Author The Gamer
Avatar Minezuki 6 mo ago
Arc 4 = which chapter?
Avatar unknown617 6 mo ago
not sure of the chapters but when all else fails... just re-read the whole thing :) :) :)
Avatar KusanagiRyu 5 mo ago
This manga already updated to chapter 217.
Avatar Operatix 4 mo ago
I'm surprised how this can have such a bad rating in comparison to other books x.x
Avatar Wazzaby 4 mo ago
why would anyone upload this here?! when you can read it for free in the official site and support the author/artist....

not cool people, not cool
Avatar len 4 mo ago
It's easier to read all things in one place... But yeah if artist is not accepting that, then they shouldn't upload.
Avatar Shyning 3 mo ago
@Wazzaby because this was translated before there was any official translation. Once official translation hit the internet shelves, they stopped the fan-made translations.
It also makes it possible for some to discover it here since in general, if people come here, it's to avoid using multiple sources, they often either don't know about Webtoons (the website) or don't want to go there since it makes 2 websites to check when you want to read.
At least they'll be able to discover the title up to where it was fan-translated and decide to go on Webtoons to keep reading it.

You say "not cool" but fan-made translations also allows to gauge the popularity of a series abroad, I suppose Webtoons are taking such things into account too since "surprisingly" enough, most of their very successful series were series that were already very successful on websites like MD (or rather, Batoto at the time).
Avatar NibbPower 3 mo ago
@len For Mangadex policy, they rather have a DMCA policy of showing or telling them to remove it from here. I uploaded mines because I was requested to do so. Batoto had a DMCA policy from them, but that was an agreement from a different site, so its not the same agreement for every other ones.
@Wazzaby My group did this comic 4 years ago, so it is very old upload.
Avatar Marw 5 days ago
Its sad that i cann not read this manga on this site... :-(
I like this wery much.
Avatar Demi 4 hrs ago
Wow the translation is so far behind here what's up with that.