Author Request for group takeover
Avatar Holo 7 mo ago
If you are the group leader of a group, you may take over the group by making a request in this thread.

Please include your user ID and group ID (the numbers found in URL).

If you have an external group blog or wordpress, please include it as evidence.
Avatar Rosy321 5 mo ago
My user ID is 5213
and Group ID is 780
My blog is
Avatar Holo 5 mo ago
@Rosy321 Done!
Avatar BKMDOG21 5 mo ago
hello Holo appears someone added my group HAO but a leader is not set i would like to take it over the link to the wordpress site is: am also the current Owner of B.L.A.H. Manga the link: the group name is BLAH

My user ID: 32766

HAO ID: 921
BLAH ID: 672

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Avatar ixlone 5 mo ago
@BKMDOG21 Done.
Avatar Ouki 5 mo ago
Hello, i'm the webmaster of Scantrad France and Kingudamu.

Profile :

Team 1 :
Team 2 :

Thanks in advance.
Avatar Tierra 5 mo ago
I'm leader of Babo Kim Scans

User: 33118
Group: 3693
Avatar kotori 5 mo ago
My user ID is 20927
My group ID is 3699
Thanks in advance!
Avatar ixlone 5 mo ago

Done. Seems to be a slight issue with the ranks displaying properly right now though, but it will be fixed soon.
Avatar rebmastu 5 mo ago
Hello, posting on behalf of Turtle Paradise scanlations.
Group ID 1970
User ID 33223

Thanks much!
Avatar Arite 5 mo ago
Hey there!

User ID: 12862
Group ID: 750

I could make a post on the blog if proof is needed?

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Avatar BHCat13 5 mo ago
User ID: 31830
Group ID: 1367
Avatar Errnor 5 mo ago
User ID: 29194
Group ID: 3686

Thank you.
Avatar eustacescrubb 5 mo ago
User ID: 606
Group ID: 1291

Avatar hidamarisou 5 mo ago
User ID:13480
Group ID:861
Avatar ixlone 5 mo ago
@all above, done.
Avatar bocchi 5 mo ago
Avatar reika 5 mo ago

Group: 3358

website -
Avatar GaijinSenpai 5 mo ago

on behalf of GaijinScans
I'm user: 31578 gaijinsenpai
requesting leader Group ID: 3751

Avatar ZoboCamel 5 mo ago
User ID: 1518
Group ID: 252

No website yet, since it's only small-scale stuff every now and again & I'm the only member apart from some occasional help.