hyperfocus on your image is really unhealthy. If you can't do either of these things, please see a therapist. Pesimissim is the silliest ideology you could follow. I'm sure you aren't as bad as you think.
@dabson Funny how a misspelling of my username is actually a fairly accurate description of me.

I've learned to live with it, which is why I don't date anymore. And I'm not doing myself any favors by denying what I am. i can't convince myself that "I'm pretty" or "I'm a good person" when I know I'm not. And trying to change them isn't an option either... Every time I've tried to change that, it backfires.

I lose weight? Some pervert gropes me.
I try to fix myself up? Some pervert catcalls me.
I care about others? They take advantage of me to the point where I'm emotionally drained.
I try to keep my temper in check? People go back to bullying me.
I think I find someone I'm slightly interested in? "Oh, ElBichoRaro, you're such a good friend!"

I could say that I'm used to other people's hatred, and I am to a certain degree, but being hounded by others gets tiring after a while. I know I sound like I'm bitter, but it's hard not to feel that way when in 34 years of life, you've been mostly a failure. Just waiting now for that heart attack to happen... But sadly, despite my asthma and obesity, I'm healthy as a horse.
I’m not really proposing that people do a online relationship but If that’s what you want go ahead.

People have their circumstances that will limit their relationships to online only. But personally imo I feel that if the relationship is meant to be long term it both need to meet face to face.

Without seeing the person from face to face or hearing (pitch, tone, and volume) their voice, it’s easy to read between the lines. From my own past experience, you can get emotionally and mentally invested in a short period of time. Sometimes you can metaphorically ‘get the rug pulled from right under you.’ At times I remember a quote: “The heart is more treacherous than anything else and is desperate. Who can know it?”

But for everyone please stay safe. Use caution with dating online and I wish for all of you the best.
You're being over dramatic about me misspelling your name. It was a mistake and it represents nothing but that mistake.

I don't condemn your choice not to date, but your mindset is clearly troubled. I can see you're trying to evade people trying to help. But you shouldn't do that. I don't know if you've been to therapy, but you should go. It's not just for people cripplingly depressed. And if it didn't work in the past, know that it was the fault of the therapist not you or therapy in general. You do this a lot, conflating a singular experience of getting hurt with the entirety of what you attempted to do. I know you're scared, but don't give up.

What do you think will happen when you decide to stop caring?
Why do you think that a select few people are representitive of everyone you could create about?

I'm sorry if you have trauma from harassment in the past. But to give up on yourself because someone else did something horrible to you, it's silly is isnt it. You're essentially saying that these losers get to dictate your life, which they don't.

Is getting angry wrong?
I think you have difficulty expressing your anger in the right way. But getting angry is normal. Getting angry is good.

Maybe you're not a good person. Maybe you're an asshole. So what? I accept you regardless. I'm sure many other people do too. As long as you strive to become good, no one is going to hate you.

People make it at numerous points in their lives. Everyone falls at some point. I know sixty year olds going back to college or some trade or learning any other of the billion things they can. I have failed and fell flat on my face numerous times too.

If I'm leaving you with anything, it's go to therapy and never give up hope; Never stop trying to be better; never let your self loathing prevent your success. If therapy doesn't work, try it again and again.
so...what the fuck happened to the op? I wanted to see why he opened this thread filled with misery and self loathing.
@dabson I wasn't being sarcastic about the misspelling. I honestly found it funny. When I'm in a good day, I call myself a bitch, only because in my country, that's what men call women they can't manipulate, control or accept as they are. And since I'm not interested in the "prime specimens of men" in my country, I'd rather be called a bitch and be left alone by them.

I appreciate your comment. I tried to reply to you in private, but it didn't work.

I've been going to therapy for years, but the situation is a tad more complicated to explain. I'll just say that you're right on most accounts, and that I am indeed scared of people.

Thanks again for your concern, and I'm sorry for taking some of your time.
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I'm glad to know that. Never stop fighting. And going to therapy makes you better than most.